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Pat and I were buddies all through school. Pat and Mick. That was good, because we didn’t have many other pals and definitely no girlfriends. Both of us were short and unathletic. After we grew up and got jobs, however, things changed. Pat met this girl Sherri and got married. That were kind of an odd couple, with her being taller than him and outweighing him by quite a bit, with plenty of her pounds distributed in her huge butt and hefty thighs. I was really lonely, especially because Sherri ran his life with an iron hand and didn’t let him hang around with me. But then I got a phone call from him saying I should come over on Friday night and that his wife had arranged a blind date for me. Well, I was still without any female companionship and eager for whatever chance I could get at having a girlfriend.

When I got there I noticed right away how Sherri bossed Pat around and made him do everything for her. She even questioned him about a long list of housework jobs he had been given to do and he assured her, sounding a bit frightened, that they had all been completed. Before I got over that shock the other guest arrived. Her name was Tandy and she shared Sherri’s full-bottomed figure, along with an impressive bust. I was attracted to her right away even though she acted as pushy as Sherri did. I started dating her and it got serious right away. We had a lot of foreplay on our dates and Tandy always insisted I eat her pussy. She wasn’t clean down there and I didn’t enjoy it but it meant that I got to fondle those boobs and stroke her big ass and thighs.

I should have taken more time, seen the warning signs, and gotten out of the relationship. Instead, I let Tandy rush me into a marriage. What can I say? I was a horny guy, eager to go all the way with this woman who made me give her orgasms but never returned the favor. She even got me to confess that I went home and masturbated, and then she teased me about it. But the wedding happened and I was stuck. On our wedding night I was unhappy to learn that she still wanted foreplay, expected me to go down on her unwashed pussy, and though we were man and wife, didn’t intend to have intercourse. Instead, she got me wildly excited and made me jerk off for her. I had to kneel in front of the toilet and shoot my load into the bowl. My bride laughed at the humiliating performance I gave and made me thank her for being allowed to play with myself. I tried to say something but she grabbed my ear, twisted it hard, and marched me into the bedroom. I had to go to bed wearing only pink, girl’s running shorts. My wife stretched out on her belly, her phat bottom rising impressively high. Then she informed me that I was going to put my face between her ass cheeks, get my nose against her butthole, and keep it there until she drifted off  and for an hour after that.

Too stunned to object, I did as I was ordered. My features were compressed in the tight, humid valley of her sitter. She was even less clean there than in the front, and the smell sickened me. Still, I stayed where I had been sent, while she lay there and called Sherri on her cell phone. I had to listened to them gab about trivia for at least an hour. They made plans to get together the next night. Then it took her nearly an hour more to go rest. I’ll admit I was scared to pull my face out of her rump too soon and risk getting her angry at me, plus I had no way to check the time, so I had my face buried in that fleshy prison for probably two more hours. After a total of about four hours of that abuse I felt emotionally unbalanced, unsure of myself, and wondering if I would ever be able to stand up to me she-devil of a wife.

The next night, telling myself that at least while we were out she couldn’t do anything mean to me, I drove her to Pat’s home. He greeted us at the door, looking sheepish and wearing a yellow leotard and matching slippers that were obviously meant for a girl. I got a bad feeling about how the rest of the evening was going to proceed. We went in and the wives shared a warm hug. Sherri snapped at Pat to get them glasses of wine. Both the women had on low cut tops and short skirts, so I had trouble not staring at them, especially since I wasn’t getting any sex from Tandy. Pat returned with their drinks and then sat primly on a footstool in the corner, looking very unmasculine. Tandy was sitting on the sofa with Sherri and said to her, “So, how’s your love life?” Sherri laughed and told her, “Fantastic. I’m cheating on Patsy with a real bull of a lover. His name’s Rafe and he fucks like a stallion. I glanced at Pat, whose eyes were cast toward the floor. His cheeks were pink with shame. Tandy asked Sherri, “And how about your wimp of a husband?” “Him? Who cares? He knows he has to take it and like it. I make him kneel by the bed and watch us. Rafe thinks that’s funny. After I suck off my lover’s big cock I make Patsy open his lips so I can drop him a kiss. You know, let all that cum and my spit spill out of my mouth and into his.” It was Tandy’s turn to laugh. She said, “I’ll have to try that one on Mick after I get a lover.”

Sherri smiled wickedly. “That should be really soon, babe. I have somebody stopping by who I want you to meet. He’s a friend of Rafe’s.” I stood up shakily, with my mouth hanging open. In a small voice I said, “Tandy, darling, maybe we should go home.” My wife shot to her feet, was in front of me in three long steps, and slapped me hard across one cheek and then the other. When I started to put up my hands she batted them away. Then she grabbed my hair and punched me hard in the stomach. I folded up but she yanked me straight again and kneed me solidly in the balls. That put me on the floor, making retching sounds. She warned me, “If I get anymore backtalk from you — EVER — you’ll get a lot worse than that. When Rafe and his friend get here you’re going to treat them like what they are — your superiors. Patsy over there knows how to behave and you’ll learn too, and I mean fast. I risked a look at my old friend and he was still sitting there passively, hands folded on his lap, but there were tears glistening in his eyes. I croaked at him, “Pat, what have you gotten me into?” but that was all I said, as my wife put her foot and the stacked-heeled shoe she was wearing, on the side of my neck and applied pressure. I made a strangled sound and didn’t dare try to speak anymore.

By the time I had recovered enough to get to my feet, stagger to a wooden chair, and sit, the women were enjoying their conversation again, trading tips on how to dress sluttily for men. Then Sherri opened the drawer of an end table and pulled out a plastic bag, which she tossed at me. I caught it clumsily and my wife made a crack about how I couldn’t catch a ball, either. Then she told me to open it. I was horrified to find pink tights inside, along with a matching belly shirt. The women chortled at my discomfort and then Tandy told me to get changed into my new ‘working clothes’. I tried to leave the room but she said to do it in front of them. “Or would you rather wait until our dates get here, so they can watch too?” With that threat hanging over me I hurried to get out of my street clothes. It was embarrassing. I pulled the humiliating tights up my slender, almost hairless legs and tugged the top on, hating the way it left my midriff bare. Then Sherri made me check the bag once more and I discovered a pair of ballet slippers in the bottom. With those on I looked as unmanly as Pat. Before I could recover from that jolt the doorbell rang. Tandy barked at me to go and answer it. Feeling utterly demeaned, I did it anyway. The memory of that knee to the balls was still fresh.

When I opened the door I was confronted by two tall, broadshouldered men who glared at me menacingly. I backed away meekly and in a whisper invited them inside. They pushed past me. I had a quick impression of tattooed arms and unshaven faces. One of them went straight to Sherri and wrapped her in his powerful arms. They shared a deep kiss and Pat cringed at the sight. But my old buddy also stood up and, when the two finally separated, asked the man if he would like a drink. His wife said, “You know Rafe always wants a drink as soon as he gets here, you twerp.” “Yeah,” the bruiser growled at him. “Make me a seven and seven and, if you screw it up, I’ll shove a funnel in your sissy ass and make you drink it that way.” The four of them laughed as if he had said something clever. Sherri went over to the newcomer and said, “You must be Chunk.” He smiled lopsidedly and nodded. “That’s me. And that hot piece over there must be Tandy.” “Right,” Sherri assured him. “Why don’t you two sit down and get to know each other.” I felt like I had just swallowed my tongue. The brutal looking guy plopped himself down and my wife sat close to him, making sure her leg touched his.

Tandy said to Chunk, “You must be one hell of a man in bed.” “You got that right, lover. And I like a bitch who does everything and does it good.” Instead of being repulsed, my wife melted visibly and then leaned toward him for an open-mouthed kiss. Chunk was only too happy to oblige, pressing his stubbled face close and putting his calloused hand on the back of her head to hold her in place. They remained frozen, mouth-to-mouth, while I stood there on rubbery legs. When they seperated, at last, his hand was cupping her big breast. I choked on my emotions but didn’t do anything. There I was, dressed like a wuss, terrified that Chunk would get annoyed and smack me around. My cowardice was evident as he slid his thick fingers up under her skirt and made her squeal with pleasure. Pat had left the room and now he returned with two rocks glasses on a silver tray. He bent carefully at the waist to offer one to Rafe. Then he moved to where he could do the same for Chunk. My head was spinning from the pace at which this bizarre series of events was unfolding.

Pat sat down again and I noticed he was gesturing with his eyes toward a second footstool near his. I went to it and gratefully got off my feet, mimicking my friend’s knees-together, hands-folded-over-crotch posture. I felt foolish but at least behaving as was expected should save me from being assaulted. Both couples were very free with their hands. Sherri was squeezing the obvious bulge in Rafe’s crotch. Chunk had his blunt fingers under Tandy’s top and I knew she didn’t have on a bra. I always wanted to touch her round, desirable breasts and wasn’t allowed to, but now some dangerous type she had just met was enjoying them as much as he pleased. I watched helplessly as she unbuttoned her top to give him full access and he dipped his head to fasten his mouth on the nearest thick nipple. My stomach rolled over. Sherri called to my wife, “Hey, honey, isn’t about time we took these guys to bed?” Tandy smiled and nodded. “Oh yeah. You should feel this guy’s cock.”

The four of them got up and headed for the main bedroom and guest room. Pat got down on his knees and followed wordlessly. I was terrified that I would do something wrong, so I got into the same submissive posture and followed my wife and Chunk, unable to take my eyes off Tandy’s broad swaying ass. Despite everything I even felt a weird sort of horniness. Once they reached the bedroom they began undressing each other. As I feared he would, Chunk had an enormous cock that make mine look like a joke. My wife stroked it lovingly and then got down on her knees and fed inch after inch of it into her full-lipped mouth. She gave him a spirited blowjob but didn’t make him finish. Then she got onto the bed on her knees and dropped forward, rear end in the air. Chunk was quick to take up a position kneeling behind her, his rampant tool aimed at her waiting slit. I wanted to look away and not see the final ruination of our marriage but couldn’t avert my eyes. Instead I had to witness him inserting his entire length into my wife’s body and then begin pistoning it in and out. She purred appreciatively and pushed back into his every thrust. They worked together as one for a long time before she moaned loudly, on the verge or climax. Then it hit her and he let himself go at the same moment, pumping furiously to maximize the pleasure for both of them. Tandy threw back her head and let out a cry of ecstasy. Gradually he slowed his tempo and then stopped. He pulled out, his cock glistening, and they laid alongside each other.

“Get up here,” my wife directed me. “I want to see you do what Sherri makes Pat — I mean Patsy — do after she has sex. Get your nose into my cunt and rub it around until it’s coated with Chunk’s cum. Do it or you’ll get a knee in the balls again, and this time I won’t stop until they’re wrecked.” I shuddered but did as I was told. The strong salty stench of his sperm filled my nostrils. Then my bride made me shove my tongue inside her. I had to hold it there while she and the man she had cheated on me with kissed passionately. Finally I had to lap her pussy until every bit of Chunk’s creamy deposit was gathered up and swallowed. It made me queasy but the thought of having my testicles destroyed was powerful motivation. At last my odious task was done. Then I got an even worse command. My wife told me, “Now clean Chunk, too. Or lose your nuggets.” Nuggets? She meant balls. I gulped down the last of the cum already in my mouth as I moved to between his sturdy, hairy legs. Then I got my lips and tongue busy on his flaccid cock, not fully believing that I was doing that to another man. Could it get any worse? Yes. He began to grow hard.

Tandy propped herself up on one elbow and stared in fascination as he made me take in as much of his length as I could. “Jeez,” she exclaimed. “We’re turning my husband into a cocksucker.” Chunk snorted. “I don’t think the fairypants had far to go. Then my wife told me, “Back your head up until just the knob of his bone is in your mouth. That’s a good little gobbler. Now suck, and swirl with your tongue, and get ready to swallow. I’m going to stroke Chunk’s long, thick, gorgeous cock until he shoots his load. I’m going to jerk him off into your sissy mouth. And because he’s not halfway down your throat, you’ll get every drop of his goo all over your tongue. And once you’re an official suck boy, you’re never allowed any pussy again. So if you had even the slightest chance of ever getting in me, you’re going to lose it in about a minute.” “Let’s make that three minutes,” Chunk told her. “Slow down with that talented hand and let me enjoy it. And let your suck-off husband think about the end of his sex life.” He let out a deep chuckle. “And maybe next time YOU can suck my dong while HE eats my ass.” “Oh, baby, I’m getting hot just thinking about that. We’ll make him an ass muncher too.”

All too soon she brought Chunk to the edge and beyond. He emptied his heavy balls again, coating the inside of my mouth completely. My wife cheered him on and then instructed me not to rinse my mouth or drink anything. “I want you to taste my lover’s spunk all night long.” She milked a few more drops out of him and said, “Sherri and I are going to have so much fun thinking of more and more ways to mistreat you useless husbands


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