Fucked by a Black Dude

O.K. readers. You like to read about big black cocks? So take this story! Angered by her argument with her boyfriend Mike, Rhonda had wanted some time to think alone. She had saddled her black stallion Thunder and was now riding him west along a ridgetop. Rhonda decided that perhaps some time away from the male of her species was what she needed, which might be difficult to accomplish because she was a ravishing 20 year old blonde. She was 5-foot-9 in her stocking feet and tipped the scales at 115 pounds. She had 36-inch breasts with large pink nipples that tilted up slightly, a rock-hard 26-inch waist and her hips flared out to 36 inches. Her ass was muscular from plenty of exercise, as were her long shapely legs. Rhonda’s mind was just as interesting as her body. She had a warm inquisitive curiosity about life and applied her prodigious IQ to experience the maximum physical pleasure whenever possible. So there she was, riding her horse at a slow pace, her long thick blonde hair just touching Thunder’s rump and she was taking in the pretty morning. Friends had told Rhonda from time to time that she reminded them of the tale of Lady Godiva, who had ridden nude through the streets of her city as a form of protest. Then her friends, males of course, had giggled and said they would love to see her ride just like Lady Godiva. Rhonda, of course, had just laughed or pretended to ignore them. In secret, however, she had often dreamed of riding nude on top of Thunder while letting her golden hair flow freely in the breeze. Rhonda had to settle for less today, and wear clothes, at least until she got away from civilization. Her full breasts swayed with each step the horse took and her nipples were growing erect from the friction with her flannel shirt. Her cunt was also becoming moist from the rhythm of the stallion’s steps and Rhonda was soon yearning for sexual contact. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt and squeezed the nipple of her right breast. She decided to find a quiet place to dismount and pursue physical pleasure undistracted. There was a small shaded pool in a ravine to her left and she trotted down to it, got off of the horse and let him drink. Rhonda then took his saddle and bridle off and let him graze. Rhonda looked around and decided that the area was secluded and that nobody was around, so she took off her shirt and wiggled out of her tight dungarees. Now this was like Lady Godiva. She ran her hands down her stomach to her cunt and parted the lips, revealing the pink moistness inside. Slipping the index finger of her right hand deep inside, she slowly rubbed her clit with the fingers of her other hand. Yes, she was getting hot indeed! Rhonda glanced around to make sure that Thunder hadn’t wandered too far off to find that he was intently watching her. Rhonda walked over to him and scratched him between the ears and he sniffed her breasts. She also noticed the thick black hose of his flaccid penis hanging between his legs. Rhonda had noticed it several times before and had always wondered… Rubbing her hand along the top of his back, Rhonda walked down his left flank to examine his maleness from a closer view. She slowly reached under his belly and ran her fingers down its rubbery length. “My, my, what do we have here?” she wondered aloud. His cock was now fully distended and becoming erect. The effect on Rhonda was electric. She dropped to her knees and started slowly pumping him with both hands, wondering how big she could make it get. Thunder’s jet-black cock was now rock hard and Rhonda estimated it to be a little over 20 inches long and she needed both hands to encircle it. A drop of slippery ooze appeared from the slit on the end of the bloated cockhead and Rhonda stuck out her tongue and licked it off. It tasted a little salty. She licked all around the bulging head and ran her tongue down his impressive length, then back up to the tip. She parted her lips and pushed a little of the head into her mouth. Her hands resumed their pumping motion and she pushed as much of the prick into her mouth as she could. Thunder started snorting and his hips began shaking in a short fucking motion. His massive cock began to throb and Rhonda knew what was about to happen. She removed one hand from the animal’s cock and slipped two fingers up her cunt. Her other hand quickened its pace. Suddenly a huge blast of cum shot into her mouth, and then another. The hot, white liquid filled her mouth and she took a big swallow but it was filling her mouth faster than she could swallow it. Rhonda took the cock tip from her mouth and got a blast of cum in the face and on her bouncing breasts. Her own orgasm peaked as her pussy clamped down on her fingers wiggling within. Thunder continued to pump thick globs of cum onto her breasts and stomach. Rhonda and her horse shared their orgasms for several more moments before they were spent. Rhonda’s head was spinning and she sat back to regain her balance. She was literally covered with sticky cum. Thunder’s cock was growing limp and receding back into its sheath and he was grazing on grass again. She slipped into the cool pool of water and rinsed herself off. The clear water felt good and helped her regain her senses. She then got out of the water and stood in the sun to dry and as she was letting the sunlight caress her she pondered her experience. She wondered what made the idea of having sex with a horse so appealing and decided that it was a combination of things. One it was taboo. “Normal” people didn’t do those things and the thought of doing something taboo made the act more exciting. Second the mere sight of that enormous black cock excited her. “Too bad I’ll never feel that monster slide into my cunt”, she thought as she slipped into her blue jeans and shirt. “The size of it would surely put me in the hospital”. As she hoisted the saddle onto Thunder’s back she thought, “Well, maybe it could be done, if I grease his cock up good and go very slowly…” The thought of what she was considering was causing her loins to stir again and she quickly pushed the notion out of her head. “Maybe some day, big guy,” Rhonda said as she patted Thunder’s neck and rode off. Rhonda spent the next week readying herself by slowly increasing her tolerance each night. Finally, just that morning she accomplished what she thought was enough preparation. Sunday night she started with her fingers…first one, then two, finally three fingers inside her slippery hole. Monday, she managed to get the fourth digit in, and was able to keep all four fingers inside until her wrist was numb. Tuesday, it was the handle of her father’s hammer, generously lubed with Vaseline. It was then that Rhonda realized that not only the girth of Thunder’s cock going to be more than she’d ever encountered, but the length was even more important! As she pressed the hammer handle into her hole, she could feel new muscles being stretched, ones that her fingers had only barely touched. She went as far as she could, pressing the wooden handle up inside herself and held in steady for what seemed like ten minutes. When she finally felt comfortable, Rhonda put her thumb against the handle to mark her progress and slowly withdrew it. In the dimness in her room Rhonda groaned. “Only that much?” she was disappointed at her lack of “progress.” Only nine inches of the wooden shaft would fit into her cunt, surely nothing like Thunder would present her. While she thought of a way to speed things along, Rhonda also tried to think of other aids for her quest. Wednesday, Rhonda was rummaging through the barn when she came across the PERFECT item. It was a bovine speculum. A device used to provide a clear passage onto a cow’s vagina so the vet could artificially inseminate her. It was a good foot long with a small hole at the rounded end, and was at least as big around
as a 10- ounce Coke bottle! After sneaking the black plastic object into her room, Rhonda set about washing every inch of the surrogate in her bathroom. There was a large flange on the open end, so it wouldn’t slip too far into the cow Rhonda figured. “No danger of that happening here,” she said to herself rather dejectedly, remembering the frustration of last nights’ measurement. As it sat on the counter next to the sink, Rhonda tried to picture Thunder’s cock and decided that the surrogate would do nicely, very nicely. Later, as she was greasing the tube with Vaseline, her thoughts returned to the huge black cock that awaited her, and the thrill of the task at hand brought a new energy to Rhonda’s movements. She stroked the object as she had stroked Thunder just days before, transforming the hard plastic in her mind to the velvety hardness surging with life and hot to the touch. Spreading herself on her bed, her legs splayed as wide as possible, Rhonda started to slowly insert the surrogate into her drenched cunthole. Stretching past the opening, Rhonda first thought she had split herself in half, but kept pushing. She gasped as the rounded tip slid through the ring of muscles guarding the inner walls of her vagina and felt the tube ease deeper, with less resistance. Further she pushed, her thoughts turned back to the pulsing blackness of Thunder’s shiny cock hanging tight against his belly. Still further she pressed “him” into her body until the muscles would not allow her further passage. The fullness she felt was almost too intense. Rhonda raised her head and looked between her legs. She had almost all of the “cock” in her! “Well,” she whispered, “maybe the flange IS going to come in handy after all!” At the same time she noticed how her clit was sticking out, the tissues below it stretched lewdly. Almost hesitantly, Rhonda ran her finger tip to the hot nub. As soon as she touched her clit she felt the spasming in her belly and the almost painful clenching of the muscles as her pussy tried to contract around the hard black cock buried ten inches inside her. Rhonda almost screamed out loud as wave after wave of pleasure and pain erupted deep within her body. Finally, she pulled a pillow across her face and let loose what would have been a blood-curdling scream as the final waves of her orgasm peaked. Rhonda lay panting, astonished by the intensity produced by one little touch. She became acutely aware of the pain deep within her caused by the stretching. Slowly, almost reluctantly, she slid the “cock” from her gaping hole. It made a slurping sound as her stretched cunt walls released the tube. “Tomorrow night it all goes in,” Rhonda promised herself…and Thunder. She started early the next evening, feigning an upset stomach to her parents. Rhonda readied herself and her goal for action. As she set the already slickened tube on the edge of a wooden chair, she did some deep knee bends to limber up her hips and legs. Rhonda was determined to make this work. Stretching on her tiptoes, she inserted the rounded end of the no-longer frightening black tube into her. The lips of her pussy spreading, then stretching around its nearly two-and-a-quarter-inch diameter, Rhonda pressed herself downward. One inch, two, three, and four. She felt the pressure build within her. Five…six…seven…eight…nine. Rhonda’s legs began to tremble as she held herself still four inches above the edge of the chair. She took a deep breath pressed downward. Holding her torso erect, Rhonda felt the huge shaft go even deeper and, as if to signal success, she felt the mouth of her cervix mash against the hard plastic just as the cheeks of her ass touched the wooden seat of the chair. Exhaling slowly, she was able to stuff the last half inch of the black monster into the virgin depths of her body. “At last!” she hissed. “I did it!” Supporting herself with her arms, Rhonda remained in this position for many minutes, letting the muscles in her cunt and belly adjust to the massive intruder. As the minutes passed she became aware that there was no longer the sharp pressure, almost a painful pressure, but instead an exciting fullness. She kept the posture for nearly ten minutes, until her arms began to shake. Leaning forward, putting her weight on her legs she lifted off the chair. She could move and the huge “cock” didn’t fall out, and as she slowly moved to the bed, she set to mind the plan for final nights preparation. With the flange still inside her, she lay on her back in her bed for another half hour, careful not to succumb to the urge to touch herself. Rhonda did not want to repeat the mind-shattering orgasm of last night until she had finished her primary task. She was determined to provide Thunder as well as herself with ample room to accomplish what she had set her mind to do. Rhonda was going to have Thunder fuck her, she was going to have that beautiful animals huge black cock inside her so she could feel the hot, hardness and they could be one. Her mind wandered back to the day by the meadow pool, and she tingled deeper inside herself than she previously knew had existed as she thought about Thunder’s hot cum jetting into her belly. As her mind wandered, so did her fingers. She felt the flange of the plastic surrogate and the inch that had slid out as she lay on the bed. Her fingers lightly traced the lips of her cunt, stretched thin by the “cock” buried deep within her. Grasping the end of the shaft firmly, Rhonda dragged that last inch into her pussy and buried it once again. Rhonda pulled the pillow and placed it gently next to her face, and turning her head into it, ran her finger over her straining clit. Just as it had the night before, she erupted into a gut wrenching, pussy-spasming orgasm with only a single touch on her clit. This time, the pain/pleasure was much more pleasure and only a slight twinge as her Well-stretched muscles clamped tightly around the hard shaft. As Rhonda reluctantly removed the now familiar intruder from her cunt, she became aware of emptiness that needed refilling. “Be patient, dear pussy, only one more day…” she purred as she fell into a dream-filled rest. The following night, Friday, Rhonda repeated the events of Thursday night, but fell rest with the long hard black plastic surrogate buried deep in her now well-stretched pussy. Her dreams were filled with all manner of erotica, and at one point, she woke to find that she was actually stroking the black “cock” in and out of her soaked hole! It was about 3:30 in the morning, and Rhonda finally pulled the tube from between her legs after she’d made herself cum twice more. Feeling with her fingers, Rhonda found that she could get all four of her fingers into her pussy and was about to tuck her thumb inside when she heard the sound of the alarm clock in her parent’s room. “That’s all I need!” she thought, “They’d have my ass in a convent this afternoon if they even thought I was fingering my box, much less stretching it so I could fuck Thunder!” Smiling to herself, Rhonda fell and rested. That afternoon, when the rest of the family went to town for the monthly shopping festival, Rhonda begged off, saying that she really needed to take care of some stuff and “needed to work some stiffness out of Thunder.” She actually said that, and almost fell over in hysterics when mother said that he’d been looking a bit jumpy lately, and the exercise would do both Thunder and Rhonda a world of good! As the car rolled down the long drive, Rhonda was headed for her room to watch it disappear over the hill from her window. THEN, she’d go out to the barn. Rhonda had her big black stallion, Thunder, where she wanted him; in the riding stall, he was well groomed and she was naked. After her experience with him at the pool, Rhonda was determined to pursue her sexual indulgence with this fantasy stud. She closed and bolted the stable doors. The morning sunlight streamed through the east windows onto the floor casting small hard shadows where it couldn’t reach. Rhonda’s heart was pounding in her chest at the exciting thought of what she was about to attempt: she was going to have her ho
rse fuck her! She strode over to the mount’s stall, where he was intently munching a feedbag of oats and crooned into his ear, “Now we’ll see if I can take what you’ve got to give.” At that, Rhonda ran her hands along his flank, reached under his belly and massaged the bulge where his cock would appear. The soft velvety skin felt like it was too sensitive to handle, the whole idea too bizarre to pursue when the head of his cock slid out into her hand. And then she could not turn back. Rhonda was no longer a thinking, rational, civilized human being; she was a driven and obsessed individual, not considering the potentially disastrous consequences of what she was about to attempt. Rhonda dropped onto her knees transfixed by the sight of the enormous black penis appearing in her hands. It kept sliding out and out until it looked like a small arm in her hands. She lifted the member to her mouth, parted her lips and took the bulb on the end of the cock into her mouth. She slid her tongue under the head and could feel the animal’s cock throb every time his heart took a beat. Rhonda’s hands began slowly stroking the shaft of the cock and it began to become hard…and much, much bigger! Rhonda took the cockhead out of her mouth, closed her eyes and rubbed the meaty pole on her face and then her beautiful breasts. She slid the bloated head on her nipples until they became erect. And all the while the cock became bigger and bigger. She got up and got a container of lubricant and went back to her work. Rhonda applied a generous amount to the end of Thunder’s cock and began coating the shaft of the pole. When she had about 12 inches of his dick lubricated she removed one slick hand and slid two fingers into her steaming cunt and strummed her clit with her thumb. Rhonda slowly rocked back on the wiggling fingers in her cunt and spent several long moments in increasing waves of pleasure. Her left hand was full of a slick black cock of enormous proportions, and it was quickly slipping over the fat head and down its length. She slid two more fingers of her left hand deep into her cunt. Oh, yeah! It was time for the moment of truth. Rhonda got up and led the excited steed over to a bed, which consisted of several strategically, placed bales of straw covered with a wool blanket. She positioned the horse over the arrangement and slid underneath him. His bulk and it’s implied strength seemed a bit overwhelming. Rhonda reached down between her knees and grasped the cock of her dreams. She rubbed the bloated head between the lips of her cunt, back and forth, going up and down. It felt wonderful and Rhonda’s heart began pounding at the thought of how good it might feel if she could just get it in. It wasn’t just that she wanted to see how it would feel when he fucked her, Rhonda was also anxious to see how it felt when his cock started throbbing and shooting a load into her. Rhonda didn’t have to wait long to find out. She was still rubbing the head of his dick back and forth through her slot, and she suddenly gasped as Thunder hunched up his hindquarters and let loose with a pelvic thrust that slid the entire end of his cock past the girl’s cunt lips, stretching them to their limit. Rhonda groaned, and her entire body quivered. The head was in! Just about three or four inches of Thunder’s beautiful long black cock was in her, but she knew much more would follow. The powerful animal above her shifted nervously, but in an almost knowing way kept his hips still. “That’s it Thunder, beautiful Thunder. Wait for me. I’ll do the best I can for you, just take it easy.” Rhonda spread her legs as far as they would go, and tilted her cunt to the proper angle. Thunder’s hard cock twitched inside her, and she waited as he hunched his hips again, driving another three inches into her waiting hole. Rhonda was almost beside herself. For the past two nights she’d had her cunt filled by hard cold plastic, but now the heat from Thunder’s velvety hardness was almost too much to bear. “Ooooh Thunder. You feel so good. Give me more Thunder. I’m ready for you now.” Thunder seemed to understand her every word. Again he hunched his big hips and another three inches of warm horse cock filled Rhonda’s belly. The muscles inside her vagina were adapting to the massive intruder above her, and Rhonda looked between her legs to see how much of his shaft was left. Her eyes widened as she saw that better than half of Thunder’s cock was still outside her. He hunched again and yet more of the slick black tube slid into her. She was full. As full as she had been last night, but she wanted more, she wanted to engulf all of Thunder’s beautiful cock inside her. As the big horse lunged again, Rhonda rocked back on her shoulders and slid forward, but not before the flattened head of Thunder’s massive tool pounded against her cervix and nearly knocked the breath out of her. As if he knew that the limit had been reached, Thunder started to pump in and out of Rhonda’s lewdly stretched hole, just as he would were he buried deep in a mare. The sensations inside Rhonda’s belly were beyond description as her equine lover slid almost all the way out of her, and then pushed back in. Over and over Rhonda felt at least ten inches of hard and thick horse cock sliding back and forth into her. The tight fit tugged at her lips until she was beside herself with ecstasy. Rhonda pulled her knees back, raising her lower body as high as she could get it. She was getting all she could handle, but this position seemed even more wanton, more physical. Her hands went between her legs, and with the left circling the hot flesh sliding into her, her right slid through her top of her pubic hair. She wanted to make this last forever, but knew her body could never withstand the pace for long. Thunder, blessed Thunder snorted and shivered as he continued to pump. Rhonda knew now that a mere man could never satisfy her again. This was beyond description, a fuck that would endure in her memory to the end of time. But better still, Thunder would be around, and she could fuck him again and again. Only one thing was missing. Thunder’s balls could not reach and slap against her ass. That was one thing Rhonda had always liked when she fucked her boyfriend. Her boyfriend didn’t have much to talk about between the legs, but his balls were big, and Lisa loved feeling them hit her on the butt cheeks when she tossed her legs high around his waist. It was too bad in a way that Thunder was so long. If she could just take the other 10 inches, she could have it all, but balls or not, Rhonda was getting more than she had ever had before. There was no doubt. Thunder was going to give her the orgasm to end all orgasms. Thunder was going to have a great one too. Rhonda felt the shaft within her twitch and swell, and knew that Thunder was near cumming. Rhonda wished that she could convey to Thunder how much she wanted his cock, and wanted him. If it was possible for a woman to love a horse she was feeling it now. She knew that Thunder could not understand what she was saying, but Rhonda could not help expressing herself. Somehow, she sensed that even if Thunder could not understand her, that he would still know what to do. “Thunder, wonderful Thunder. Fuck me Thunder. Do you like my pussy? I hope you do. I want you to enjoy this just as much as I am. Come for me Thunder. Fill me with your juice.” Somehow, Thunder seemed to sense what she was saying. He snorted and shivered and his hips seemed to quicken their pace. He was fucking her in short and rapid strokes. Even though his jabs were short, they were still over four or five inches in length, and he was keeping at least six inches inside of her at all times. As Rhonda slipped her middle finger over the hard bud of her clitoris, she heard Thunder snort, and the chain of events that followed were far beyond Rhonda’s wildest dreams. As Thunder was making his final thrusts before cumming, Rhonda groaned loudly and started to cum, causing the muscles of her stretched pussy to tighten around the hot black shaft within. Never had Thunder felt this sort of pressure, and it took him by surprise. He jerke
d back a half step and his long thick cock slid a bit out of Rhonda’s hole — just far enough to leave room for the nearly pint of thick horse jism that jetted from the hole in the end of his cock in pulsing spurts. Rhonda felt Thunder throbbing like no man ever could. His cock seemed to expand and contract with each throb, each time growing thicker and then going down in size once again. Thunder’s entire massive body seemed to be shaking and he was snorting loudly. His throbbing went on and on. Then she became aware of the scalding liquid in her belly, and was wracked with yet another orgasm, one of proportions she had never before experienced. As Thunder filled her to overflowing, Rhonda’s own juices were pouring out of her along with Thunder’s, adding to the wetness and running down her ass. With her body covered in sweat, and shaking and twitching uncontrollably, Rhonda lay beneath the massive beast she’d just fucked. She reached up and wrapped her arms around as much of his rib cage as she could envelop. “Oh Thunder, beautiful Thunder. I could lie here under you while you fuck me forever.” Rhonda felt the wonderful hot shaft within her start to slide out of her, and wanted it to remain, but realized once a horse has cum, it’s only a matter of seconds until his hard cock recedes and disappears. As the flat head pulled past the mouth of her cunt, Rhonda heard a sucking pop, and her thighs were flooded by the huge gush of horse semen that drained from her gaping hole. Reaching her arms up around his sides, Rhonda hugged Thunder as best she could once again, and slowly rolled from beneath him. As she tried to rise, Rhonda felt dizzy. She had to remain lying down for just a while longer. When she tried again, she was able to stand, but her legs felt weak. The orgasms had drained her, drained her strength. Her pussy felt strange, and she realized what it was. It felt empty, very empty. The towel on which she had been lying was soaked. There was a puddle of come on it almost as wide as her ass. Thunder had really filled her, but from the intensity of her orgasms, it could well have been her own juices. Finally, Rhonda was able to gather her strength and get to her feet. As she did, what looked like a full cupful or more of horse cum poured out of her and onto the dirt floor of the stable. “It looks like you had a really good cum, Thunder. Are you happy? I know that I am.” Rhonda knew that she just had to have him again. Soon, probably tomorrow she would lie under Thunder, beautiful Thunder once again. Standing in front of her four-legged lover, she hugged his nose to her naked breasts, and thought she saw a wink from one of his big brown eyes. * Epilogue; Two weeks later. * Rhonda was coming again. Thunder had learned fast. He was almost human in the way he seemed to know just how much Rhonda could take and at what speed she needed it. Rhonda had her legs high in the air. If she could have wrapped them completely around Thunder she would have. Kip and Tammy watched with wide eyes from an empty stall nearby. The previous evening, they had snuck into the barn to catch some rest. In the morning, they had been awakened by the sound of Rhonda opening the door to the barn. The things they had seen her do, first stripping naked, and then sucking a horse dick to get it hard, and then leading him over a hay bale to fuck were beyond belief. Ever since their car had broken down, Kip and Tammy had been hitching their way west. This was the second barn they had sneaked into. This was unbelievable, that beautiful but crazy woman, a girl actually, was fucking a horse! Rhonda was lying on her back on a hay bale, and Buck had his back to them. From their low angle, they were well positioned to see the penetration of that huge horse cock into her vagina. “That’s right Thunder, wait for me. Don’t come yet.” As Rhonda spoke to her stud, she pulled down on his bridle, and he stopped his pumping. Tammy reached out and fondled Kip’s crotch. Kip immediately opened his fly and pulled his throbbing dick out for her to hold. Within seconds Tammy was on her knees and Kip was pulling down her jeans. Doggy style, yes, he would give it to her doggy style while they watched through cracks in the wall of the stall. As Thunder started pumping again, Kip was pumping too. When Rhonda came, Kip planned to imagine that he was the one with a huge cock, and that he was fucking the beauty under the horse. Tammy had her own plan. She was going to pretend, by some great stretch of the imagination, that she was under that beautiful stallion, the one that girl was calling Thunder, and taking his big black cock.


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