Eric and My Wife

I peered out of my window into the bright autumn afternoon. As usual on Wednesday, Lisa, Eric’s secretary entered my office with an arm full of folders. “Here is your work for the afternoon,” said Lisa in a condescending tone.

“This is normal for on his afternoon off,” I said. “Some of these folders are Harrington’s. Do I have to do his work too, or is it that I am cough up? Guess what? I am going to take the afternoon off too. It is such a nice afternoon, and it will be a good chance to surprise my wife.”

“Oh, please, don’t do that,” implored Lisa. “This work has got to be done today.”

“Then let Harrington do it. I need an afternoon off. If Eric can do it I can too,” I replied angrily. ” I don’t care if he is the boss, he doesn’t own me.”

“You will regret this,” Lisa said in a muffled tone.

“What did you say Lisa?” I asked. Lisa turned and walked away without an answer. “Well maybe I will get fired tomorrow, but today Melanie and I will enjoy the afternoon.”

I was looking forward to surprising Melanie. We had been married for eleven years and had two children. We were both in out mid thirties, and we were both in very good condition. Melanie did not show the effects of the two kids. She was still a petite 5’2″ and 34-22-34. Her shiny brunette hair cascaded over her slight shoulders and down to the middle of her back. She was beautiful and the pride of my life. Our love life was very good and I knew that this afternoon interlude was just thing to keep the spark alive.

The drive home took about thirty minutes, but it was a quiet time as I dreamed of the time with my wife and this day. But the spell was broken as I rounded the corner of the street to my house. There in the driveway sat Eric’s maroon Buick. I was shocked but curious too, so I parked a few doors down the street, and sneaked into my house by the back door.

The house is on one floor so I had to be careful. This could still just be a legitimate meeting rather than an affair, and I didn’t want to be caught. These though were dashed completely when I heard giggling and coming form the bedroom. The door was open slightly so I moved past their door and into my daughter’s bedroom where I could get a good view of the activity.

I felt my face drain and my fingers go numb when I saw Eric sitting of the bed with his cock buried in my beautiful wife’s mouth. She was sucking hard and pumping the base of his cock with her hand. She was looking up adoringly at Eric as if spellbound by his presents. She was moaning quietly as she worked toward his explosion while he groaned with excitement and anticipation.

I turned away feeling more anger than I had ever had to deal with in my life, but my situation was compromised. I wanted to charge in and confront them but I loved Melanie. I didn’t want to lose her, and the violent scene that I wished for would certainly make the repair of our marriage difficult. Then too, Eric would probably fire me for interfering. He was constantly chasing the women in the office and even threatened their jobs if they did not give in to his lust. He was really a first class bastard.

I heard him growl, and I had to look again. He was pumping her mouth full of his cum and she was swallowing as fast as she could. The load must have been immense because I could see some dribbling out of her mouth and down her chin, and his cock. Depression overwhelmed me again as she smiled. She wouldn’t let me cum in her mouth. She said that it tasted too bad. Now she looked delighted swallowing his cum. His cock slipped from her mouth. It was surprisingly short; why did she want one that was so much smaller than my own.

Melanie moved to the bed and splayed her cunt wide like a whore. “Eat my God damned cunt!” shouted Melanie. “Make me cum, I want it so bad. Make me come”

Eric slid between her legs and started to slurp. “Is this what you want?” he said sarcastically.

“No you bastard, she screamed. “The clit, suck my clit.”

“You mean here,” he said, sucking on her pussy lips.

“My clit asshole,” she screamed again.

“Here,” he said.

“God, that’s it,” she said. “Oh it feels so good. Make me cum, make me cum.”

I turned and slid down against the wall. Tears were streaming down my face as I tried to stifle the sobs. I had never heard Melanie talk like that. She sounded like a real slut. I must admit that I was jealous, not only of the act, but her obvious enjoyment of the conduct that I had never seen before now.

I heard Lisa moan the scream again. I had to look, I just couldn’t stand it. She was wreathing on the bed, grinding her cunt into his mouth as hard as she could. Then with a mammoth explosion she came, shooting her cum over his face and onto the bed. Sadly I thought out loud, “I didn’t even know that she could squirt.”

Now I stood riveted to the action. Eric moved beside my beautiful wife and stared sucking on her tit. They weren’t big, B cups I think, but they were perfectly shaped and firm. He sucked for a few minutes as she moaned and fondled his balls.

Suddenly she grabbed his cock and wrapped her arms around his head. “Fuck me, fuck me now,” she cried. ” I need that cock all the way in my cunt, all of the way, you hear. Stick it in now.”

Eric said nothing. He moved on top of her and sank his cock in to the hilt in one shove. She groaned, threw her legs around his waist and dug the nails into his back. He was pounding her pussy unmercifully and she loved it.

“Yes, yes it’s good. Fuck me harder, harder. Make me cum Ahhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh,” she gasped and she exploded in another orgasm. “You’re not done yet. Don’t cum. I want more.”

He turned her over and entered her doggy style. Now I could see his cock sliding in and out of my wife’s beautiful pussy. As he picked up speed he was pounding her. I could hear his pelvis slapping against her ass. I could see his fingers mauling her clit

Despite the revolting emotions I felt, nature began to take over. I suddenly became aware of my hardened cock straining against my pants. I refused to take enjoyment from this by jerking off but my body had other plans. Melanies hips began to buck hard almost pulling Eric out of her cunt. He grabbed her shoulders to gain leverage while she sent her fingers to molest her clit. With a giant roar Melanie came, more violently than I had ever seen before. I saw Eric’s ass contract as he shot stream after stream of his seed into her waiting tunnel. They collapsed on the bed in complete satisfaction. At the same time I started it spurt involuntarily into my pants. God it was a great orgasm. I was ashamed.

I turned back into the room just in time as I heard them start to get up. “You had better go,” she said. “I don’t want to get caught.”

“That wimp won’t say anything,” Eric replied. “He knows that I would fire him if he caused any trouble.”

“I don’t want to hurt him,” Melanie said. “I do love him you know.”

They moved to the entrance foyer and she gave Eric a passionate kiss good bye. She watched as he went to his car.

She turned and saw me standing there. The look of shock on her face was disarming. She started to cry and so did I. I was humiliated and hurt, but I still loved her. She looked me in the eye and said, “Will you listen to me for a while. If you want a divorce after you hear me out I will not resist, and will give you everything you want. God knows you deserve it.”

- Part II -

“It began two years ago at the company Christmas party,” she began. “Eric trapped me by the conference room door and ushered me inside. I had been warned by the other women about his advances, but I thought that I could keep him under control. He pressed against me rubbing his chest against my tits. I tried to move back but he pushed me against the table. He started to run his hand up my skirt. I told him to stop, but he said that he was going to fuck me and I might as well enjoy it. I told him no that I was true to you. He then advised me that if I was interested in your career and continued employment I had better cooperate. He said he liked to do cooperative wives.”

“I said that we would get caught here,” she continued, “but he would hear non of that. He said that he didn’t care, that he was the boss and if anyone didn’t like it that they would be unemployed. I convinced him that a blowjob would be better and that we would not be gone as long. He agreed but warned me not to spit it out. I tried to give the best suck that I could. I wanted to please him so that he would not take it out on you. His cock was kind of short so I could take the whole thing in my mouth and suck like crazy. He must have liked it because he shot off in no time. I was amazed at how much cum the produced. I couldn’t swallow it all and it dribbled down my chin and on to my dress. I put his cock in his pants and allowed him to kiss me. I really hoped that that would be the end.”

“That son of a bitch,” I screamed. “That was sex. Why didn’t you… I guess I understand.”

“I wish that was all,” she said,” but there is more. “The following Wednesday he came to our house and demanded another fuck. I knew that there was no sense to refuse so I just let him. When he left he said that he would be back every Wednesday and advised me to be there. This has continued ever since but there has been one change. I got to like it. He began to realize how much of a nympho I was and he even fixed me up with some of your visiting salesman. I guess that there have been a lot since then.”

Now I was sobbing uncontrollably, unsure of what to say or even what I thought. I guess that I was just numb. “I guess you couldn’t tell me,” I said. “I guess the whole office knows that you are the company whore. How can I ever go back there again.”

“I have a lot more to tell you so please hear me out,” she asked. “I am not the company whore. He fucks a lot of girls in the office, sometimes two or three a day. I don’t know how he keeps it up. The only women that he doesn’t fuck is his wife, and she fucks many of the salesman on the side. But there is more about me that you should know.”

“We went to different colleges so you didn’t know my reputation then, but I did my best to fuck every guy on campus,” she confided. “I have a stronger sex drive than any women that I know. When we got married I thought that I could control it; and I did for eight years. I had to masturbate two or three times a day but I did it. Sometimes I would rub my pussy raw after we fucked, unable to obtain satisfaction after more orgasms than I could count. There is nothing that I like better than a good stiff dick in my cunt or my mouth and I can’t seem to get enough. I never swallowed your cum, cursed while we were making love, or screamed with my orgasms because you always treated me with respect. You treated me like a lady, and I didn’t want to ruin that image.”

“There is one more thing,” she said. “There is a part of me that no one other than you can have. The love and emotion that goes with our sex is good and genuine. I feel things with you that no one else can give me. I really do love you. Judging from the spot on your pants it couldn’t have been totally bad. I want you to fuck me now and tell me it is ok. There is not competition for my love. You have it all. If you want me to stop I will try, but I would rather be me. I wish that we could alter our lifestyle but the choice is yours.”

I grabbed her and kissed her as hard as I could. She dropped to her knees and pulled out my hardened cock and started slurping. She ran her tongue around the tip and the up and down the length. God, I was hot and I was going to cum soon. My balls started twitching, my cock jerked, and I felt the hot load of juice explode into her waiting mouth. She swallowed as hard as she could trying to save every precious drop, but some dribbled on her chest. She took the finger, wiped it off and lifted it to her tongue.

I removed her clothes and started to push my face into her pussy. The smell of his cum and the juice mixed was overpowering and her thighs were sticky from the amount that dribbled down the legs. I thought about what I was doing but realized that this was not the first time that I had tasted his cum second hand. The aroma was drove me into ecstasy, and I drove my tongue into the crack savoring the taste and smell. I ran my tongue up and down her cunt finally stopping at her clit. A couple of licks sent her to heaven. She came over and over again. I lost count of her orgasms, but I kept licking until my tongue was worn out. I was determined to satisfy her.

My cock was hard as steel again so she rolled me onto my back and slid her pussy over my cock in one push. This fuck was as exciting as anything that I had ever felt. She was slick and smooth from all of that cum in her cunt. She fucked hard and fast until both of us exploded and collapsed on the floor. I was exhausted, but she raised herself on one elbow and asked me to rub her cunt some more. Then I realized what she meant when she said that she couldn’t get enough.

- Part III -

In the morning we fucked again. I didn’t care about being late. I don’t think that I cared whether or not I kept the job even though I had been there a long time and had a lot of intangibles. “Don’t say anything about yesterday darling,” she said. “Let me talk to Eric and see where we stand. I promise that whatever is done you and I will fuck each other more than we ever have, and our sex life will be great. OK?”

“Whatever comes up at work I will do nothing until I talk to you,” I replied. “I love you Mel, and I will go along with anything that will make you happy.”

When I got to work Lisa snickered but nothing was said about my tardiness or the preceding afternoon. About noon Lisa came into my office and told me that Eric wanted to see me immediately. Her superior tone unnerved me, but I said nothing. Eric was smiling when I entered his office. It was a friendly smile so I wondered what was up.

“Tom,” he began, ” You have been with this company for over ten years now and you have done an outstanding job. As a result I am promoting you to senior analyst immediately.” I knew that this would get me out of town more that ever and I was unhappy about that, but I remembered Melanie’s last words. ” I want you to move to the office down on the corner, the one with all of the windows, today. Tthen you can take tomorrow off too. On Monday you will have to go to York to straighten out John Avery’s network mess. Sorry, but I guess you will be there all week. By the way, a twenty percent raise and a company car go along with this position.”

I guess that I should have thanked him but I didn’t. I told him that I would get right on it and started out to claim my new office. “Send Lisa in on your way out, Tom,” he said. I passed the word along but waited outside the door after it was closed and locked. As expected, I heard Eric groan and say, ” Lisa you are the best cocksucker in the world.” I guess that she was a company whore too.

When I got home Mel greeted me at the door in a sleek black mini dress black hose and no bra, probably no panties either. The kids will be at Laura’s for the weekend and we are going to have the time of out lives. We went to dinner at a small quiet café, and I grew bolder than ever. I masturbated her under the table, something I had always wanted to do. She smiled and said, “This is going to be great,” as the juice ran down her legs.

We fucked and sucked all weekend through Sunday morning. I have never cum that many times or that often, but I was able to hang in with her. It was evident though that I could never really fulfil her by myself. Finally I asked,” Do you know about the new job.”

“Yes,” she said.

“You know that this will keep me out of town a lot more,” I said. “All of next week,” I added.

“I know,” she said with a sly look on her face. “I have a full week planned for my cunt, but it will take you a while to recover from this weekend, and it isn’t even over with. You can fuck other girls when you are out of town you know.”

She handed me a wrapped package and told me to open it. Inside were four surveillance cameras with microphones. She then produced a larger box that contained a recorder and monitor. ” Now Mister electronics expert, install these and you can watch anytime that you wish,” she said. The installation took about two hours and then we started making love again and kept at it until morning.

I had to start to York ten AM. Melanie walked with me to the car carrying another present. This is a speaker phone,” she said. Hook it up in your hotel room and I will call you about nine thirty after the kids are asleep.”

“Who are you going to fuck tonight?” I asked.

“Eric,” she replied. “I want you to hear the whole thing and jerk off while we are doing it. OK”

That night she called as planned. She told me that Eric wasn’t in on the plan, so I should not make any noise if possible. That call was the most erotic thing that I have ever heard. “God I love to suck your cock,” she said. “You cum so much it runs out of my mouth every time. Do it doggy style. That’s right, pump my pussy until I can’t stand it anymore. Yes, yes, that is so good. Fuck me more, more god it’s so gooooood.” Her pleas for more and his groans and praise of her charms made me so hot that I could hardly stand it. I could picture him shooting cum into her mouth, and doggy fucking her love tunnel. I could visualize the cum running down her thighs and the scratches on his back. She intentionally but discreetly detailed everything that was happening, and I had to join in. I jerked my dick until I came three times all over the bed. I was exhausted.

“He is gone now,” she advised. ” Did you like that.”

“It was great,” I said. “When I can’t watch or hear will you tell me about your exploits?”

“Sure I will,” she replied.

“I will be home on Saturday,” I told her. “Send the kids to your Mother’s for Saturday night and make dinner for three. Some wine would be nice too.”

“Are you planning a surprise for me?” she asked.

“You will see,” I said. “I really love you, and I will do anything for you. I think this new life style might be great.”


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