Black Stallions/White Mares


Brenda read Ron’s job proposal and felt confused and stunned. “You want a glorified hooker,” she replied.

“What I want is a razor,” he replied. “Client care costs me a fortune, and I want the problem gone. You need money, the job’s pay and benefits are generous; you make the boss happy and keep the customer satisfied. It’s how business is.”

“I don’t know, ” She said.

“I’m meeting another applicant after we’re done,” he replied.

“Then my answer is no. I was expecting something different,” she said.

“It is what it is,” Ron looked at Brenda for long seconds before speaking, “OK, it’s your choice to make, and you made it.”

Driving back to Ron’s house, in the grips of despair, Brenda’s old car died beside the road, in a thick cloud of smoke and steam.

She called Audrey but got no answer, then called others, getting no answer, or excuses. Ron stopped after he recognized her car and saw Brenda standing beside it.

He popped the hood, assessed the situation, and pulled out his cell phone, “I’ll call my people to tow it,” he said, opening the phone case.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Let’s wait in my car,” he suggested, after speaking with his garage crew.

“I’m sorry I said no, I’m broke, and desperate; I think I expected something traditional,” she said.

“I’m sorry, too, but the other applicant liked the offer, and I hired her. One man’s junk, another man’s treasure, and remorse is a dish that tastes bad however it’s served,” he smiled.

Back home Ron went knocked on his step-daughter’s bedroom door. Her reply sounded like muffled, loud noise. So he said, “Carrie, may I come in?” And listened for a response.

She said something that sounded like “Come in,” and he opened the unlocked door, seeing Carrie lying naked on her bed, cell phone pressed against her ear, and laughing. She frowned and snarled, “Get out!” when she heard the door open and saw Ron in the doorway. Ron hesitated, admiring her body, then smiled and left.

After dinner Ron returned to his office. At eight o’clock a Honda pulled off the street and parked behind the office.

“This is gonna take a while, so if you wanna come back around nine that will be good,” Melinda told her boyfriend.

“Eight’s kinda late for a job interview,” he said.

“It’s when the man could see me, and we need the money,” she reminded him.

“Who is this guy?” the boyfriend asked.

“It’s Carrie’s stepfather; gimme a kiss, and I’ll see you, make it nine-thirty, okay?” Melinda said, and got out of the car. After he was gone she pulled down her skirt, stepped out of it, and pulled up a micro-mini skirt she brought in her bag. She did the same with her blouse and bra, both replaced by a fishnet halter-top.

Dressed again, Melinda located Ron’s car and called his number. “I’m outside,” she said when he answered. He opened the door for her, and locked it when she was inside. She sat on the sofa with her legs curled against her thighs and ass, and let her hair down.

Ron opened his wallet and pulled out some bills, counting out five which he placed on the arm of the sofa beside her. “Ready to suck some cock?” He asked.

She put the money in her bag, “Yeah,” she said.

Ron unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, then unbuckled his belt, unsnapped the waist, and pulled down the zipper, letting the pants fall to his feet. His erect cock hung out of the fly of his boxers.

Melinda sat on the edge of the sofa, pushed her long brown hair out of her face, and leaned forward when Ron was close enough for his cock to poke her face. She captured the flopping dick with her fingers and pulled it to her mouth.

Ron favored young, white women with puffy tits shaped like snow-cone cups, and small mouths with kewpie-doll lips, and flawless skin.

His cock was too big for her mouth, but most cocks were, and she sucked the cock-heads rather than deep-throat her guys. His nut-sack looked too big for her hand.

He pulled her halter down to fondle her tits and squeeze her nipples. She looked up at his face with her calf-eyes as she sucked his head and licked his shaft. And when she felt him coming, she pulled back her mouth, and opened it to catch his goo. Most of it went into her eyes and nose. He handed her a tissue and told her to turn around and lean over the back of the sofa.

As she wiped her face he put a hand between her legs, to spread them, and to rub her labia and feel her gash with his finger. Then he took his cock in hand and pushed it inside her, she guiding it with her hand and fingers, and he pushing with his pelvis.

“What’d you do with that baby I made?” He asked.

“My mom has him,” she said.

Once she was loose enough Ron pounded her, cuz she liked hard, quick thrusts that felt like the cock was in her uterus. She liked men to talk nasty to her, too. Ron loved her tight pussy, and she liked enough cock so that her brain got lazy and her mind floated away to some nice place until her man filled her with icy-hot semen.

Melida’s small cunt didn’t hold much cum inside it, and when Ron started spurting the cum came back thick around his dick. As soon as Ron felt her climax, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and pushed it in her mouth, holding her hair entwined in his fingers, to pull her mouth toward his belly. She took as much as she could. Then fell back against the sofa.

Ron cleaned his cock and dressed. Melinda cleaned her pussy and face in his bathroom, pulling the cum out with toilet paper, then dressing in her skirt and blouse, and stowing the mini and fishnet halter in her bag.

“Why does lover boy think you’re here?” Ron asked.

“I told him I had a job interview,” she said, shouldering her bag and walking to the door. “I have a sister who needs some money,” she said.

“How old is she?” He asked.

“Eighteen, a year younger than me,” she replied.

“Tell her to call me,” he said.

Audrey called him as he drove home, Carrie was in jail for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. “She hit a homeless guy who wandered into the street,” Audrey said.

“What you want me to do?” He asked.

“Get her out and bring her home, please?” Audrey pleaded.

“Her bullshit’s getting expensive,” he reminded her.

“I promise I won’t interfere this time, handle her your way, but don’t let her sit there all night,” Audrey said.

Ron called his lawyer and bail bondsman, and went to the jail to see Carrie. She wasn’t happy to see him.

“Your mama says to tell you that your ass is mine, comprende?” He smiled. She nodded her head and stared at the floor.


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