Mandy and Rob were in love,  they had been for years.  They were ideally suited to each other in a lot of ways but especially physically.  He was tall, slim and lean,  with an average sized 7″ cock.  She was a couple of inches shorter, slim and average sized 36c tits.   What really gave him the horn though, was her ginger hair.  When she got out of the shower,  and her hair was all wet,  it was all he could do to stop himself from jumping on her.   This made for a fantastic sex life.  It did make them wonder why she hadn’t got pregnant though.  Certainly when they first started dating they had used contraception,  but the last couple of years they wanted a baby to be complete.

It didn’t take the clinic long to find out the reason.  He was fit alright,  but a kick to the groin in his teens while playing football had left him with virtually no active sperm.  They were devastated.  Devastated but determined to have a child somehow.  They decided on sperm donation,  but being the horny couple they were,  the donor was going to give his seed personally.  After considering all of their possible friends or acquaintances who could do the job,  they both picked Marcus,  Rob’s golfing buddy.   The reasons for picking Marcus?   Well,  he was handsome,  6′ tall,  on the muscular side of lean,  hung, (Rob had noticed in the showers),  but most of all because he was black.  The thought of the contrast of this big black guy against the fair skin and ginger hair of Mandy,  got them both hotter than they had ever known.

Marcus had agreed immediately,  he had lusted over Mandy for a long time.  It was the time of the breeding that took him by surprise though,  on their wedding night.   Rob reasoned it was only right that she become pregnant on the traditional night,  and she would be looking her absolute best,  and she was going to abstain from sex for a week so she would be absolutely gagging,   so everyone would win.  Marcus agreed to hold back from cumming for a few days before hand to make sure he had a nice big load to empty into her,  although one week before the wedding,   he let off a huge load as he was whacking off at the thought of fucking this slim white woman.

The wedding Night

Marcus was just drying himself after his shower,  when the knock came on the hotel bedroom door.

“Yeah, who is it?”


He grinned and shouted,  “Come in babe, its open.”

He admired himself in the mirror for a second,  noticing he was semi hard,  then wrapped the towel round his waist and went to meet his new “bride”. She had already dropped the wedding dress to the floor and was now standing in a white lacy bra,  a white lacy thong and suspenders,  white sparkly shoes,  and her ginger hair was held up with a tiara.  He felt a surge of blood to his cock

“Fuck baby, you are gorgeous ! ”

Her cheeks flushed a little and without a word walked over to her stud.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and stuck her tongue down his throat.  He grabbed the cheeks of her arse and gave them a squeeze.  They were both panting now,  both in the grip of lust.  This was going to be a hot breeding session.

He grabbed hold of her arse,   lifted her up and carried her to the bed.  He looked down on her pale body and his towel started to bob up and down.  He took hold of each side of her tiny thong and pulled it off.  He was met with the hottest sight ever, a shaved pussy that was bubbling with juice.   Her pussy lips looked almost impossibly red against her pale body,  but this meant she was ready to be bred.

“Sweet Jesus babe, i’m going to love filling you right up!”

He probed her pussy with a long black finger and she started to tremble.  He was starting to tremble at feeling her pussy,  it was sopping wet and hot.

“Give it to me”,   she said. “Fill me up.”

He let his towel fall to the floor and she saw his black cock for the first time.

“Fuck, just how big are you?”

He smiled. “Well, normally about 10 inches, but when im especially horny, i can get to 10 and a half.”

She let out a low groan and layed back on the bed, ready for the fuck of a lifetime. Marcus stood at the end of the bed and gripped the base of his cock,  making it seem harder and darker.  He placed the plum sized head of his cock on the top of her pubic mound and trailed it all the way down her wet slit.  She shuddered and rolled her head,  seeing for the first time the mirrored wardrobe.  He looked blacker and had more muscle than she remembered,  but it was very…fucking…horny.

He brought the head of his cock up and rested it at her outer lips for a second,  then gently penetrated her wetness.  They both let out an “ooh”, and let the moment flow over them.   He pulled out so only the tip was still inside her,  then plunged back in.  He pumped her like this for a minutes,  but he knew he was only using about 7″ of his meat in her,  he could feel where his mate Rob had stretched her,   he was about to go further.   Gradually, over the next  10 minutes or so, he was able to get another 2″ in and Mandy was going delirious.

“Oh my God”, she cried, “I’m cumming.”  She started writhing under him and pushing her pussy back at him,  white cream coating his black cock. She bucked and screamed and he kept pumping her,  making her cream literally fly out of her.

Her orgasm hit and all he could do was hang on and let her ride it out. When she had stopped thrashing around,  he slowly pulled his black meat out of her and saw that she had totally coated it in thick creamy love juice.

“Okay baby,  you’ve had most of me,  now you’re going to get all of me.”  With that he took hold of her knees and pushed them up to her tits.  He eased them out of her bra and saw her nipples were out like stalks.  He gave each one a suck and then put her knees either side of them.  Her pussy was now bright red,  glistening and had a slight gape.  He lined up his mighty cock and eased back in,  nearly 9″ in one go.  It nearly took her breath away and she turned to watch the horny scene in the mirror.  “My God”,  she thought,  “That can’t all be going up me.”   But it was;  he was now pounding away at her smooth pussy with more urgency,  lust was taking over.   He was now managing to bury all 10 and a half inches up this woman,  and he could feel the pressure building in his bloated balls.  He was making long steady strokes into her tender pussy and now her was going pump his hot baby making seed right into her womb.   His breath was becoming short and only his hips were moving,  his cock almost at bursting point.  In, in, in he pumped until he could hold back no longer and he buried his swollen cock head as far up her tight pussy as he could.   His cum pumped out of his cock and splashed against her cervix.  It felt like molten lava to her as she felt it hit her insides.   He pumped another five times,  each time depositing a hot creamy load of fertile spunk.  He twitched on top of her for a few minutes enjoying the sensation of release.   As his cock started to shrink,  he withdrew from her pussy and laid back.   He was spent,  she had just had a weeks worth of spunk up her and it had drained him.

She clasped her hands around her legs,  keeping them together to keep his seed in,  then turned to him and smiled.

“That was wonderful babe, you’ve just taken me to a place I’d never been before,  and I’ve decided,  I now want to feel you up my arse.   I want it deep and i want to watch it go in front of this mirror.”

He smiled and said, “Okay baby, give me ten minutes though eh?”


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