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I had married Sam, after having an affair with her.

Sam was everything my first wife was not, sassy, sexy, funny, and an insatiable slut.

Eventually Sam had gotten tired of her husband, he was older, and although a decent lover and provider, he was very conservative and old fashioned. Sam had many lovers during her marriage, and she always like dominant confident men, those that would make everything a dare, a challenge she could not refuse to at least try.

I guess we were destined because I was a pervert, and someone that would push the limits, and we both knew neither would bore the other, especially not in the bedroom.

Before we decided to leave our spouses and spend our lives together, I had to make sure she would not change. I told her upfront, although I had no interest in straying outside the marriage, that she was all the woman I could handle, all the woman that I wanted, no, I need her to maintain having lovers. I knew she loved sex, and that was a large part of the attraction, she was addicted to cocks, lots of cock.

We had played some of those games, and we had discussed fantasies, what we both wanted, but did not know if we could follow through on. Tonight, Sam was going to attempt to fulfill one of mine. We both loved D/s, and normally it would be me being dominant, and her submitting, a role in which she cherished and excelled.

Tonight would be different, because tonight I would be both the dominant, and in a way the submissive. Tonight, Sam was going to come home, after being fucked all night long, then submit herself to me, as the slut she is.

Sam had dressed up, and went out to a favourite bar of hers across town.

She would have no problem picking up a man, she is reddish-blonde, large tits, with nipples that poked through any bra, long and thick. She is voluptuous, with a nice round ass, that begs to be rubbed up against, but her most seductive feature, would be her eyes and smile.

I sat at home, watching the hockey game, yet not watching it, time slowly dragging on. Hrs. went by, and I eventually fell asleep on the sofa.

I was not sure how long I had been sleeping, but when I heard the door close, the sun was coming up, and there she was. Sam walked into the living room, her hair disheveled, her clothes rumpled, and her face flushed. She looked, almost totally satisfied.

Almost, because if I knew Sam, she wanted one more, me!

Sam came over to where I was, and as I sat up, she leaned over and asked if I was ready for my fantasy to cum true? Was I? I was not totally sure, it is one thing to fantasize, another to actually do it now.

As I was thinking, she leaned into me, the smell of alcohol still on her breath, and she did it. She kissed me, fully, sticking her tongue in mine, swirling around.

I could taste her lipstick, the alcohol and then it hit me, the taste of cum, and not mine either. Instead of being disgusted, I instantly felt my member begin to grow.

Here I finally tasted another man’s cum on my gorgeous wife’s mouth, and I was enjoying it. I am sure not many men would admit to it, would they?

Sam must have felt me tense up, as she pulled back and had a nervous look in her eyes. You did want this, didn’t you, she asked? You haven’t had second thoughts?

No, I replied. Babe, you are so sexy, and I am so lucky.

With that, she grabbed me by the hand, and led me to the bedroom. You are going to love this story she told me.

When we got to the bedroom, she took control, telling me to undress and lay on the bed.

She said, you wanted your slut to go out and get fucked, well she did, but it was wilder than even you could have imagined. As she told me this, I began to stoke my cock. She was standing back, leaning on the door, with her tits just about popping out of her top, and she asked, want to hear it all. I stammered, yes, every detail, my cock throbbing, and the veins in it seemingly about to burst.

First things first, you have to promise to be my slut and do everything I tell you, is that clear. I nodded my head in assent. She then told me, I want you to show me how you jerk off, as I take my clothes off, do it slowly so I can see it.

She began unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her lacy push up bra, and I reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand. I squirted a large dab onto my hand and began stroking my 7″, slowly as she had instructed.

As I was stroking, she reached behind to undo her bar, and I noticed what looked like marks across the top of her freckled tits, could they be from a whip?

As the bra fell, my eyes opened right up, and before I could say anything, she brought her finger to her lips, indicating for me not to say a word.

Her breasts definitely had been whipped, but also had bite marks and her nipples looked raw. With a small smile, letting me know that she was glad she had me stunned, she continued disrobing, removing her skirt, garter and stockings. She was standing there in just her panties, when she said, now I can have a treat.

With that, Sam bent over and rolled down her panties, and I could see the same marks across her ass, they had caned her, and it looked like she liked it. I always knew she liked rough sex, but a caning was something we never discussed. My cock grew even harder if that was possible.

The red criss cross marks across her plump ass, almost made me cum right there. I had to grab the base of my cock and squeeze it, to prevent me from shooting too soon.

Before it could subside, I did not notice her come up beside me, and without warning, she stuffed her panties into my mouth. Here is the treat I told you about, and saved this especially for my slut. You wanted other men’s cum in me, well it was, and now you have it too. Stunned, her I was sucking my wife’s panties full of another man’s cum, and I was enjoying it. How times have changed.

Sam reached down and caressed my balls, as I stroked my cock, leaning forward, letting her marked tits slide over my face, she asked if I liked the new looks. Of course with a mouth full of her dirty panties, all I could do was nod.

She said she would relate the story all in good time, as long as I pleased her some more.

Before I could wonder what she meant, she slowly removed the panties, and then climbed up on the bed, straddling my head and said now for the main course, and she lowered her sopping wet cunt right down on to my face. There was no mistaking the smell of semen as she lowered slowly. I looked up, and could see cum starting to seep out of her, dripping and soon, right onto my nose and mouth. I was about to say something, when she reached down, grabbed my hair, and she pulled me tight against her, almost suffocating me, she started to ride her cunt on my face.

As she rocked, I finally got into the rhythm of her movement using my tongue, sticking it in her cum filled pussy. I would lick her clit, and she would convulse, forcing out more cum, which I greedily lapped up. Who would have known, this would be this hot.

I licked and licked, and it seemed like it was never going to end, this guy must have been full of cum. Sam started to cum, and her legs squeezed my head and more cum came out, almost gushing with her juices, and just when I thought that was it, she rose a bit and said, you are not dome yet my dear, now for dessert, and with that, she opened her ass cheeks and I noticed more cum oozing out and she lowered her ass onto my tongue, urging me to clean her out. By now she was into this, calling me her slut, telling me to suck all the cum out of her dirty brown hole, and here I was stroking my cock, all through it.

I licked and prodded, and tasted her ass, a mixture of her musky taste with cum, strangely it was very erotic.

Soon Sam came again, and she rolled off me. Smiling she asked me what she already knew, did you enjoy this?

I replied, more than I even thought I would, how about you?

Oh yes my darling, YES YES YES.

Now, think you are ready to be my man, as I tell you the story of my night?


Get Ready

After resting for a bit, Sam noticed my hard on was still there, she leaned over and removed my hand, grabbed the lube, squeezed some out onto her hand and began stroking my cock very slowly, pulling back the foreskin, coating the head, and then stroking me some more.

She said, are you ready to hear about my night of debauchery? Was I? Christ, this is what I had been waiting to hear and live for yrs.

She told me, that she wanted me to make her tell me, to switch roles, and damn that sounded good to me, because I am normally a dominant lover, and although I must admit to enjoy the change of scenery earlier, this what I really love, to be in control, and to have her tell me all about her sexual exploits and with this being true and being very recent, only made it that much more exciting and me that much harder.

I got off the bed and went to the closet, and brought out or toys. I love accessories in the bedroom.

I placed the bag of toys on the nightstand, and lay on the bed beside her, and told her to start at the beginning.

She said the evening started out like most of the nights that she goes on her private dates. She went and sat at the bar, checking it out. She ordered a drink and looked around and there were a few business men, standing, chatting and talking work. It was the typical Friday night work crowd. In the corner, there were a few women, obviously single either releasing tension or out to get laid.

All of a sudden over in the far corner were 4 very good looking men, around 35ish, dressed in business clothes, but the jackets were over the chairs. Knowing Sam has a thing for younger men (Sam being mid-forties) I asked if one in particular caught her eye. She told me to be quiet and she would get to that soon enough.

I had been fingering her wet cunt, loving the feeling of the remaining cum, but felt I had better let her know who was boss, so reached up, grabbed a nipple and twisted it hard. She let out a groan, and I reminded her, that she was in charge earlier, and I was in charge now. She gave me a grin, and continued with her story.

She said she looked the guys up and down, but thought because of the age, and the four of them, that she would not have much luck there.

Within minutes one of the guys came up to the bar to get a drink, and made sure he was right beside her, even though the bar itself had plenty of empty chairs.

She caught him trying to look her up and down, and when Sam smiled, and he shyly said hi. While waiting for his drink, she caught him, this time trying to look down her top, as her push up bra was definitely making sure her 38 DD tits were on display. The guy grabbed his drink, and went back to his buddies, and within minutes another one came up beside her and ordered a drink. This one being a bit bolder, told her that her perfume was heavenly. Sam, a sucker for any compliment said thank you, and mentioned that him and his buddies looked like they were out for some fun.

He took the bait and introduced himself as Craig, and that he and his friends were actually in town for business meetings, and that they has just wrapped up today, but seeing how it was late, their respective planes would not be leaving until the next day.

Craig then asked Sam if she was waiting on anyone, and she introduced herself and replied no, that she had just finished work, and there was no sense going home, as her husband was out of the country on business and would not be home until later the next week.

Craig seized the opportunity and mentioned that they were about to leave and go to a Steak House down town, closer to their hotel, and if she wanted she could join them and not have to eat alone.

Sam, being coy, looked nervous and said she was not sure that was such a good idea. Craig turned around and waved his friends to come over, and they walked over, Suit Jackets over their shoulder, he said guys this is Sam, she is all alone tonight, and I think we should invite her for dinner, what’s every one say.

Well of course, all the guys were for it, encouraging her to come along, that they were all good guys, and that some female company at dinner would be a good thing.

Sam conceded and agreed to go, and they all went outside, and flagged down a cab. Once in the cab Craig told them Sam’s name, and proceeded to introduce Steve, Jason and Derek. Sam was sure, she wouldn’t remember their names and to be honest didn’t care, it was their cocks she was interested in.

By now I was really interested and began scooping out the cum mixture from her cunt and smearing it on her nipples and then sucking them hard, biting them.

Sam’s eyes rolled and she continued her story.

Derek mentioned something along the idea of, it was nice to have a woman so the guys did not act like pigs at dinner, but Sam said do not be nice on my account, and everyone laughed.

She was sitting between Jason and Craig. Craig had his hand on her thigh, and Jason had reached and put his arm over her shoulder, and when they turned a corner, she rolled over fell on to Jason, and Craig reached out to help her up, and managed to grab one breast, and he said sorry, just helping. Sam laughed and said help yourself, and with that, the guys realized they were in for a fun evening. Jason then grabbed her, and kissed her, while Craig reached in her top and began mauling her tits. The other two guys were watching along with the cabbie.

Sam was feeling their cocks through the pants and as they grew, she would make her palm pulse around the cocks making them jump. All too soon, they arrived at the restaurant, and the composed themselves to go inside.

They ordered some wine, had a nice dinner, and of course flirted like crazy. Craig said you know guys; we should invite Sam back to the hotel for a nightcap. Of course all the guys jumped at the chance. Sam pretended to beg off, but eventually agreed.

By now, I wanted to fuck her, but did not want to cum to so, so I took out a pocket vibrator and circled her nipples with it, making then stand up at least 1 “. I had expected one guy, not 4, no wonder there was so much cum in her cunt.

Sam went on, telling me that once they got to the room, Steve, the only one that had not had a feel yet, kissed her up against the wall, and began lifting her skirt and caressing her ample ass. While he was doing that, the others took the jackets off and got some drinks for everyone. It was then that Jason said, man, now we don’t have to call that hooker. You could have heard a pin drop. The other guys stared at him as if he was about to be shot. Sam, laughed and said a hooker, hell guys, this is going to be better than any hooker you might have hired. With that the tension was broken.

Sam stood up and began to undress, and the guys stared in disbelief.

As her nipples became exposed, they gasped and you could hear the air leaving the room in approval, and as she eventually stood in just her red garters and stockings, the guys took their cocks out and began rubbing them, almost in unison, which made Sam chuckle.

Sam took control and told Steve to sit there, and she knelt in front of him, and she told the rest to get out of the clothes, the fun was about to begin. While the others stripped, Sam began sucking Steve’s cock, it was average length, but nice and thick, and she easily swallowed it, slurping away noisily, when she felt hands come around her and begin to twist her nipples, she let out a long throaty groan Soon she felt fingers in her wet pussy and her tits being stretched in different directions.

Somebody lay underneath her and began licking her cunt, and she was lost in her own world.

Eventually they pulled her to the middle of the room, and told to finger herself so they could watch. Craig stood up, dipped his cock in some wine and offered it to her as she fingered her pussy, and the greedy slut just lapped it up to the cheers of the others.

Sam sucked, someone playfully slapped her ass, and she moaned. Derek said I think she likes it rough. The guys laughed and Craig pulled his cock out of her mouth and asked her, is it true, do you like it rough? Sam managed to say yes, and Craig said so you are a total slut, and again her response was yes.

Craig motioned for Derek to take over and have her suck his cock, which she did thirstily.

By now I need more, and I reached into our bag, and too out the lassos I has specially made. I told Sam the slut to get on her knees and I reached around her back until I could reach one nipple and attached a noose and cinched it up tight, making the nipple pop right out, then the other one, tightening the nooses up until they hurt her. I looked into her eyes to make sure the pan was bearable yet that it maintained an ache that needed satisfying. With the connecting chain over her back, I told her she was now my mare and I her stallion and I began to ride her, pulling on the reins, making sure that it pulled her tits and nipples from side to side. I loved the power.

I told her to continue, as I began to slowly fuck her.

She said she was sucking Derek, and could feel hands in her cunt, and on her tits, but she was unaware whose was whose.

Just then, she felt a bite on her tits, and she yelped, then a bite on the other one. She was not sure what to do, but she loved the sensation.

Since she did not stop them, Craig must have thought the bitch loved this stuff and without her knowing he went and got a small cane from his luggage, apparently he had done this before.

Sam had not seen it yet, and she could feel her self being directed toward the sofa, cock still in her mouth, hands guiding her.

Still sucking cock, they positioned her doggy style as if she was about to be entered, Hand now grabbing her tits, pinching her nipples hard, and holding her arms, she felt the first blow. Derek was lucky she did not bite his cock off, instead releasing it with a howl and turning to see what was happening.

She could see Craig standing there, can in hand and smiling. She was not sure whether to be mad or not, as the stinging soon turned to a sexy burning. Craig seeing the flush come over her and then gave her another one, this time across the first one. The stinging was hot, yet erotic. Craig then grabbed her by the hair and told her bluntly, you are our cunt for the night, right??? All Sam could do was nod, even though she had tears, but they were tears of joy, and excitement.

By now I was so hot, and I was riding Sam for all she was worth, I was pulling in the reins, leaned over and slapped those big tits, loving the markings on them. Looking at her ass, wanting to kiss all the cane marks, getting me harder by the stroke.

She continued, Craig now handed the cane to Steve, and told him to make sure she knew who her new bosses for the night were, and Steve carefully applied a couple of swift strikes, making her ass lurch forward, yet not crying out for them to stop either. She was enjoying it. Craig, then grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head off of Derek’s cock and told her to be a good girl, and to show everyone what a slut she is, and to lick Derek’s balls, and Sam being a greedy slut obeyed, lapping away, letting her saliva coat them. Steve watching carefully, not wanting her to accidently bite, had to time his cane strikes.

By now it was obvious, Craig was in charge, and he told Jason to pinch her tits, to bite them, while Craig stroked Sam’s clit, and fingered her wet cunt.

Gawd she was right into this, she had had threesomes before, but nothing like this. She had played mild games of Submission, and again, nothing like this, she had no control and Sam was loving every bit of it and it showed. Her cunt was literally dripping and Craig made sure the guys knew it. Her cunt juice had dripped onto the carpet, and he made sure to stop everything and to show them. He asked her again, are you our insatiable slut and she said yes.

Steve wanted to fuck her and got on his knees and entered the slut, and she resumed sucking Derek’s cock. Jason crawled under and continued his oral assault on her tits, and Craig reached into his toy chest and he produced some clamps, with weights, obviously prepared for these trips. Craig reached under an attached the clamps, earning a loud growl from Sam, they weights were stretching her nipples to the point she thought them might come off. My God she thought, what was she doing, this went further than she had intended, yet she felt helpless to stop it, heck, she did not want to stop it. Hell, she liked it, craved it.

Craig ordered the guys not to cum yet, except for Derek, he wanted to have fun, as he put it. Steve pulled out, and Jason quit biting her tits, and Sam was told to lift Derek’s cock and tongue his ass. She had rimmed before, but never with an audience, and she was determined to put on a show. She was rimming away, when Craig pulled her head out and said show us your tongue. She stuck it out, and Craig cruelly said, it is not even dirty yet, get it in there or else. He then struck her tits with the cane, leaving a welt across the top. Lord, what else, she thought, and why am I so turned on.

I thought to myself, is this my wife, the fun one that left? Her voice sounded like she was lost I the story, living it again. I was so excited, and like her could not understand why. Here were 4 guys not fucking my wife, but controlling her, abusing her, and I was getting ready to cum!

She continued her story, explaining how she needed to please Craig, she dove back in, sucking his ass, tasting him, going deeper. She had never had her tongue that far up an ass before, and the taste was different, she was expecting worse, instead finding it naughtily tasty, but maybe it was just the excitement. She was fingering herself, taking a cane across her ass, and tasting a man’s ass all at once, how much more depraved could she get. Then it happened, Derek started to cum, and he pulled her out of the way, letting the cum splatter all over the carpet. Sam looked disappointed, but she did not have to, Craig slapped her tits and told her to kneel and lick the carpet clean and to not miss a drop. Damn she was getting used to this.

The guys talked as if she was not there. Each describing what a great slut they had and their personal preferences for what they would do to her.

Craig told Sam to get them drinks and they could all rest a bit. Sam did not want to rest, she wanted to fuck, and she began to tell Craig that, when he gave her an icy stare, and reminded her, she was their property for the night. With that, Craig had Jason and Derek grab her by the arms and hold her on her knees arms out to the side. He then had Steve lift her tits by the weighted clamps and stretch them. The wince said it all, and then Craig took his cane and he administered 4 lashes right across the top of her full breasts, leaving 4 good welts and tears in her eyes.

With that, he lifted her chin, looked her in the eye and asked who is your master? You are she replied. Who again he asked? You are my Master. Good, Remember to tell you husband that, that I am your Master. Yes she meekly answered.

Now get the drinks. Yes Sir, she said.

The guys drank as she was told to kneel before the group.

After about half an hour, Craig said time to begin again. He lifted her by the hand and told everyone, that she was a sloppy slut, and they could not afford to have her missing her mouth and staining the carpets, so she would proceed to suck them in the shower.

Once I the shower, she was told to kneel in front of Craig and to suck his cock, as the others watched. As she took his cock in his mouth, the other guys held theirs pointing it at her, and this excited her, to be covered in cum. Craig told her to look up so he could watch her eyes, and she did as told. All of a sudden, way to quick, she felt his cock began to swell, and instead of cum, he was pissing in her mouth, and she started to gag, it was way too quick, and it overflowed, spilling on to her tits. H pulled out and before she could react, all of them were pissing, all over her. He held her head back, telling her to open her mouth, as they all continued to spray her with the sticky golden fluid. With all of them laughing, Craig said it was official, you are now mine, I do not care what your husband says. I have left my mark, just like my dog, you are my bitch dog, get it? Yes, she replied looking down. But she loved it. A strange feeling was crawling over her, like she had just found herself.

He told her to clean up and get back to the main room. Now she knew why he did not want then to cum yet, he wanted to humiliate her first. And she was glad.

Once in, they took turns fucking her, always doggy style as she sucked another, one, taking turns, filling her up with cum, two at a time, while the other two would watch.

Craig asked her, so, does your husband know you are a slut. He was her master now, and knew she should not lie. Yes, this was his fantasy I was fulfilling, but I thought it would only be one guy. Craig laughed.

Well let’s continue fulfilling it shall we.

Craig had the guys line up, and fuck her in the ass as a finale. His coup de grace so to speak.

With her red raw tits hanging down, one by one thy fucked her in the ass, each one finally spent. The only one left to do it was Craig. Craig told the rest the party was over, time for them to leave and that they would get together next month, and would probably have a new member. They all looked quizzically at him, but said their good nights, kissing Sam as they left.

Once gone, Craig hugged Sam, and sat down, and asked her, are you serious, I am your Master? I am not sure what I am thinking, but yes, if you want me, I am yours.

Good, tell me, was it your husband’s fantasy? Yes, although I am sure he did not expect this. Well, he is to come with you next month, he should she what a submissive slut he has and her new master. Yes Sir was all she could say.

Now, hold your tits up for me. As she cupped and raised them he took the cane, and she knew what was coming. She was to receive 2 lashes, just as a reminder.

With that, she was told to kneel and he put his cock against her anus, and entered her, not gently, but as a Master would. He slammed into her ass, feeling her cheeks slap against his stomach. He held her by the hips and she could feel him tense up, and entered her as deep in as he could go, he stayed still and emptied his balls, spurting wad after wad of cum into her bowels. She collapsed on the floor, exhausted. He told her to get dressed and get ready to go home to her husband. Once dressed, she went to give him a hug, and Craig still standing there, naked, forced her to her knees and said you are not done yet. You have some cleaning up to do. She looked up, as if to say you are not clean down here, you just fucked my ass. The look in his eyes, and she knew better, and she began the task of cleaning his cock with her mouth, sucking him, feeling him grow, and soon he spilt his final load into her mouth.

Craig called a cab, gave him his card, and told her to call him next week and she would be given her new schedule.

I was fucking her hard now, and came inside her pussy, like I had never cum before. We both collapsed; her from sheer exhaustion and me from sheer delight.

I said so, going to rip the card up, and she said no way, and this was your idea. We are going next month. What could I say, so now I am in this lifestyle for better or worse.

Sam said she had to have a quick shower before going to bed, so I thought I would join her. She sat on the side of the tub, and said, she would love it, if I would lick her one last time, to clean my cum out of her.

I knelt down to lick her, and to taste the fruits of my labour. She spread her lips to let me have better access, and as I started to lick, she let loose with her piss, soaking me, and as I sputtered, and choked, she just smiled and said that was from Craig, he sends his best wishes


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