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I give your wife absolutely no respect, hell, she doesn?t deserve any.  She is, after all, cheating on her husband.  She isn?t all that concerned about getting respect.  She wants to be thoroughly fucked and that?s all I am after too.  Well, I do enjoy spending your hard earned dough.  Most important, I don?t have to worry about knocking the pig up, she isn?t going to come to me crying.  Hell, you probably never realized that the kid you?re putting through school ain’t even yours.

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When the whore is laying on your bed, trembling from exhaustion, I drizzle my sperm all over her ass.  Then I stuff my gigantic cock deep into her tiny asshole.  While she is begging me to stop, I am calling her all the filthy names I can think of.  After all, she ain’t nothing but a cheating little scumbag.  By the time she is ready to pass out, I am just getting started.

Nothing turns me on more than having my humongous tool deep in a woman?s asshole while she convulses uncontrollably beneath me.  Her limp body is at my mercy.  I ram all 14 inches of my dick up a hole you have never used, them turn her inside out as I pull it all the way out.  Stroke after powerful stroke she becomes weaker and weaker, until she is putty in my hands.  As my massive dick swells with orgasm, your sleazy wife begs me to stop.  With each mournful plea, I pump harder and harder.

Your pitiful efforts will never make the missus happy, so you ought to just give up and continue to let me fuck that cunt the way it is intended to be fucked.  I just might let you watch from time to time, if you pay me.  I only charge your slut wife fifty bucks an hour, and you could see her finally enjoy sex for another fifty.


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