“Sveta, this is Mr. Avdushev,” her father shouted after Sveta had cheered her final high school game. “He is from the university and he wants to talk with you about a cheer scholarship, honey.”

His daughter was a sweet-faced blonde with hair to the shoulders. She took worked hard to keep in good shape, working out 3 times a week. Even her current boyfriend whom she was going to marry disliked spending so little time together because of her cheerleading practice, but he adored the shape of her body very much. She was head over heels in love with him too and he was her first and only man. Her tender long legs that led up to her small tight ass attracted every man’s attention. Her boyfriend always liked cupping her firm perky breasts, although he didn’t like her bra.

Hearing her father, she became very excited, because it was a rare thing when the coach came. When she rushed down the stairs, Mr. Avdushev stepped forward.

“Hello, I’m pleased to meet you, sir,” the eighteen year old blonde said, shaking his hand.

“Nice to meet you too, bright one!” the coach said, smiling spread. “I’ve just told your parents about your brilliant future in a cheer squad at college!”

“Are you serious?” Sveta couldn’t believe her luck.

“Yes, I’m absolutely quite serious,” he said with a stern expression on his weathered face.

“You mean you think that I’m good enough to cheer at a university?” the girl hardly could hide her excitement and the coach liked to see that in cheerleaders’ faces, because he was going to make a lot of money off her.

“You know if I were not sure, I wouldn’t offer it to you!” the man replied irritated and thought about the best way to hook her.

“This is awesome!” Sveta almost jumped up on her feet for joy.

“Right you are! It’s a once in a lifetime chance!” Mr. Avdushev said in a serious tone. “You are certainly pretty and I’m really interested in your possibilities.”

After that, the coach started praising how great she was and what a brilliant career she could have. As her excited parents talked to him, young and pretty Sveta was elated at the news. After hearing all that great stuff about their daughter, they took him for a tour around their expensive house. Sveta and her parents became more and more excited at her chances with every passing moment.

The summer was passing and she had been training very hard to be selected. Mr. Avdushev returned at that summer’s end and found Sveta alone. In fact, he caught her sunbathing in her yellow bikini on the back deck of her gorgeous house. He wasn’t only interested in her cheering ability, but he was also taken by her lovely young 5’5″ 105 pounds body, with her long golden hair, flowing over her bare shoulders. She looked like an absolute nymphet! But on a sudden he became surprised when she, the pretty blonde, invited him inside to look through her cheerleader pictures from the first grade up. The coach’s eyes were all over her small body, but the fun had stopped when her parents returned from the town.

As her mother made Mr. Avdushev stay for a supper, Sveta and her dad talked to the coach in their den. All that time and during the supper the coach was constantly flattering the girl, her amazing parents and what a great house they had. After a grand meal, Sveta saw Mr. Avdushev out to his car.

“I’ll see you next month,” he told Sveta in his ever present mentor-like voice. “There, I’ll be able to see what you can do.”

A few weeks passed. Sveta gathered all her stuff together, kissed her dear parents good-bye and headed north to the university. Before she had left, she drove across the town to kiss her high school sweetheart, who would soon be her husband good-bye.

To her surprise, Sveta found that university very big and became home-sick soon. Her mother became concerned very much and phoned Mr. Avdushev. He was asked to keep a careful eye on Sveta and he assured her that she was taken care of like the apple of his eye. Not only did the university look big to her, but the girl found the other cheer candidates very good and she felt her chances of making the squad were very slim.

“I just can’t believe the talent!” she told her coach afterwards.

“I do have some very good girls, Sveta!” he sighed like an experienced old man. “To be honest, I feel your chances are very slim and your parents will be very disappointed if you fail!”

Hearing that, the girl felt her heart began hammering.

“But it means everything to me, sir,” she sobbed slightly. “All my family are counting on me to cheer here!”

“There are always alternatives, Sveta!” Mr. Avdushev kept coaxing and reassuring her. “I know you are an innocent girl from a small town, but as I have said, there are alternatives. Have you ever heard of girls sleeping with teachers for grades? I’m sure you have!” the man knew that he was pushing his luck.

“Do you mean I shall have to have sex with you?” she whispered in her innocent manner with her plump lips as the tears came to her eyes. “I’d never do that!”

Sveta just couldn’t imagine that she would be able to cheat on her adorable boyfriend. It was too much for her. The man clearly understood he was skating on the thin ice, but he had done that too many times to be on the edge about it and said and did everything due to his mental scheme.

“Well, not me exactly…” her perverted coach replied thoughtfully. “I mean that a young thing like you would be a dish, but I thought more about me watching you sleep with a black stud. You’d make the team!”

“A black stud?” shocked, Sveta said with eyes full of tears. “I could never do such a thing! I have never even talked to a black man! There are none in my town. On top of that, what would my strict parents say if they knew it and my boyfriend would be back home soon. You know, something like this would kill him and he’s going to be my husband. What kind of a girl do you think I am?”

Listening to that self-confident girl who had been trying to find any excuse but it sounded lame, he knew that he had almost had her and the only thing he had to do was to push a little bit harder.

“You are a good girl!” Mr. Avdushev said, looking at her sternly. “But I have had a plenty of girls over the years to sleep with old Mike to make the cheer squad. My old friend Mike is a 45 year old black man who has what it takes not to only please young white knock-outs like you, but you are a cheerleader after one time with him. He is the judge!”

After short time talking, the coach got up and left with the conqueror’s smile on his face. Sveta put the cheerleader team out of her mind until her strict father called and let her know he would be up for the tryouts. His words had left Sveta scared and more confused than ever. Later, Mr. Avdushev called her to find out what her answer would be and the girl said “NO” to his sick intentions, but it was no good to be a heroine.

Saturday afternoon came and Sveta was alone in her dorm. A sick feeling overtook her when a knock came at her door. The door opened and the girl saw her pillar, her dear father.

“Daddy?!” she said with relief, throwing her arms around his neck. “Hi daddy, what are you doing here?”

“Sweetie, I just came to see my baby girl become a cheerleader, of course!” he laughed and was shining with pride and happiness for his daughter. “Mr. Avdushev has called and asked us out to dinner tonight. C’mon honey, get ready and don’t keep your coach waiting!”

How poor Sveta wanted to tell her father what kind of a man her coach really was, but daren’t destroy her dear dad’s idyllic world.

She got dressed very swiftly and grabbing her coat, she followed her father as they met the coach for his dinner treat. Sveta could hardly eat as her coach bragged to her father on how great she would be and only stupidity would ruin her brilliant future as a queen cheerleader. She understood that he was talking about something another than a cheerleading activity, because his palm rested several time on her knee, but then went through the entire ordeal. When the horrible dinner was finally over, Sveta asked her father when they were at her dorm again,

“Daddy, what do you think about spending the night in my dorm room?”

“You know my schedule girl. I have already reserved a motel room down the street.”

Seeing the way his daughter looked, he made up his mind to cheer her up a little and added with a smile,

“Your mother, I will be up next week for tryouts to support you, my dear. We and your VIP coach have confidence that you will make the team, honey!”

When the door shut behind him, Sveta again felt that eerie feeling of being alone. She inserted an “Enigma” disc in the music center and tried to relax and chill out on the sofa. She was deep into her inner world and the girl’s heart skipped a beat when a knock came at the door. Sveta rushed to open the door and get to know why her lovely father returned.

“Mr. Avdushev, what are you doing here?” the girl was taken aback and surprised with her coach’s sudden appearance. “Daddy is here. Please leave me now.”

“No good for you, girl! You don’t get any points by lying to me!” her coach had a very stern impression on his face. “I saw you daddy going to his motel!” Mr. Avdushev said, walking into her room. “By the way, this is Mike, I have been talking to you about him,” he said, motioning to his friend. “And we have come for your personal and private tryouts.”

“But… but…” it was everything Sveta could say, understanding that her time had come.

The two friends stepped in, and closed the door and locked the door behind them. At that time she saw his friend for the first time. He was an old, short black man of 40+ years. He was fat with strong-looking legs and arms. She just couldn’t believe that they came for her body.

“Mike, what do you think about her?” grinning, the coach asked his friend boldly.

“Man, you know she’s surely a sweet treat!” the tall black man said. “This is going to be good for me.”

Their smiles made her crazy and she didn’t know what to do, because she knew what would happen the next time. As Sveta started protesting and ran around the room, Mr. Avdushev just grabbed the hem of her tight pink top and pulled it up in a jerk over her long, blonde hair. The blonde started panicking due to that boldness and no one had seen her naked except of her loving boyfriend.

“You want to make the cheer squad and Mike wants some of your young body to know if you are the right person for that.”

Instead of fighting, Sveta just stood frozen like a deer in highlight as he was removing her sweat pants, bra and ripping her small panties off, leaving red welts on her hips.

“Look at those little young perky tits, Mike. They look even better without her bra and I think she is going to be the best young cunt you have ever had!” he said, squeezing her tits softly and she didn’t resist it.

“Yeah pal, I’m sure that the spectators and the football team will be glad to see this slut in action on the field!” his companion agreed.

Frightened, she sought for compromise, begging them to be easy on her young body.

“Is this the only way?” Sveta sobbed as her coach laid her lean body on the bed.

“Oh my gosh!” the poor girl exclaimed when she saw Mike started getting undressed. “Just look at it! It’s so huge and it surely hurt me too much!”

Every fiber of her body was shaking as she stared at the well-hung black man and now she knew that all that rumors about monstrous cocks were true. Sveta compared his cock with her boyfriend’s and understood that her lover’s cock was like a pencil.

“What will my parents say? And I have a boyfriend back home,” she begged

“That’s a lame excuse, girlie!” the black man replied with irony.

Spreading little Sveta’s slim legs wide, Mike spat on his palm soundly and spread it along his black 10″ cock. The girl looked at her coming nightmare as the old pervert knelt down between his young prey’s thighs. Then he bent down to kiss her like she was his slut. As Sveta turned her head to avoid his kiss, she let out a yell as the black knob entered her vagina, stretching it to its limits.

“Please, pull it out… Ahhh it’s gonna tear me apart!” she struggled and she did everything to get away.

“Did you think it’s so easy to become a fucking cheerleader?” her coach shouted in her ear. Inch by inch the black tool was pushed inside her white cunt, but it caused her great pain to stick it into her so deeply.

“This is the best young cunt I have ever had, man!” Mike said loudly for pleasure. “And the best thing is her daddy is just down the street, sleeping sound as some black man who was older than dear daddy is fucking the shit out of his little girl who does it to make her daddy’s dream come true and become a cheerleader. Man, that’s great!”

Sveta was screaming and throwing her long blonde hair all over the bed as Mike’s big shaft was slicing her apart. The girl couldn’t do anything about humiliation of the rape, because her coach held her hands together as she laid across the bed being rammed by the main judge who was between her wide spread legs. She looked down and saw the black cock sawing in and out of her tight would-be pussy that was red from stretching and rubbing.

“Not only that!” Mr. Avdushev gloated. “But she came from all-white town and the only cock she has ever had was her kid boyfriend’s. C’mon, slice into her. Go man go!” the coach cheered his friend up.

With her father down the street, his daughter’s screams went unheard as Mike’s black rod pounded in and out of her. Sveta fainted from the pain of the huge invasion and she was too weak to protest as Mike turned her over. She was happy that everything was over but her poor pussy was sore as hell and she couldn’t move her legs together because of the pain. Sveta was confused about why he didn’t cum and it was good because she wasn’t on the pill.

“I want some of her virgin butt, man!” Mike said enthusiastically. “I wonder what her daddy would say if he saw a black cock hungry for his little girl’s pink asshole?”

“Hey, wait a minute!” Mr. Avdushev said. “Don’t kill her, Mikey. You are too big for her back there so that don’t ruin her cheerleading ass!”

Only now Sveta understood that the guys weren’t joking as she felt his cock touch against her sacred spot and became very freaked out, although she was very worn out. The girl never allowed her boyfriend do it, but some old pervert was going to stick his cock into that tight orifice. Sveta didn’t like that at all, because his fat cock hardly fit in her abused pussy and that hole was much larger.

The black man wasn’t about to back down as his big schlong broke into her tiny rectum and her screams were louder now as Mike held her lifeless body up by her hips, spreading her ass cheeks and revealing her still tight puckered asshole for his anal lust. He pounded her poor ass harder and harder.

“Hey, that’s enough!” her coach yelled at her torturer. “Mike, you are gonna tear her ass in two!”

With over half his length buried in her tight pink asshole, the old man let out a war cry and pumped her bowels full of sperm. Sveta fell limp, face down on the bed as Mike was still milking his cum out onto her snow white buns.

“Man, maybe you’d better go now, she’s pretty zapped. I need talk to her. Go on!”

As Mike kissed her on the back he told her, “I really, really enjoyed you, and I’m almost sure you’ll become a good cheerleader if you continue your real tryouts!” She didn’t understand his words at all and didn’t want to. Then Mr. Avdushev helped her to sit up.

“Are you OK, Sveta?” he asked. “You were great, honey! I shall see you make the team on Monday!”

“Will you please just go?” the poor girl said in a weak voice. “Just go! So I can be alone, OK?”

“OK, honey, but don’t fall!” her coach said as he watched Sveta waddling to the bathroom. He became aroused again, seeing Mike’s sperm oozing from her poor rear end and running down her legs.

“Oh girlie, I forgot to mention that to get into squad you should be chosen by superior judge, I mean Mike, a cheerleader squad queen and a football captain.” Seeing the fear in her eyes, he added, “You know, it’s your right to choose the way to get their votes.”

After that, he and his cock-hound retired. As Sveta soaked her sore body in a hot tub, she was still feeling the effects of the black man’s huge cock. She was up much of the night urinating every hour and her butt and pussy were too sore to sit down. The girl was relaxing in the bath tub and touched her poor pussy and ass. They were stretched so much that her finger easily entered either hole and didn’t meet any resistance. One part of her was glad that it was all over and that she would be on the cheer team, but the thought of the way she had gained the spot was disgraceful to her. She only hoped her parents would never find out what had happened to her. She wanted to call her father who had been fast asleep in the motel, but she knew she would only get more upset hearing his comforting voice.

After turning and tossing in the bed for hours, she finally fell asleep.


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