Husband licks out unfaithful wife's used cunt

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Husband licks out unfaithful wife’s used cunt

She cheats, and then feeds her sperm-filled vagina to her cuckolded husband – but he doesn’t know it!

I am a married woman and for  years I’ve been cheating on my husband. Don’t get me wrong – I love my husband, but I also need sex with other guys. It’s just the way I am.


Recently, I’ve started an affair with a collage-age boy right next door, who has sex with me just before my husband gets home from work. My virile lover dumps his thick and creamy load inside me, and I wait for my husband with an already-filled pussy.


If he’s not too tired, my husband fucks me, and even licks out my used pussy. So far has no clue he’s getting sloppy seconds!


Let me start at the beginning. My name is Yolanda. I’m in my mid 40s, and I play tennis at a club to keep my figure. My husband Bernie and I have been married 10 years. We have no children.


I travel a lot for work, and I’m gone for a week at a time.


I’ve always gotten super horny when I’m out of town. I’ve never known why my “itch” is stronger then. I used to relieve myself by masturbating, sometimes several times each day.


My vibrator was okay, but what I really needed was someone’s company. I don’t like to be alone, and at night I need someone to be with.


At first I  went out with other guys socially, just drinks, dinner, or a movie. But one thing led to another, and I found myself asking them to my hotel room. And having FANTASTIC sex!


At my work I train new employees, and I get to meet a lot of young men just starting out in the business world. I’m old enough to be their mom, but I think pretty enough to get them thinking about doing things with me. At each company seminar I always find at least a couple of the boys interested in more than just job training!


Let me just say that they tend to be very enthusiastic fuckers. Even though they are half my age, I can still keep up with them!!


I would have been happy with just the occasional fling whenever I’m out of town, but then Miguel and his family moved in next door. He’s just 18, very cute, dark-skinned, and well built, but not muscle-bound. I wanted him the moment I saw him unpacking boxes from the moving van.


My husband Bernie works the PM shift, which means he’s gone from 3 in the afternoon to just before midnight. I get home from work at 7, and I get very lonely by myself. Not good for any wife, let alone one who likes to cheat!


One night I got frightened by something outside the house. I thought it might be a  prowler so I called the police. Miguel and his parents came out to see what the commotion was about, but by then, the police could find nothing, so they left. Trying to be a good neighbor, Miguel told me he’d keep an eye out for things, which included coming over most nights for a few minutes, “just to check up.”


Pretty soon his nightly visits became outright flirtation. That both excited and embarrassed me. I knew his mother, for God’s sake! But I wasn’t about to turn him away. I found myself “dressing down” for when he came over – tight stretch pants that showed off a deep camel toe (the benefit of having a mature pussy!), low tops where he’d get a glimpse of an erect nipple or two, or perhaps a carelessly tied bathrobe with only panties underneath.


For all his flirtation Miguel was inexperienced, and I had to be the one to make the first move. I let him peel down my robe, and then I opened it all the way, where he could see and touch my breasts.


Without saying a word, I slipped out of my underwear, pushed the robe off my shoulders, and stood there completely nude while he clumsily groped over my body.


That  night I discovered I was Miguel’s first, and that thrilled me. I’m on the Pill, and from the start I allowed him to fuck me bareback. Miguel’s cock is maybe two inches longer and much fatter than Bernie’s. But it was his stamina that I liked the most. He’s able to screw non-step for an hour, and can cum without going soft.


At the beginning I was worried I’d still be stretched out and dripping wet when Bernie came home. What if he wanted sex?


That happened soon enough. But instead of denying Bernie, I decided to see what he’d do. Bernie didn’t say anything! He happily licked up Miguel’s cum and then put his small pee pee into my already-fucked pussy, without saying a word. After that I started wanting Miguel to fuck me right before my husband came home. I guess I got turned on by the danger of being discovered, or something.


With my pussy still dripping with Miguel’s fresh cum, and engorged by his always-stiff cock, I had Bernie go down on me, getting a taste of another man’s fresh semen.


Bernie remarked that I was a lot wetter than normal. I told him it was a new douche I was using. To my surprise, he said he really liked it, and that it had a better flavor than usual! A creamy, custard taste, he told me. I was floored!!


My cunt had just been stretched out by Miguel’s fat dick, and hadn’t yet relaxed to regular size. So when Bernie put his slender little penis in, I could hardly feel it. I honestly had a hard time knowing if he was in, or just fumbling around the entrance to my hole. I always thought that “is it in yet?” was just a joke, but it turns out to be true.


For three months now, most nights of the week, Miguel comes over at about 10 in the evening. He tells his folks he’s going out with friends. Instead, he just comes through the side-door to my house, where we immediately head for the bedroom. We fuck for nearly two hours, with him always cumming at least twice.


I also like the taste of cum, especially Miguel’s, which is like a thick and sweet tropical drink. So I usually suck him off first, and swallow it all. It coats my mouth and throat and I can taste it for the rest of the night. The second time around he fucks me, filling my vagina with fresh juice.


Nearing midnight, Miguel slips out the side door, and Bernie then comes home no more than 15 minutes after I’ve had my fucking. I’m already in bed, trying to keep my lover’s cum in my just-fucked cunt. Bernie and I chat as he gets ready for bed.


If I’m still needing more, I can usually get my unsuspecting husband to at least lick me clean. In many ways, this is the bigger turn-on: I love Miguel’s hard dick slamming inside me, his hot cum spraying so forcefully I can feel it against my cervix. But I really get off on Bernie eating another man’s jism, and not knowing it!


Someday, I think I’ll let Bernie “surprise” us while Miguel is still on top of me, my legs spread out wide, and his dick stuffed balls deep into my unfaithful cunt. If my husband objects to my demands that he clean me out, I’ll just remind him he’s been doing exactly that for months!


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