Her Rape Became Her Fantasy

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“He was so big and I had to go slow as I went…as I put my pussy over his cock. That head was so wide and…shit, I was going to say it was hurting me, but to tell the truth it felt so good that I did it three times.”

Note readers: I posted this story the other day with the title ‘Was it Actually a Rape’ as the almost completely intact news report from a Bahamas newspaper. If you read that item you can probably detect that the reporter wanted to reveal more than he/she was able to write.

Now that I am home instead of traveling and writing in motels I have had time to further enhance this true news item. This is my playful version of what might actually have transpired, including her interview with the investigating detective.

The first ten or so paragraphs/lines are from the actual news report from the Bahamas and the rest has been modified by EroticWriter to reflect what the news reporter had really wanted to convey. That line at the end about a black man being overheard was in the original news report and I suspect it was made up and stuck there by the reporter.

Man terrorizes family at gunpoint

An armed, unmasked black man, identified by a scar over one of his eyes, broke into a home of a white couple on Greenwood Road, off Village Road on October 29, terrorized the man of the house and raped his wife.

The husband had nodded off while drinking and watching a ball game downstairs. When he went upstairs that Sunday his wife was already in bed. Stripping down, he climbed into bed beside his wife and immediately fell into a deep sleep. She had awakened and was just falling asleep again when she heard a noise in the house. She awakened him and started putting on her pajamas. It was about 11:30PM.

Suddenly, he said a man with a flashlight was walking down their hall. The man had kicked in the front door downstairs, walked up the stairs, pushed in the door at the top of the stairs, and entered their room, blinding them with the flashlight as he shown it over the naked husband and the half-dressed wife.

“Okay,” said the intruder, “I want your f—ing money!”

The man’s wife, who had US$700 in cash for a trip to Miami, told the intruder she would get the money.

Meanwhile, her husband had been ordered not to look at the intruder. He was told to lie on the floor with his head turned away. The little potcake who sleeps in the couple’s bedroom, started to growl. The armed robber threatened to shoot the dog if it bothered him. The husband called the dog to him.

The husband, who was at a disadvantage because he was not wearing his glasses, was further blinded by the light shining in his face. Other than the light from the flashlight the room was in darkness.

The robber warned the husband to stay on the floor and not move. “If you move I’ll kill everybody,” he threatened. Just down the hall the couple’s four-year-old twins were asleep in their room.

“This is an old wooden house,” said the husband, who is small in stature. “I was afraid that if I moved he would hear the floor boards creak and kill everybody.”

The robber had ripped the cord from the telephone which was on the other side of the bed, out of the husband’s reach.

The robber ordered the man’s wife, who was wearing her pajama bottoms but was naked on top, to go with him downstairs. The intruder closed the bedroom door as he took the wife downstairs at gunpoint. There he stripped her naked on the bottom half and after making her turn around and pose for him, he made her kneel in front of him, pull down his zipper and perform oral sex.

Then he had her perform the removal of his clothes and when he was naked he began raping her for a long time on the carpeted floor.

Then, while holding her hand so that she had to follow him they both walked naked into the kitchen where he opened the refrigerator door and they shared some food and drink while seated at the kitchen table. Then he walked her back into the living room and followed up by raping her again on the floor and then, after a few minutes changing her to a different position.

All this time the husband was hearing the sounds his wife was making as she was being raped but was afraid to move because of the floorboards. “I could my wife right through the floor as well as the sounds coming up the stairwell. She was moaning it sounded like and it sounded like she was in pain, like he was hurting her, and I felt so helpless.”

But according to the wife, who incidentally is very pretty and was being questioned separately from her husband, she was not being hurt but was faking feeling pleasure and making noises in hopes that the rapist would leave her family unharmed.

Normally the local police would be using a female interviewer to ask questions of a female victim, but the female interviewer was on vacation. They had asked her if she minded answering questions being given by a male, and she had agreed to proceed.

In answer to the interviewer’s questioning as to what had happened downstairs, she had talked freely as if seeming to want to get it all out.

“He kept going for endless minutes and as he kept changing angles inside me he kept telling me to say how good it was feeling, his big…” She hesitated, not wanting to say it.

“His big what? His penis, is that the word he used?”

She had turned red in the face. “Actually, he called it his cock one time, and at another time he referred to it as ‘my black meat’.”

The interviewer, a white man, sighed. “Was it big?”

“When she looked strangely at him, the interviewer added; “It’s for identification purposes.”

“Oh. I see. Yes it was big…very, compared to what I am used to.”

“You mean compared to your husband.”

She sighed. “Yes, my husband.”

Just to be sure you know what ‘big’ is, your husband is the only man you have been with, or were there others?

She frowned. “Why do you want to know if there were others?”

“Because in court, sometimes the defense attorney tries to attack the victim’s reputation in order to lessen her testimony. If he can show that the rape victim has been easy with her body, a jury is sometimes reluctant to convict.”

She shook her head. “I think my reputation will stand up to inquiry. I’ve never been physical with anyone other than my husband…” she hesitated, “before tonight that is.” With that, her eyes seemed to look far away, as if she was thinking.

“So how do you know your rapist was big, that he had a large penis compared to other men?”

“Well, first of all, he was twice as large as my husband, and when he…well when he put it in, it was all I could take to handle him he was stretching me so far. I think that at that time I might have been making moaning noises as I tried to adapt to him. And then when he put it all the way in after a few seconds, it felt like he was going all the way to my throat.”

“You said you were moaning. Was it hurting, when he stretched you or went in deep?”

Are you sure this is for the purposes of court testimony?”

“Yes ma’am. It could come up so I am trying to cover all the bases.”

“Well, if you must know it more felt good than felt like it was hurting me. But if they ask me in court I suppose I could say that it was hurting. That way it would explain all the noise he might say I was making.”

“So, in court you feel qualified to state that your rapist had a large cock, is that right?”

“Are you sure this would come out in court?”

He nodded. “If we catch the man, you might be asked that question in court, so I am just trying to prepare you.”

“I see. Thank you.”

“This all happened during the first rape?”

“Yes. He covered a lot of territory with his dirty talk about his big cock and how he using it on me as well as covering a lot of territory as he slid me all over the floor as he was…shit, I’ll say it, as he was fucking me!”

“Go on. What else happened?”

It seemed to the interviewer that she did not want to continue talking about the first rape, as she changed the subject. “And then, after the second rape,” she said, “he used a digital camera to photograph me naked and while performing sex acts on him and also on myself.”

“Sex acts on him and then yourself? Explain.”

“While I was giving him a ‘blowjob’ he liked calling it, he was taking pictures from above and then he laid back on the bed and took some more while I did some more sucking.”

Was he forcing his penis into your mouth, or using his hands to force you down onto him? Did he jam it in too far and make you gag”

“No. Well maybe yes. At first he was jabbing it into me too deep but when he realized how much I could do he quit trying to force me. Then he..” she sighed, “and then he said I was doing it just fine and to keep doing it like that.”

“He let go with his hands?”

“Yes. I had decided to do what he wanted and do it willingly by then.”

“Going deep and up and down?”

“No. I had started using my tongue on him, going all around the head like I do with my husband and he seemed to like that better than trying to fuck my mouth.”

“I see. Did he cum in your mouth?”

“I was afraid he might, but whenever he started getting close he would stop me because he wanted to put his second load into my pussy again.” She blushed. “Well, that’s what he said.”

“What was the other act he had you do that he took pictures of?”

“I had to lie on my back and play with myself. You know, masturbate?”

“Did you cum then, while he was watching you masturbate and taking photos?”

She shook her head, but not to say ‘No,” but more in disgust. “Actually, I think at that time he was taking a video, a movie with his camera. He’ll probably tell his lawyer and it might come out in court and there might be a video of it, so I might as well admit it. “Yes, I came then.”

“Were you making noise?”

“Yes, I think so. And I had my eyes closed.”

“It sounds to me miss, like you were enjoying yourself.”

She looked frightened. “That’s why I didn’t want my husband to call the police, but he insisted. I knew there might be a video. If this comes up in court I promise to deny everything and say I was faking. After all, the man did keep our $700.”

When asked what position the rapist had used for the second act, the wife reluctantly admitted that she had been made to ‘get on top and ride him.’

“You were able to go all the way down on him with your body?”

The beautiful wife was beginning to suspect that the police interviewer was feeling sexual arousal and did not actually need to know all this, but his excitement was rubbing off on her. She decided to be more specific in her descriptions.

“He was so big and I had to go slow as I went…as I put my pussy over his cock. That head was so wide and…shit, I was going to say it was hurting me, but to tell the truth it felt so good that I did it three times.”

“You did it three times? What do you mean? That you came up off his cock and then put it in again? Is that what you are saying?”

“That’s it exactly. I had never felt that before, anything like that so, since I figured this was my only chance and I couldn’t be accused of ‘cheating’ since I was being raped, that I would take the time to enjoy myself.”

“Well, since you were enjoying yourself so much, make sure that you never tell anyone else about this, especially your husband.”

“Oh don’t worry, I won’t say a word, but the rapist, he knew.”

“So while you were riding him, once you took it all, his length, what did you do next?”

“All the while I was on top of him and pumping; he was fondling my body.”

“Fondling your body? Do you mean like squeezing your tits and playing with your nipples, things like that?”

“How did you know, that he was doing that?”

The interviewer shrugged. “It’s what I would have been doing. Then what did he do?”

“He kept pulling my head down and kissing me, or rather, forcing me to kiss him. I had to keep acting like I was enjoying it.”

“You weren’t enjoying kissing him after telling me that you were enjoying fucking him?”

“Kissing was different. While we were fucking it was just a physical thing. But kissing was like being involved, I mean mentally.”

“How long did that go on, the kissing and fucking” she was asked?

“I kept going, doing it until he…until he was finished. Then I started to get off and he ordered me to keep going until I finished.”

“You said until he was finished. You mean that he told you to quit, or that he came in you?”

“He came in me. I felt him throbbing, and it went on for a long time, and afterward….I was so wet inside.”

“I see. Then you say he told you to keep going? You mean that he still had an erection, after you said he was…finished, that he came so hard?”

“Yes. He said that it was me, my body that was keeping him up and excited. I don’t know why because I wasn’t doing anything to give him encouragement.”

“No encouragement? After the way you started taking his cock over and over while you were on top I think he had lots of encouragement. So then you…finished, as you put it?”

“Yes. I guess there’s no use; it’s silly to call it ‘finished.’ I had an orgasm. I couldn’t help it. Sometimes your body rules the mind.”

“Were you being noisy? Do you suppose the sounds were carrying through the house?”

She sighed. “Probably. I came pretty hard, maybe my…I’m not sure I should be admitting it, it might have been my best ever.”

“I can understand if you are feeling guilty about it. When he was on top of you the first time, did you orgasm then?”

“Yes, but I don’t want my husband to hear that I really had orgasms. If he was hearing, let him think that I was faking. He would never understand. I really didn’t want that to be happening, that I was cumming. I know it might be hard to understand.”

“Don’t worry. We won’t bring it out in court, that you were cumming. It would not help in our trying to get a conviction. But let me ask you. Did the rapist know for sure you were having orgasms?”

She nodded. “I am pretty sure he did, especially after I admitted it, the second time.”

“You admitted it to him, told him you were cumming?”

“Yes. And then I kissed him again, and that time I think I did it without his pulling my head rowards his.”

“He’ll probably say that in court in an attempt to say that a rape never occurred. So be ready to deny it when he says it. So what happened, what was said after you had your second orgasm, the one he told you to have?”

“Actually, to tell the truth, it was my third orgasm. I came twice with him on the floor, the first time he raped me.”

“I see. I gather, by what you’re telling me, that you have no difficulty achieving orgasms?”

“But I do, “ she answered, looking concerned. “Normally, with my husband, who…” she hesitated, “Is passive in bed and is kind of small, down there, I only cum if he takes his time and lasts for a while. But with this guy, tonight, I was cumming quite easily.” She hesitated, looked guilty, and then added: “And they were better orgasms too.”

“Was it all, your orgasms, because he was big, or…?”

“It was that, his size, but also because he was aggressive and foreful while fucking me and he was new and…I don’t know, forbidden you might say. It was all very exciting, quite frankly.”

“You weren’t worried about your family?”

“No. By then, and since he knew how I was responding to him, I knew he meant no harm to my family.”

“I understand. So, after you had your orgasm on top of him, your third one, what happened?”

“I laid on him, trying to catch my breath, and then he sort of pushed me off and used my pajama bottoms, which were lying on the floor, to wipe his…”

“To wipe his what, his penis?”

“Yes, his penis. And then he told me to spread my legs and he used them to wipe me and said he was doing this in case I didn’t want my husband to know that he had, that he had…”

“That he had raped you and filled your pussy with his cum?”

“Yes, but he used the ‘F’ word instead, saying that he had ‘fucked’’ me.”

The interviewer looked down at the pajama bottoms. “So he wiped your private areas with these pajamas?”

“Yes. There was quite a mess by then. His cum was everywhere and I am sure you can use the pajama bottoms for the entire DNA testing you need to do.”

The interviewer was holding the pajama bottoms delicately and moving the folds around. “Yes. I can see sticky stains all over these. So then what happened?”

“He felt up my body, my breasts one last time and then told me to lie here on the floor and count to myself for ten minutes while he got away. He said he would check back one time to make sure I was still on the floor.”

“So what did you do?”

I lay on the floor for what seemed to be more than ten minutes. Besides, I was too tired to move for a while. He kind of wore me out.”

“I see. So when all this…fucking was going on, were you on the floor the whole time?”

“Yes. When you go back into the living room you will see that the carpeting is quite thick and kind of soft. So it made sort of a good mattress.”

“Were you sliding around, on the floor?”

“Yes, quite a bit. I think I might have some rug burns.”

“Can I see them?”

She hesitated, and he added: “For proof. If you have any marks on your body I’ll have our photographer get photos for evidence.”

“I see.” And then, slowly, the wife removed her robe, and then her pajama tops by pulling them over her head. She handed the top to the investigator, and then looked down at herself as she realized that she was totally nude in front of the man.

“I forgot to mention, he sort of bit on my nipples a couple of times…” She looked down at herself as the detective also moved in for a closer look. “I guess those marks are gone. He didn’t bite real hard, fortunately.”

She turned her attention to the detective, who was still looking down and studying her breasts. “How about the rest of me? Am I marked up,” she asked with a slight smile as she saw how the investigator’s eyes were taking in the sight of her lovely figure?

He took his time in replying as he studied her breasts and stepping back and looking below, her pubic area. “Were you on your back the entire time?”

“Yes, most of it, except for when I was on top of him I was on my knees.” She looked down at herself as he squatted down to study her knees.

“They do look a little red, but the redness might not show up in the photos.” While down that low he took a long look at her vagina. “Spread your legs.”

She did, placing her feet about two feet apart.


Now she had her feet about three feet apart and as she was standing before him with her vaginal lips now tugged open from her spreading of the legs, he moved his head closer for a better look. “Let me take out my flashlight.”

He pulled a small pocket light out of his pocket and shining it on her vaginal area he nodded his head excitedly. “Yes. I think we have some proof here that you were being fucked, or…raped. Your vaginal lips still look red and puffy, and…” He studied her further. “I believe we have some cum starting to drip out.”

“He wiped me, and then I wiped some more, but he put so much into me and so deep I suppose it will be coming out for a while.”

“Yes ma’am. Now turn around. He stayed squatted down and admired her ass as it slowly came into his line of sight. “Oh yes, I see red marks all over your back and your ass. But I think they might be fading.”

He stood up and began speaking rapidly. “Quick. While we are still alone here before I have the photographer come in, lie down on the floor like you were when he was fucking you and rub yourself around so that the marks show up better.”

She smiled. “You want me to sort of…re-enact the crime then?”

“Yes, exactly. So we can get some good photos. No one needs to know you got on the floor for me.”

“Like this?” She had laid herself on the floor on her back and was sort of squirming her upper body around in an attempt to renew the resness around her shoulder blades.

“Yes, like that. And when you were under him, were your legs up around him, or how were you doing it?”

“They were up, like this!” And she pulled her knees back, she spread her legs wide, exposing the inner portions of her vagina to him as he stared.

“That’s good. Now rub your bottom all around on the carpet. That’s it,” he said softly as he stared at her lovely body while she squirmed around on the floor.

“I’m not sure the marks are being renewed enough compared to when it was happening. His body was on me and he kept pushing with his cock.”

“Well, here, let me get on you and shove your body around a bit to make sure the marks on your ass and back show up real good in those photos.”

“That might be a good idea.” And she opened her arms and legs to welcome him as he got onto his knees and brought his lower body up against her vagina. “Yes, like that. Now lie down on me and push a little bit.”

As his trousers came into contact with her vagina she could feel a firmness, something hard pressing against her as he used his arms and hips to move her body around on the carpet.

“Think that’s enough,” he asked, looking down into her eyes?”

That firmness was still pressing against her vagina and she smiled. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

He sighed. “Yes, very much so.”

“But if you cum in me, that will show up when they take a lab sample of my vagina. We’d better not do that, much as I want to.”

“Maybe later?”

“Yes, you will have my phone number of course.”

He started to rise, and she grabbed onto him. “Wait!”


Take it out and put it in for just a minute so I’ll know what to look forward to when we get together.”

Reaching down, the normally cool detective was so excited that he had to fumble around until he could get his zipper undone. “It’s out.”

“Let me aim it. Ooh, it feels nice in my hand.”

“Not as big as your rapist I presume.”

“No, but bigger than what I have at home. You’ll be my third man, and I think you will work out just fine. Now put it in…Aaaaa yes, like that.”

As he gave her one stroke, and then two, going deep, she pulled his head down and they kissed. Then she smiled and asked, “Do I feel tight enough, after him?”

“You feel pretty wet inside, but oh yeah baby. He might have been stretching you, but it feels to me like your pussy has popped back into shape just fine for me.”

She giggled, “And hopefully, far enough so that my husband doesn’t fall in the next time he makes love to me.”

The detective was stroking steadily now. “Yes, your husband can make love to you, and you and I can be fucking.”

She was gasping, “Yes, I want this, you and what you can give me, But we had better stop. You can’t cum in me, not now.”

“Just a few more pumps, some hard ones so I can make sure those rug burns show up real good!”

“Uuuh Uuuh Uuuuh!” She was grunting as he gave her three final powerful full-length pumps, going deep and hitting his pubic mound against hers. She clutched him tightly. “If you can hold it, give me three more!”

“Uuuh Uuuuh Uuuuh, I’m cumming!” And she did, powerfully and squirming her ass under him as she enjoyed an intense orgasm, a preview of what was to come for her in the future. She was cumming and he continued to pump, giving her one, two, three more strokes than she had requested.

“Thank you,” she breathed softly as she continued to hold onto the man that had just given her a wildly enjoyable orgasm. “Now what about you? You need to cum too, but not in me.”

“Do you suck and swallow?”

“Well, you know I suck, I told you I did that with the rapist. But I have never swallowed. But I want to. Hurry and…”

He had pulled out and rolled onto his back, and without another word, she went to the subject at hand. “Stroke with your hand at the same time. That will speed things up. Ooh baby, this won’t take long at all!” His hips went up off the floor as he shoved his cock higher into her mouth.

Her entire body shook and quivered as she took into her mouth a huge load, a load that, had the circumstances been different, she would have loved to accept into her vagina. For the first time, she swallowed a man’s cum, and found it to be rather pleasant, once it was down.

“You alright,” he asked, smiling up at her as she ran her tongue around her lips, cleaning up any possible residual?

“I guess I could get into doing that, with you.” She smiled.

“Those marks on your backside should show up real good now,” he said, grinning as he stood up and carefully put his still semi-stiff cock into his pants and zipped up.

“Put your robe back on.”

“So I can take it off again,” she grinned teasingly.

“Yes, now I’ll have our photographer come in and get some photos.”

“Is he a man too?”

“Yes. I hope you don’t mind. He’ll be strictly professional.”

She giggled. “That redness you said you could see on my pussy lips, that’s probably renewed as well. Will he be needing to take photos of those too?”

He nodded and looked thoughtful. “I hadn’t planned on it because it might be embarrassing for you to have those shown in court if it came down to it. But I’ll have him get some photos just in case.”

“With my legs spread?”

“Yes, and on your back while you’re doing it. He’ll be placing an evidence card with a number on it beside your body with each photo he takes, or having you hold the card while she gets shots of your backside.”

He winked at her. “But I’ll keep those photos of your red pussy in a separate evidence locker that only I have a key to in the meantime.”

Then she said something that shocked the detective. “You know, if he was to give me back the $700 he stole, I might even consider seeing him again, but somewhere else, not here in my home.”

“You’d fuck him again? What you’re saying is that if we, if I catch him, you would prefer that he not be prosecuted, is that what you are saying?”

She looked guilty, sorta. “I kind of dread appearing in court and having all that out in public. And then there would be his testimony and those photos. I’ll do it if I must, but if I could just have my money back, and no one knew, it might be fun to fuck both you and him at the same time.”

“Shit lady. It sounds like he might have turned you into a slut.”

She giggled. “I think you and him together might have done that.”

“So you like black cock, is that it?”

“I don’t know about black cock, all the others, but I liked his cock.”

The detective nodded. “I already have an idea who the culprit was. Your description put a certain guy in mind, and I’ll tell you what, if he can produce the money, I won’t arrest him. He and I have talked in the past and he has given me some good leads on crimes.

Instead of arresting him I’ll bring him around to a place I have and we can both do you. What say you?”

“In that case, if you can arrange it, this would be another one of those unsolved crimes.” She winked at the detective.

“But first,” he said, smiling at her, “I want to fuck you alone, just you and me one time, and then we can have our threesome.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yes ma’am. That’s the way it will be.”

And that was how the interview had been conducted.

Back to our report.

About thirty minutes after his wife had been taken out of the bedroom the timid husband thought he heard a car pull out, but being unsure, remained on the floor. His wife eventually returned upstairs.

“This was such a safe neighborhood,” said the husband. “It was so nice and peaceful. For this to happen just blows me away.”

The couple’s two Labrador dogs were fenced off at the back of the house.

The intruder had driven down the cul-de-sac road and turned his car around to face west for a quick get-away. When the wife returned upstairs the telephone was replugged in and the police were called.

“My wife didn’t want me to call, but I insisted. The police were here in ten minutes,” said the husband, “I was impressed.”

While a police photographer was taking photos of her rug burns, an ambulance was called and the young wife was treated for her rug burns. “I guess he was banging her pretty hard and moving her all over that floor while he was on her,” a Para-medic commented. “The marks were still very fresh on her backside.”

A rape kit was used to collect semen samples for a DNA analysis in which to someday catch the rapist, and the wife was heard to say, ‘he left plenty of evidence behind.’

With that statement she had handed them a pair of pajama bottoms.

The rapist was described by the husband as having a scar over his right eye and being large and muscular, to which the wife had added, ‘Yes, and he was big everywhere.’

A few days later a couple of black men were in a line in a public place. One of them was overheard boasting to the others about how he loved raping white women because they seemed to like being raped.


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