A Borrowed Wife

“Are you sure you know what you’re saying, Chris?  I mean, this is your wife we’re talking about here!”

My friend looked me straight in the eye.  He meant every word.

“Of course I know what I’m saying, Adam.  She’s yours.  Borrow her tonight if you like!”

Chris and I had known each other for many years.  Grown up together.  He’d married Kirsty only about eighteen months ago and I’d supported that decision in every way.  Kirsty was a great girl.  She knew how to have fun and she looked fantastic! Her long, black hair would usually be worn loose around her shoulders, framing a heart shaped face with pretty blue eyes.  She was a little on the voluputous side, but her figure was damn nice and athletic with boobs that gently swelled the roll-neck sweaters she liked.  She almost always wore skirts – usually quite short ones! – and said that pants were for men.  She is a very feminine woman.  If she has a flaw at all, it would be that she is maybe too accepting, too trusting.  She seems to accept her husband’s decisions as gospel and rarely argues.

That night, Chris and I were in a local bar drinking a few beers.  Nothing unusual in that for me, but since his marriage, Chris has spent a lot of evenings in with Kirsty.  I couldn’t blame him for that, but it had been great to see him out at last.  As usual, our conversation had turned to matters sexual quite quickly – we had exhausted the subjects of sports, politics and religion by the time our second beer arrived.  Chris had enquired about my recent bed partners and I had informed him that things were currently very slow in that department.  I wanted to ask him about Kirsty, but remained tight lipped; I didn’t want to disrespect him or his wife.  It was Chris that brought the subject up.  He must have still been under the impression that I needed convincing as he continued to talk me round.

“We’ve been talking about this for a month or two now, Adam.” He said.  “You know how submissive Kirsty can be and it was me that suggested seeing her with another man.  I know, I know.  It sounds really weird, doesn’t it! But just the thought of watching another guy fuck her turns me on like nothing else.” Chris took a long pull at his beer.  I knew that I should probably say something at this point, but I guessed that anything I did say was unlikely to help much – Chris was baring his soul to an old buddy.

“You remember, back in high school when you and I double dated the McColl sisters?” Chris was digging deep into the past now, but I certainly remembered.  “How could I forget!” I replied.

“Yeah, we really gave it to those two, didn’t we!” My friend continued with a smile of reminiscence.  “Well, the point is, we were all together.  You know, in the same room.  As Wendy McColl was sucking my dick, I looked over and watched you with Tracy.  The way you were jamming your cock into her pussy from behind had me shooting my load down Wendy’s throat in no time flat! Ever since then, I’ve wanted to watch, to be a fly on the wall, you understand?” I nodded as my friend continued.

“And now I’m married to Kirsty.  She’s a wonderful woman you know, Adam.  She’ll do just about anything I ask and the idea of “lending” her to another man seems to turn her on nearly as much as it does me.”

“But Chris,” I said suddenly finding my voice, “are you sure you want me? Wouldn’t a stranger be better? You know, less awkward?”

“Shit, Adam.  Haven’t we always shared everything? Who better than you? I’m offering her to you! Do you want to borrow my wife?”

After an invitation like that, it would have been difficult to refuse and I didn’t.

The walk back to Christopher’s house passed quickly.  We talked almost all the way, once again remembering the session with the McColl sisters and laughing over the fact that we had all fucked so much that night that the following day none of the four of us could hardly walk in a straight line! By the time we arrived at the house, I could feel my erection pressing against the crotch of my jeans.

“Honey, I’ve brought Adam back for a drink!” Chris called out as soon as we were in the front door.  Kirsty appeared a moment later from the lounge.

“Hello, Adam.  Great to see you! Did you both have a nice evening?” Kirsty hugged me close and planted a soft kiss on my cheek.  Normally, I would have thought little of the friendly embrace, but after tonight’s conversation the touch of her lips felt like an electric shock.

“Come through to the lounge, Adam,” she continued as she led the way, “what would you boys like to drink?”

Chris said something about scotch and I mumbled that I would have the same.  We sat in comfortable armchairs as Kirsty busied herself at the drinks cabinet in the corner.  I was seeing her in a new light now, and it was difficult to take my eyes off her.  As usual, she wore a tight fitting, white sweater that accentuated the curves of her breasts and a short, yellow skirt that finished mid thigh.  Without stockings or tights her legs looked good: slender and well toned, tapering nicely to bare feet.  There was some slow, soulful music playing on the CD and Kirsty smiled at me as she handed us our drinks.

“So, what have you two been up to tonight?” she said with a grin.

“Oh..er..the usual…um…you know!” I stuttered as I took a sip from my glass.  The strong taste burned my throat – I was thankful for the distraction.

“Kirsty?” Chris interrupted suddenly.  “I’d like you to take your sweater off please.”  It was said so matter of fact, so simply that I wasn’t even sure that I’d heard it.  Maybe I’d just imagined his words.  A Silence fell around the room.  Chris and I both looked at Kirsty.  I waited for her to laugh, to giggle or maybe even to explode in rage at the merest thought of such an idea.  But Kirsty just looked back at us, a sort of vacant smile crossed her face.

“Now please, Kirsty.” Chris prompted her in the same controlled voice.

Kirsty’s eyes lowered to the floor as her fingers gripped the hem of her sweater.  My God!, I thought, she is actually going to go through with this!

It seemed to take forever for the sweater to lift, but very slowly, first her tanned midriff and then a white, lacy bra became visible as she pulled the garment up and over her head.  I couldn’t speak even had I wanted to.  My throat was parched and arid, the scotch burning and warming my insides.  I gulped as she stood in front of us silently, the bra the only thing between my eyes and her wonderful breasts.

“And the skirt as well, please!” Chris continued with a smile.  I could see his face was flushed.  He looked very excited.  I heard the zipper on the back of Kirsty’s skirt being lowered and quickly reverted my gaze back in her direction.  Again, it was as if everything was being done in slow motion.  The skirt loosened around her waist and began to fall.  Slowly, slowly it inched over the tight swell of her buttocks and almost slithered down her slim legs.

“Now take out Adam’s cock!”

I had most certainly heard that and the way that Kirsty’s face broke into a wide smile, I knew that she had heard her husband’s instruction as well as I had.  Slowly she padded towards me; her bare feet making little or no sound on the thick carpet.  I looked at her as she approached; clad only in the white bra and matching panties she looked really hot – my cock felt so hard I thought it would burst!

My hands rested on the arms of the chair as Kirsty knelt in front of my and placed her fingers on my zipper.  I held my breath as, slowly I felt her hand move downwards dragging the zip with it and opening the front of my jeans.  And then her fingers were inside, exploring.  I gasped and cried out her name as her fingers dipped inside my underwear and found my throbbing tool.  The cool digits wrapped around my shaft and pulled my out into the open.

“You know what to do, Kirsty,” Chris said.  He looked over at me.  “Just let her do what she does, Adam.  You won’t be disappointed, I promise!”

I believed him.  Kirsty was already working my inflamed flesh between her fingers; squeezing the wide glans and easing my balls out and over the waistband of my shorts.  I watched in fascination as her head dipped lower and lower.  I could feel her hot breath on the tip of my cock and sighed blissfully as, eventually, I felt her soft, wet lips close over my erection.

Kirsty sucked like a pro.  Her head bobbed slowly up and down, her cheeks built up a fantastic suction and her fingers tickled and teased the underside of my balls.  Within seconds there were fireworks going off in my head.  I wanted to warn her but the words just wouldn’t form; my lips and throat were too dry.  And then suddenly it was there.  A strangled cry escaped my arid lips as the seed erupted from my quivering balls and pulsated through my shaft.  Kirsty felt me twitch and jerk.  I expected her to stop, but instead she adjusted the angle of her head and swallowed me deep into her throat.  I came and came and came and Kirsty swallowed it all as I emptied myself into her mouth and throat.

With a choked gasp, she eventually allowed my battered tool to re-emerge from her mouth.  Streaks of my cum stained her lips and she quickly darted out her long, pink tongue to collect them.  I sat back in exhausted silence; my best friends wife had just sucked the cum right out of my prick.  I was suddenly unsure of how I should be feeling.  For a moment I took my eyes from Kirsty and looked over at her husband, my friend.  I needn’t have concerned myself.  Chris had already released his own cock and had been silently masturbating as he watched his wife give me head.

“You may now do the same for me.” he said.

Kirsty smiled that big, goofy smile again and with traces of my cum still on her chin, she crawled on hands and knees towards her husband’s chair.  It was my turn to play the voyeur now and I couldn’t resist playing with my cock as I watched a wife suck her husband’s cock.  Kirsty employed the same wonderful technique as she used on me and positioned herself on her hands and knees with her head directly above Chris’ engorged erection.  She lowered herself down and I saw him disappear, inch by inch, into her throat.  But I am not the voyeur that Chris is.  The sight that turned me on the most was not the actual blow-job itself, but the sight of Kirsty’s panty covered, pert ass that was currently sticking up at me in a most inviting fashion.  My cock was still as hard as rock and I wanted more.  I looked over at my friend, my eyes seeking his permission, his approval.  Chris saw me and saw the state of my throbbing erection.  He nodded in silent agreement, a wicked grin on his face as he closed his eyes and reveled in the blow-job that he was receiving.

It seemed somehow more exciting to think that Kirsty didn’t know what was going to happen.  I got down on the floor as quietly as possible and crawled up behind her getting ever closer to her upturned butt.  She was so engrossed in what she was doing that she had no idea I was directly behind her until I grasped the waistband of her white panties and eased them over the swell of her buttocks.  She gasped slightly – an attempt muffled by Christopher’s cock in her mouth – as she felt my hands on her butt cheeks, fondling and stroking the smooth skin.  She sighed deeply parting her thighs to allow my hand to slip between her legs and touch the moistness of her trimmed vagina.  I dragged the panties down a little further, exposing more of her private area.  My other hand was between her thighs and my thumb slipped easily into her wet pussy hole.  She was obviously in a state of extreme excitement as well, for as my thumb probed her hole and my fingers made contact with her stiff clitoris, her vagina gripped my digit tightly and I felt the warm  fluid of orgasm ooze from her pussy and out into my hand.

I couldn’t wait any longer.  Chris was moaning and groaning as his wife fellated him.  His hard tool alternating between probing her mouth and being licked by her long tongue.  I took up my position behind Kirsty – cock in hand and aimed towards her wet and twitching pussy.  I pushed forward and three inches of my solid meat penetrated her warm, wet honeypot.  Another lunge and my whole cock was buried inside her to the hilt.  She groaned again as I thrust, pushing her whole body forwards and onto her husband’s tool.  In and out.  Deeper and harder I fucked my meat into her eager pussy.  I could see Chris’ face contort into a sexual grimace and knew that I too would soon be cumming again.

“On me…on me..” Kirsty gasped as she disengaged herself from her husband’s prick.  “I want you both to cum on me together!”

To demonstrate her point, Kirsty pulled herself from my cock as well and laid on her back on the carpet, her mouth wide open.  Chris joined me and we knelt either side of her.  We each grabbed a cup of her bra and dragged the garment up over her tits as we jerked ourselves off.  We pumped our cocks in unison aiming them at the prone body between us.  Chris came first with me only a few seconds behind him.  The room was filled with the noise of sex; groans and moans from all of us filled the air as my friend and I released a torrent of cum over Kirsty’s body.  Her face and hair were covered and her tits received a delivery of equal proportions.  It seemed as if we couldn’t stop the seed from flowing but Kirsty took it all, using one hand to massage the fluid into her skin and the fingers of the other in her pussy to bring her to another, shattering orgasm.

That night I stayed at Christopher and Kirsty’s house all night.  We shared the same bed and Kirsty got fucked over and over again.  Chris fell asleep in the early hours and Kirsty encouraged me to sit astride her chest and plunge my tool between those divine tits.  Her chest was streaked with sweat and semen which acted as a wonderful lubricant and I dumped my fourth load of the night between her heaving breasts.

Chris has said that he wants our little secret to continue.  The next time I am to take his wife out for the night by myself.  He has told her not to wear any panties and that she is to raise her skirt and let me or anyone else play with her pussy whenever we wish.  It sounds like a great idea to me, but I have the feeling that Chris will be around somewhere, looking, watching from a discreet position.  I doubt if he would let a chance like that go by without being able to witness it!


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