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It was a typical Monday morning for me as I was preparing my 5 year old sons lunch for school. My life was so monotonous and so boring I thought to myself as I watched Tom walk to the end of the drive as the bus pulled up. Well at least school was stating and that did give me some free time to some things around the house.

It was a hot and humid day already and I decided I would enjoy the day and get some sun by the pool later in the day. I did m normal chores vacuuming, washing clothes, and working out. I have to admit for a 29 year mother I was in pretty damn good shape. I ran about 3 miles a day on my treadmill and worked out with my husband’s bowflex 4 to 5 days a week.

I stand about 5’-7” and weigh right at 110 lbs. I have long curly golden auburn hair and my measurements are 36-26-36. My husband loves to show me off at parties and I have to admit I do like the attention. My husband Matt and I have been married for 10 years and they have been pretty good, but in the last year or two Matt has been working a lot of hours and has been very tired and our once very healthy and exciting sex life has dwindled to next to nothing.

Matt is the only man I have ever been and lately I have found myself wondering what it would be like to experience another man. You know how much different would it be? Just a little harmless day dreaming I would tell myself as my mind wondered from time to time.

Well it was nearly noon and I headed up stairs to put on my bikini to get some sun. I felt naughty so I put on my white thong swimsuit that did little to cover anything and headed downstairs. I quickly fixed me a big crown and coke and headed for the pool and the sun. My lord it was hot outside I thought as I lay down on my lounge chair and rubbed oil on my skin.

I had been out about 30 minutes and had been lying on my stomach when I decided to roll over. Well I don’t need this top I decided as I rubbed more oil on my sweaty body. After about 20 minutes or so I heard a hammer pounding somewhere and just ignored it and went on enjoying the sun.

I don’t know if it was the crown and coke are the fact I had not had sex with my husband in over 2 months but I was becoming extremely aroused as I lay in the hot sun. My shaven pussy was beginning to get moist and throb as I lay there. Slowly I slid my hand down inside my skimpy swimsuit bottom and began rubbing my already swollen clit. OH God it felt so good to be touched and to feel pleasure down there. Soon I was completely naked as I grinded my aching pussy against my fingers, my lord I need to have sex bad I thought to myself.

Just as I was about to explode I heard a loud noise as I turned to see what it was I noticed a huge muscled black man working on my neighbors roof. I was very embarrassed to say the least. As I sat there not knowing what to do I hear the man shout “You are one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen?”

I slowly turn my head and notice this big black man is wearing a pair a cut off shorts and no shirt and his muscled body is glistening in sweat. My god he is gorgeous what an amazing body he has. I completely forget I am lying nude covered in oil as I stare at his muscular chest, arms and legs. No that is what a man is supposed to look like I say to myself; I bet he could satisfy my hunger.

“Hope I did not embarrass you, just up here working and could not help but notice how beautiful you are. Been trying not to look but it ain’t easy never seen a women as sexy as you before” Thank you I stuttered as I reached for my towel and stared at his perfect body. As I stared I noticed a bulge, it can’t be I thought as I saw the outline of something huge down the leg of his shorts.

“My name is Bill if you ever need anything” he said with a smile as he noticed me staring at his huge bulge. Thank you my name is Tristan I will keep that in mind, I said as I wrapped the towel around me and headed inside. I quickly made it upstairs and wasted no time in going to the sliding glass door in our master bedroom. The glass was covered with a reflective film so you could see out but not in.

My god he is gorgeous I thought as I looked over every inch of his body. Before I even knew what I had done my towel was on the floor and I was fingering myself as I watched Bill work. His large muscles glistened with sweat and the bulge in his pants was incredible. I closed my eyes and imagined Bill naked and making love to me in my bed. In no time I came so hard my knees almost gave out on me.

Even though I had managed to have an orgasm I still ached to have a man inside me to make me feel like a women. I spent the rest of the day doing things around the house and watching Bill work. My god I was climbing the walls, I needed to feel a man inside me so bad it hurt. Well as luck would have it my husband had to work late so I got Tom to bed and did some web surfing while I waited for hub.

I did a search for interracial sex and found this site the Dark Cavern, my god it was incredible. I was hypnotized by the pictures and stories of these white women being filled with these huge black cocks. My god my husband’s 6 inch dick looked like a toy compared to these men. Surely this was trick photography.  I was becoming hornier and hornier as I continued to read and see these pictures.

I was dripping wet and the ache inside was almost unbearable as I began rubbing myself as I read the stories of women giving in to their lust. Well I heard my husband raise the garage door so I quickly closed the computer and rushed downstairs wearing just my short silk gown. I gave Matt a very passionate kiss a told him I needed him to make love to me now.

I quickly stripped his clothes of and threw him on the couch and began sucking his dick. As I did this I could not help but notice how much smaller it looked compared to the ones I had seen on the site. Soon he was hard and I quickly climbed on top of him and guided him inside me. My god it felt so good to have a hard dick inside me finally. I fucked him hard as I could slamming his dick in and out of me as hard as I could.

I was getting close to cumming when I heard him grunt and felt his body go tight. No I thought not yet a need more. I get pumping up and down hoping to get the orgasm I needed to bad but it never came. We got cleaned up and Matt went to bed. I was still horny so I went in the bathroom and fingered myself to an orgasm.  I felt good but I still ached to have a man satisfy my needs not my fingers.

The next day was just like all others I got Tom off to school and did my chores. After I worked out I took a shower and as I stepped out I noticed Bill was back working on the roof next door. Immediately I began to feel the aching and wetness return between my legs. I bet he could make me feel like a real women I said to myself as my fingers again began exploring my wet and shaven pussy. After several minutes I was about to die with lust, my pussy was on fire and I was horny as I had ever been.

I decided what the hell lets have some fun and I grabbed my black thong bikini and put it on. In the kitchen I fixed me a large crown and coke and headed out to sun. Holy shit I mumbled as I looked up and saw Bill’s sweaty body on the roof next door. I quickly laid down put my sunglasses on and began watching Bill as he worked. I could feel my juices flowing as I watched his muscular body flexing and glistening in the hot sun. I quickly drank the entire glass of crown and coke and was feeling pretty good.

Well I don’t know if it was the crown and coke or the fact I was so horny I could have died but I yelled at Bill and told him that he looked awful hot and if he wanted he could come take a dip in the pool. Bill looked up and smiled and said you know things are mighty hot today I think I might just take you up on your offer. My heart began to pound as Bill made his way off the roof and through the side gate.

Bill waked up to side walk toward the pool, my god he was even better looking up close. His body was incredible his arms, legs and stomach were solid muscle and the bulge in his pants was impossible not to notice. Bill just how tall are you I ask as my eyes filled with lust. “6’-6” inches dear” wow I exclaimed you are a big guy “Yes I am” he smiled as he looked at me with hunger in his eyes.

“Looks good, cannot wait to dive in and get wet” Bill said with a grin. Go ahead I stuttered make yourself at home. I nearly passed out when Bill walked to the edge of the pool took of his work boots and socks, then slide of his shorts and dove in the pool completely nude. Bill’s ass was a chiseled and firm as the rest of his body.  Bill came to the surface smiling, “hope you don’t mind Tristan did not bring a suit. No, no I understand perfectly I said as I tried my best to see under the water.

“Man this water feels great I really appreciate you inviting me over I was getting pretty hot working today. Bill swam over to edge of the pool right beside me and we talked for a bit before he said that he had better get back to work. In one move Bill pushed himself up and sprang out of the water. Oh my god, I exclaimed under my breath as I saw Bill standing nude before me. His cock (as he would later tell me it is called) was to put it simply huge. It looked like a garden hose hanging between his legs.

Bill’s cock was soft and was bigger and longer than my husbands was when he was hard. My god those pictures I looked at were not fake black men’s cocks are bigger or at least this ones was.  I could not keep my eyes off of Bill’s manhood as I stared straight at it my mouth open in disbelief. You like what you see Bill said with a smile, yes I do I said hesitantly. Bill walked over his long thick cock swinging as he approached me.

“Feel it baby, I know you want to” Without hesitation I sat up and reached out my hands and began stroking Bill’s cock. At this point I was so horning I could feel my juices running down my thighs and the ache between my legs was beyond description. My god his cock felt so heavy and so large in my hands it was incredible. I stroked is cock slowly as it began to grow longer and thicker with each stroke. As it continued to grow I good no longer fit my hand around it and it took both hands to surround this black monster.

Bill’s cock was now as hard as steel and the huge veins on each side pulsed with each beat of his heart. Slowly I leaned forward and begin licking up and down this gorgeous mans cock like in a hypnotized state. “That’s it baby lick that big cock” Bill said as I felt his hands undue my top and throw it aside. I felt Bills firm and strong hands as the squeezed my 36 DD breasts and pinched my hard nipples.

I continued to lick and suck on Bill’s cock until I could not stand it anymore. I stood up slid my thong swimsuit bottoms off and led Bill in the house and up to my bedroom. Once in the room I lay down on the bed and told Bill I needed his big black cock and I wanted him to fuck me. Bill crawled onto the bed in between my legs and began rubbing his cock up and down dripping wet slit. The shear power and size of his body upon me was incredible.

Bill stopped at the entrance to my women hood and asked if I was sure I wanted this, I told him I have never been surer about anything and begged Bill to fuck me. Bill slowly pushed forward as I felt my pussy lips stretching and stretching as the huge head of his cock pushed inside me. Oh god I screamed as I felt the head of his cock literally pop inside me. I had never felt something so large inside me before. My poor pussy lips were stretched to the max and it hurt a little but nothing compared to the pleasure coursing thru me.

Slowly Bill began pushing deeper and deeper inside me opening me up more and more with each inch of his mammoth black rod. I could feel his cock throbbing as his heart pounded. Slowly Bill leaned down and we began kissing our soft lips and warm tongues exploring each others mouth. Oh shit I whimpered as several more inches slide inside me. Small orgasms began to shoot thru me as more and more of his cock disappeared inside me aching hot pussy.

Oh god I screamed as exploded in a mind shattering orgasm, Bill had even gotten his entire cock inside me and I had already cum. I could feel my pussy begin to loosen up as he continued to work in and out of me. I came several more times as Bill worked all but 2 inches inside me. Oh god I screamed you feel so fucking good Bill never been so full before god I love the feel of your cock inside me. My pussy was on fire and I needed wanted to fell all of Bills cock inside me.

Give it to me Bill fuck me I want it all baby. With that Bill began working his cock deeper and deeper until with one powerful thrust he buried his huge cock balls deep inside my pussy. Oh god, Oh god I screamed repeatedly hurts so good baby as one after another orgasms shook my body. “Damn baby took all 11 inches, not to many women can say that” Bill said with a smile. Bill held all 11 inches inside me for several minutes as I could feel my pussy stretching to accommodate his manhood.

Slowly Bill began to move his cock in and out of me, a few inches at first then more and more. Soon Bill was sliding nearly 11 inches of his cock in and out of my pussy and I was going fucking nuts. I swear it felt like I was having one continuous orgasm. Oh shit I screamed as Bill thrust forward with brute effort, I could feel him so deep inside it was incredible. God what had I been missing all these years I thought to myself, so this is what sex is suppose to be like.

Bill pounded my pussy hard and long sending me over the edge countless times our bodies were covered in sweat as I was thrusting back at Bill as hard as I could. Fuck me you stud make me your slut I screamed as another orgasm ripped my body. Bill put my legs up on his shoulders and proceeded to fuck me senseless as one orgasm after another nearly made me faint. I could feel his cock swell as his body began tensing. Fill my pussy Bill I want to feel you’re cum filling my pussy I screamed.

Then Bill made several hard thrusts and grunted as I felt an eruption explode inside me as his hot cum filled me. My god stream after stream of cum began spurting against the back of my pussy. Bill made one more hard thrust and the held his cock balls deep as it spewed forth its load of hot cum. I squeezed my pussy over and over again milking every drop from his huge cock. We kissed passionately for several minutes as we caught our breaths.

That was incredible I told Bill, I never new sex could be like that. Thanks you were amazing Bill told me not too many women can handle me like that. Bill began kissing my neck and sucking my nipples and after a few minutes of this and to my amazement he slid out his still hard cock and told me to get on all fours. As Bill slid e out I felt so empty and so stretched out.

Doggie style was my favorite position but my husband could never last very long so we did not do it too often. Bill got behind me and with one slow stroke buried all 11 inches inside me. My pussy was burning and aching for more Bill big cock. Soon we were fucking hard and loud as Bill smacked my ass and pulled my hair. Bill had a hold of my hips and was thrusting my pussy on his huge cock sending wave after wave of pleasure thru my body.

Bill and I finished fucking and then grabbed a shower were I swallowed a hot load of cum from my new lover gorgeous black cock. After we were back outside and Bill was headed back to the roof he informed me that he was not working for the people next door, but that he had just bought the house and that he and his younger brother would be living their.

Good to have helpful neighbors, guessing my sex life will never be boring again.

The end


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