Cuckolded in Connecticut

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My name is Chuck and my wife made me a cuckold. She fucked a guy at a party where everybody knew she was fucking him and everybody thought I was a wimp for letting it happen. They all laughed at my humiliation.They laughed because cuckolds are funny, but it hurts more than you can ever imagine. Some guy is fucking your wife and your friends are looking at you and you are not man enough to stop it – you can’t do a damn thing about it.

This happened in 1974 when I was in the navy stationed on a FBM sub out of New London Ct. The FBM was called a “boomer” because we carried guided missiles with the big bomb. It was a responsible job done by strong men. It was a long time ago, but I still remember, as if it were yesterday, the weakness and the humiliation and the jealousy.

I was deployed on the boat for 3 months then, home ashore for 3 months. We had a group of friends (some on my boat and some on other boats) that we partied with. There were about a dozen couples and almost every week there was a party. These parties were for couples only, so when hubby was at sea, his wife normally did not go. An average party would have 8 to 10 couples.

Eating, drinking, and dancing were the norm with an occasional game, but never anything wild. Of course there was always a little hanky-panky on the dance floor especially when there was a dark place, or when people went out back to smoke a joint. Stroking a gal’s ass was frequent and if the guy got a hard-on some of the wives liked to rub their body up against it. One of the wives liked to have her pussy played with, but mostly, things were innocent flirting.

My wife Kate and I had been married almost four years. We had a daughter two years old. My wife was five foot seven, about 130 pounds. She had small tits – maybe a “B” cup – nice legs and ass, blonde hair. I am five ten, 165 pounds with okay looks.

Our sex life was good but nothing to write home about. When I returned from a patrol we fucked like bunnies for a week or so, but it was kind of vanilla. She did not like oral, either giving or receiving. I don’t remember her ever actually sucking my cock. If I could get my tongue close to her pussy, maybe I got a small taste before I was told stop “That’s dirty!”

We never ever talked about either of us having sex with another person. Back then, my fantasies were for oral sex between us! She was a virgin when we got married. For practical purposes I was as well – one blowjob and one not very good fuck. Before we got married we did the normal petting and I got to finger fuck her and got hand jobs often enough to keep from going nuts.

It happened at one of those parties and I’ll never understand how or why it happened. It was a routine party at our house and she was drunk and high on pot. She was dancing with another sailor, Mike, who also had had a lot to drink. They spent a lot of time in the dark part of the dance floor and I figured he was feeling her up, but I didn’t expect anything more than that.

I said I was going down to the basement to get some more ice, but I needed to piss first so I went to the upstairs bathroom. They must have thought that I was in the basement because they went upstairs and when I came out of the bathroom he was leading her into the guest room.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

She walked over to me, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed me on the cheek. “I have to do this,” she said.

Then she took his hand and led him into the bedroom and closed the door. The sound of that lock clicking was like an explosion in the silence, as I stood there, unable to do or say anything.

I just stood in the hall not knowing what to do. I was just numb, I guess. There was only one reason for Mike to take Kate into the bedroom and lock the door. He was gonna fuck her! And she wanted to fuck him!

Her words echoed in my brain, “I HAVE to do this!”

How the hell could I let this happen? I loved her. Was it the booze or the pot? It had to be something. This had never happened before. How could a husband allow this to happen to his wife?

Finally, like a fool I went down to the party and our guests. As I entered the living room the tape recorder stopped playing, so without thinking I went over to change the tape. In the silence I heard the headboard banging on the wall upstairs. They were fucking!

The usual talking and laughter was now replaced by a stony silence. Everyone knew who was making the headboard bang against the wall and they knew what it meant. They all looked at Mike’s wife, Shelly. Then they looked at me. Then back at Shelly. No one said a word or moved. Everyone just listened to that damned headboard banging against the wall.

I sat down next to the player, fumbling with the tapes. With no music playing, the banging of the headboard seemed to get louder. Everyone had a mental picture of my wife on her back, naked, with her legs spread wide and a big cock pounding into her as she raised her hips up to take it deep.

I looked at Shelly and there were tears running down her cheeks her face was red with embarrassment. I was feeling humiliation and helplessness. Every man there must have been wondering why I didn’t do something about my wife getting fucked in my own home. No real man could possibly just sit there and allow that to happen.

Even today thirty-five years later I cannot explain the helplessness I felt sitting there in the living room with my friends listening to the sounds of my wife getting fucked.

I remember the exact moment I felt myself getting a hard-on! I was trying to put a cassette into the player and everyone was looking at me and suddenly I got an erection! It bulged in my pants. Oh my God! My wife was getting fucked and I was getting a hard-on!

I heard a soft muffled laugh and then I saw two of my friends’ wives whispering and looking at me and laughing. Had they seen my erection?

What must they think of a man just sitting there while his wife was getting fucked? I couldn’t stand up because then they would surely see the bulge in my pants. There was more whispering and more, soft laughter.

Dramatic emotions flooded through my body in waves. It was the strangest mixture of emotions I had ever felt jealousy – humiliation helplessness, and worst of all – sexual arousal. That powerful sexual arousal dominated everything else and made me helpless.

None of the couples left the party. They just sat there listening to the pounding headboard upstairs. Several wives kept whispering to their husbands and giggling. All I could do was sit there helplessly and let them stare at me.

I felt like a child sitting there in front of the stereo fumbling to change the tape! I remember looking at Shelly and seeing her cry but no way could I walk across the room to comfort her with that big bulge in my crotch. So I just cried silently!

Then the pounding of the headboard got louder and faster, seeming to build to a climax and then, suddenly, it stopped. Everyone in the room knew that Mike was pumping a big load of hot semen into my wife at that very moment. No one said a word. Several minutes went by. Then, I heard the door of the bedroom open.

When Mike and Kate came down the stairs they did not even try to hide what had happened. They were laughing and arm in arm – both with flushed faces. Kate’s hair was a mess. It was obvious to everybody that she had just been thoroughly fucked and she had enjoyed it.

Mike walked over to Shelly, took her hand and said, “Lets go home.” Shelly was in tears.

Our guests left without saying the usual good byes. Kate said she was going up to bed. I went 2 houses down to collect our daughter from Jane, a friend who was watching her. Jane’s hubby was at sea.

Jane’s first comment was “Kate got a little carried away tonight I hear.”

My God! How could she know? Then I remembered she had also watched the child of one of our guests who had left earlier. The gossip was spreading fast!

Then Jane said, “It looks like you enjoyed it.” She looked at my crotch and laughed. My God! She had seen my erection!

That hurt. I still had a major hard-on and she had seen it bulging in my pants. I turned even redder and took my daughter home. What I felt at the time she said that was so humiliating that I started crying again. What the hell was happening to me?

I put my daughter to bed. Then I went into our bedroom. My wife was asleep! She had publicly fucked another man and now she was sound asleep!

I woke her up and asked, “What the hell was that all about?”

She looked at me with sleepy eyes and said, “I needed it. I had to have it.”

I got into bed and she saw my erection. I was gonna fuck her. After all, she was still my wife. When she saw what I had in mind she shook her head no.

“I’m feeling real good now after Mike and I don’t want to spoil it. Besides, I’m a little bit sore. You can’t do it now. You’ll have to wait a couple of days.”

I was hurt thinking how she must have enjoyed it and how he was probably much bigger than me. The image of a great big uncircumcised cock kept running through my head.

I went in the bathroom to piss but I still had a hard-on. In my head was the sound of that headboard banging against the wall and a picture of Kate with her legs spread, humping to take a big one deep. I felt something that I still cannot describe. I barely took hold of my dick and then I ejaculated.

It was a massive load. It just spilled out of me as if it had been building up for hours. It was almost surreal! How could I say that I didn’t like it that she got fucked when it turned me on like this? What the hell was I going to do? What the hell was wrong with me? Why was I so turned on by the thought of Mike fucking my wife and her enjoying it?

The bedroom door was locked when I came out of the bathroom, so I went down and slept on the sofa. The next morning I fed our daughter and did not see Kate most of the day. I think she came down for lunch when I took our daughter to the park. I called her for dinner but she did not come down till I had put our daughter to sleep. I think she was embarrassed.

When she came into the living room, I told her that we needed to talk about what had happened so we could see if we could get past it. She didn’t say anything just went into the kitchen and set out our dinner.

After we had dinner she sat down and began to tell me the story. She said that they had been talking and dancing and he had gotten her hot. She told me she had been dancing mostly with Mike and he had turned her on when he started to feel her up.

She said Mike kept giving her drinks and they went out back with a couple of other people and shared a joint. One of the wives was getting her pussy played with as she smoked a joint and Kate said that turned her on even more. Mike kept trying to feel her tits and kiss her and she finally let him play with her tits and kissed him back.

He kept asking her to feel his cock and she said no. She told me she could feel it pushing against her when he held her close. She said she was curious but told him she couldn’t play with it downstairs. They had another drink and some more grass.

“I was so HOT and so WET and when he said let’s go upstairs I just went!”

As she was telling me this I was getting a hard-on and feeling sexually aroused, I started getting those feelings of jealousy and embarrassment that just made it worse and seemed to drive my sexual arousal. There was nothing I could do because it had already happened. I felt frustrated because I liked thinking about him fucking her. None of this made any sense to me at all.

She said that when she saw me come out of the bathroom she was surprised because she though I was in the basement getting ice.

“But I was so turned on I had to follow him,” she said.

Then she said she was sorry she did it and sorry so many people knew about it.

She said, “Do you want me to keep telling you about it?”

“Yes,” I said.

“OK if you’re sure, but if you want me to stop just say so. I kissed you on the cheek and we went into the bedroom. I closed and locked the door. We started kissing and he was undoing my dress. It fell to the floor and he took off my bra and started playing with my breasts.”

“I knew we should stop but I couldn’t because it felt to good. I was high from the grass and I had had a lot to drink. He took off his shirt and pants. He began sucking my nipples and you know how that turns me on.”

“Are you sure you want to hear this? I’m embarrassed talking about it?”

“Yes,” I said, “I need to know so I can deal with it and not wonder why it didn’t seem to bother you when you were fucking him with our friends and his wife right downstairs.”

“You know what happened in the bedroom. Are you sure you want me to continue?”

She was giving me a chance to get out of this conversation. She was mostly looking down at her feet and had not seen my erection. I sat there for what seemed like an hour, but was maybe only 30 seconds. I could not make myself tell her I had heard enough. I tried to, but no words would come out.

While she was telling me what happened, my hard-on started throbbing and I thought NOT AGAIN – this can’t be happening again. I have to get myself under control. I hid the tent in my pants as best I could.

My anger and jealousy kicked in as she talked and I had asked her how she could be so dumb and did she have any idea how many people knew and what did she think Shelly thought of their little game. I was surprised when I looked at her. The look on her face told me she had not thought about anyone except herself.

What I finally said was, “In order for us to have any chance of saving this marriage I think you need to tell me every thing including how you felt and what you were thinking”.

I was not thinking about how to save our marriage. I just had to know what happened! I had to hear her tell me about Mike fucking her. I wanted to hear all of the details.

“So please continue and don’t leave anything out!”

She said that when she went with him to the bedroom she did not plan to “do it” (she never used words like fuck). She was just going to make out a little in private. She told me that she had never seen an “uncut thingy” and Mike said he had one he would show her. And she had never touched one other than mine so when he asked her to touch it she did.

She said she was sorry and it would not happen again and started crying. After they were naked they stood and kissed for a couple minutes and then they got in bed and he was in her!

I asked if she liked it. My hard-on was still throbbing. She said it was OK.

After a pause she said, “It was wonderful and I don’t know why. He is about the same size as you and he was drunk and not really caring about me but I loved it.”

At that point I said, “Did you really enjoy fucking Mike?”

“Do you really want to know?” She asked.

After a long pause I said, “Yes”

And because of what happened after that I have regretted saying, “Yes” ever since! I should have stopped right there, but my mind was playing a porn video with my wife as the star performer.

We were sitting about two feet apart on the sofa. She stopped talking and I looked at her. She had turned towards me and had a funny look on her face. I remember to this day her shock, amazement, and disgust. She was staring at my very hard cock. I am not huge but I couldn’t hide it. I got red faced and just sat there. There was a long pause, and then she began shouting.

“You’re a pervert! You’re getting turned on, by hearing me tell you about it! I’ve read about people like you. You’re sick!”

She jumped up and ran upstairs and shut and locked our bedroom door.

I went soft instantly and sat alone in my misery.

Monday I got up, took a shower, and went to work. At least she hung a uniform on the door for me.

The next five days were murder! It seemed like everyone knew and they were telling jokes with me as the brunt.

Friday afternoon, Shelly called and asked if we were coming to the party. It was at her house. I told her no and she asked to talk to Kate. After they talked, Kate said we had to go.

When we got there I asked Shelly, “What the hell were you thinking?”

Shelly said we had to try to get over what had happened. Both our spouses were drunk and stoned when they did it. Mike told her he was sorry. It wasn’t going to happen again. And besides, she said, laughing, there were only two other couples this week and she didn’t want to dance with the same guys all night.

The night went well until about eleven when Kate pulled me into the bathroom and said, “I need him once more, but you can watch if you want to since it turns you on so much. We are going into the guest room in five minutes.”

The other two couples had gone home when I came back into the living room. Kate and Mike were dancing very close and kissing. Shelly came in and asked me what was going on. I pointed to our spouses and told her what Kate had said.

My wife got slapped and Mike got kneed in the nuts. Shelly told them it would not happen in her house!

A few minutes later, while I was getting ready to leave, Kate asked for the house key. I said I’d be ready to go in a minute.

Kate said, “Mike and I are going to go to our house and fuck.”

She had never used that word before. Never in our marriage had I heard her say it.

“I need that key,” she said.

Then she chuckled. “Oh, and honey, you can come with us and watch, if you want to. If hearing me talk about it gave you a hard-on, think about how much fun you’d have watching us do it. You’d probably come in your pants.”

She was taunting me! I didn’t get sexually aroused. I got mad – really mad!

I said loud enough for Mike and Shelly to hear, “It’s not going to happen!”

Mike, Shelly and my wife and I got into it! Kate stood red faced with her mouth open, speechless. I said that Mike, who was still very uncomfortable, was probably not up to it. We were going home! I kissed Shelly on the cheek and left. My wife came stumbling along. When we got to the baby sitter’s house, I told her to get our daughter and I would see her at home.

When she got home and put our daughter to sleep, she found me in bed and said, “I do not want to sleep with you. Get out!”

My answer was. “Fuck you! You can use the sofa or the guest room!”

She left and I went to sleep and slept quite well.

Saturday morning at breakfast I asked her where this thing was going to go. I figured it was time to get things settled.

Kate looked me straight in the eye and said, sarcastically, “I thought you wanted to watch us fuck because it turns you on.”

She was taunting me again. I tried to tell her it did excite me but it had to be an “us” thing – not just for her! And I could not put up with being embarrassed in front of our friends. I was very confused about my humiliation and sexual arousal. We left it at that and went on about our day.

That night I wanted to talk again after I put our daughter to bed. But when I came downstairs, I found that Mike had come over to our house. I had not expected him. Mike and Kate were making out on the sofa! She got up quickly.

I asked her what was going on.

Kate said, “We’re gonna do it. Do you want to watch?”

I was stunned. I asked what if I said no they couldn’t do it? She said he would leave but she would fuck him another time before he went on patrol! There was that word again. The word she never used before.

I turned to Mike, “What about Shelly? Does she know you’re here?”

“No,” Mike said. “I told her I was going to spend two days camping. I usually do that before a patrol, so she doesn’t expect me until Monday afternoon.”

Kate said, “I’m going to dance with Mike now. You can watch him turn me on.”

She held out her hand to him. I sat and watched them dance! I felt the knife of jealousy cut deep into my gut. It was humiliating and I wanted to stop them but I could only sit, helplessly, watching my wife dancing, with Mike’s hands roving freely over her body.

They kissed deeply and he started to strip her down. I began to tremble in anticipation as I watched. He removed her dress and bra and she stood there naked except for tiny bikini panties and shoes. Then he removed his shirt and pants and I could see the bulge in his shorts.

I watched him playing with her tits and ass and I could tell he was getting her hot by the flushing on her neck and chest. He was standing behind her, his hard cock pressing against her ass and one hand playing with her tits. When his other hand pushed inside her panties and his fingers stroked her beaver, Kate started to moan. Tears started rolling down my cheeks and I was blushing with the shame of another man giving my wife sexual pleasure.

I managed to ask her, plaintively, “Why are you doing this?”

She came over to my chair, pulling him by the hand. Mike was smiling at me. It was more of a leer than a smile. She leaned over and patted my cheek.

“Because it’s exciting, Darling,” she said. “And I want to. No. I need to! He makes me feel sexy and I want this for me. If you had said no, I’d fuck him anyway. You just wouldn’t know about it.”

“I’m letting you watch because I know how much it turns you on. I love that painful look of jealousy and embarrassment and sexual arousal I see on your face right now. You should see your face. It’s priceless. And Darling, your body tells me how much you’re looking forward to watching us fuck.”

When she said that, she reached down and grabbed my hard cock, which was bulging in my pants. She shook it and laughed and looked back at Mike who saw my erection and joined in her laughter.

At that moment I realized my cock was as big and hard as I ever remembered. It was almost painful! She was not drunk. She was stone cold sober and she was gonna fuck this bastard. And he was standing there leering down at me, knowing I had a hard-on knowing he could fuck my wife knowing I was helpless to stop him, because I wanted to watch him do it. Kate was right. I was a pervert!

She said, “We’re going to bed now. You can come up and watch if you sit on the stool in the corner and behave yourself, like a good little boy. You cannot move the stool or say anything and if you can’t do that, just stay here.”

She kissed her fingers and patted my cheek with the kiss. Mike grinned down at me, patted her ass like he owned it, and they started towards the stairs.

I sat there trying to decide what to do for what seemed like forever. I still had all those emotions racking my body.

I wanted to stand up and scream, “No! This is not going to happen,” like I had done at Mike’s house last night. But I could not speak!

I knew I had to watch. I had to see it, no matter what it did to the rest of my life! It seemed like I sat there for a long time, but when I looked at the stairs, I realized it must have been only a few seconds, because they were not all the way up them yet! The jealousy and sexual arousal and embarrassment and tears increased as I followed them up the stairs – meekly, as a cuckold should be meek.

She entered the bedroom, looked over her shoulder, and when she saw me following, she grinned and moved the stool from the dresser to the corner and pointed to it. I just stood there.

She said, “You know the rules, Darling. Sit down and watch and keep your mouth shut! Or you can leave and I will lock the door, just like last week.”

She was in complete control now. I remembered the loud click as she locked me out of the bedroom last week just before she fucked Mike. I sat down with my head lowered in defeat, looking at the floor. I was completely helpless to do anything else.

Mike pulled her panties down and she removed his shorts. They got in bed and continued what they had started down stairs. At first I didn’t want to look but that quickly changed with all the moaning and giggling. I looked up to see him sucking her nipple causing her to thrash about. She has very sensitive nipples and would sometimes come just from having them played with and sucked.

When she reached for Mike’s hard cock I noticed that he was not bigger than me. He was actually smaller, about six inches to my seven and about the same thickness. His cock had an upward curve, whereas mine was straight, and he was uncircumcised. But his balls looked huge!

As they continued to explore each other I noticed several love bites on her tits and a couple on her thighs, but when he tried to eat her pussy he got what I always got.

“I don’t like that!” She said.

As I sat and watched, my heart was pounding and my cock was painfully hard. I felt like all the breath had been sucked out of me. I had never felt this way before and I felt the greatest sexual pleasure I had ever felt. My cock was literally leaking juice and I had a big wet spot in my pants. I did not dare touch it for fear I would ejaculate!

She was telling him to put it in her and to hurry. “Do it!” She said.

He looked over his shoulder at me and said, “Ask me to fuck your wife.”

I just sat there shocked and humiliated and speechless. I couldn’t possibly say that!

Kate said, “Forget about him! Just fuck me.”

“Tell him to ask me. I’m not gonna fuck you till your husband asks me to,” Mike said.

Kate had her legs spread wide for him and he was teasing her clit with his cock. She was ready and eager to fuck.

She looked over at me and gave the order. “Ask him, Chuck. Either ask him or leave the room.”

My embarrassment shot up but I did not get angry. I knew that to keep feeling this pleasure I had to ask this bastard to fuck my wife! But I just couldn’t get those words out. I could only sit and wonder whether to debase and humiliate myself or leave the room.

Then I heard my voice say, “Mike, fuck my wife please I want to watch.”

I realized I had said what he wanted, even while trying not to say it and I started crying again. She was in total control and I couldn’t help it.

Mike looked at me and laughed. Then he slid his cock very slowly into her wet pussy watching my face and grinning at me while he did it. The bastard looked directly at my hard-on. He knew I was helpless to do anything except sit quietly like a wimp and watch him fuck my wife.

She started moaning, “Oh God! Oh God! Do it! Please! Do it! God it feels wonderful.”

Mike looked back over his shoulder at my face again when my wife started to beg for it. Then he dropped down on her, lifted her legs high in the air, and started fucking her hard. Her feet were bouncing up and down and his big balls were slapping her ass. That was the picture that burned into my brain. I have seen it over and over again in all the years since that moment every time I masturbated, I saw it.

The headboard of the bed started to pound the wall just as it had that horrible night last week. I couldn’t stop watching his big balls slapping her ass. I could hear the wet, squishy sounds of a horny pussy getting what it needed. I saw her pumping her ass to meet his thrusts. It seemed almost no time at all until her eyes rolled back and she started shaking and groaning loudly as her orgasm took control of her body.

She had been working up to it and it was a big one and it seemed to just go on and on. I wasn’t sure if she passed out for a few seconds but then she started moaning and telling Mike how good it felt.

Mike wasn’t listening to her. He wasn’t gentle or loving. He just fucked her like a cheap whore. He kept on pounding her during her orgasm and then, finally, he groaned loudly and buried his cock into her as far as he could.

I watched, eagerly, knowing he was about to shoot his sperm! I saw his heavy testicles lift up in his scrotum and the muscles at the base of his cock start to contract as he pumped a load of thick creamy cum deep into my wife. Kate spread her legs wider, moaned, and lifted up her ass to take it deep.

“Yessss. Oh yesssss,” she said.

Then Mike collapsed, panting – two sweating bodies clenched together, resting after their sexual ecstasy. And the banging headboard fell silent – just as it had fallen silent last week, when I sat helplessly in the living room, fumbling with the tape player, trying to hide my erection, with all of our friends looking at me and chuckling because they knew my wife was getting fucked big time, and I was not man enough to do anything about it.

My pleasure, so great earlier, was multiplied ten fold when she started coming and when he pumped his load I felt like I was having an orgasm myself the best orgasm I ever had. It was a rush greater than a line of coke would give me. It was positively the best feeling I had ever felt – or have ever felt since. I was shaking and could not breathe and my rock hard cock was throbbing. I realized what true ecstasy was and I had just felt it! I sat and regained my composure and enjoyed that moment.

Then suddenly I knew I had to leave. After his cock got soft and slipped out of her I saw part of that massive load of cum start to drip out of her pussy and I knew what that bastard would try to make me do next. If she were ever going to let me eat pussy it was at this moment, when his cum was dripping out of it. Mike would enjoy making me clean up his mess.

There was no way I was going to undergo that ultimate humiliation with them laughing at me. I hurried from the room and went down stairs. I began to feel a little better. I grabbed a beer and sat down. That bastard didn’t last as long as I usually did. I could give her two orgasms sometimes. Why did she like to fuck him so much?

A few minutes later my wife came downstairs. She was buck-naked! She had always been so modest. She never walked around the house this way just as she never said the word “fuck” until Mike fucked her. But now, naked in her spike heels she looked like a whore. She walked like one too swinging her ass.

She had changed so much this past week: prancing around naked, using foul language, calling me a pervert, laughing at me because I got a hard-on watching her fuck another guy. She had become a horny, controlling slut.

I asked, “When is he leaving?”

She gave me a look that I could only remember with shock, and said, “We’re not done fucking yet. He says he can last longer the second time.”

She had a large hickey high on her neck. When she saw me staring at it she said he told her not to cover it with make-up and if anyone asked, to tell them it was from her lover not her husband. The bastard wanted to humiliate me in front of her friends.

“We’re gonna take a shower. You bring him a beer when we get out. He’s gonna be staying longer. You were really nice up there such a good little boy that we’re gonna let you stay down here and listen to us fuck if you want to. I told him you enjoyed listening to us last week.”

I remembered telling her that, but when she said it now I got angry. “Either he leaves or I do and if he stays he can get his own damn beer.”

She paused, thinking, then chuckled. “If that’s the way you want it, Dear. Go ahead and leave. I’m gonna fuck him again. You call me later and we’ll talk.”

She went upstairs. I grabbed all the beer and left. I had no idea where I was going but Mike was not gonna drink my beer.

When I remembered it years later, I thought how funny it was. It was ludicrous! I had taken all the beer so he wouldn’t be able to drink my beer, but I had left my wife for him to fuck as much as he wanted to. I realize now why people laugh at cuckolds.

As I left the house I looked at the clock. It was only 9:30. I had put my daughter down about 8:45, so all that action took only 45 minutes! I stashed all the beer under some bushes, except the one I was drinking, and started walking. I didn’t know where I was going and I didn’t care.

It was almost eleven when I found a phone booth and called her. She answered the phone after a half dozen rings.

“Is he still there?” I asked.

“Yes he is,” she said. “And you’ll be glad to know he lasted a lot longer the third time.”

Then she laughed. “Darling, why don’t you come back and watch? I like to see the expression on your face when you watch us fuck. Mike said he enjoyed it too.”

I heard him laugh in the background after she said that. They were laughing at me. They must have talked about me being a pervert after I left. They had surely seen that big bulge in my pants and the wet spot I got when I watched Mike fuck her.

My voice was shaky. “How much longer will he be there?”

I couldn’t take much more of this. She asked Mike and I heard him say something in the background and then they both laughed again.

“It’s sticking straight out, honey. You could hang your hat on it. He says his balls are not empty yet.” She said it with a chuckle.

“Why don’t you call me again tomorrow afternoon?”

I heard them both laughing as she hung up without waiting for my response.

Jesus! The bastard had fucked her three times and now he was gonna fuck her all night and that horny bitch was looking forward to it and laughing at me. And she was sober!

In that moment I remembered watching his heavy balls slap her ass. I reached down and felt a rock hard cock bulging in my pants, and then like a teenager with a wet dream I felt my cum start to pump out into my shorts. Shit! I couldn’t help it! In my brain, like a drum, I heard the bed pounding the wall as that bastard fucked her hard.

I just stood there in the phone booth holding my dripping cock in my wet pants. Where could I go? What could I do?


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