Pervert Rick

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There was this guy (Rick)that was a “friend of a friend” and he was always over at our house partying it up with everyone else pretty much every weekend. My name is Kathy and I live with my boyfriend Dave and our house is usually the place everyone meets at or hangs out at. Rick was a bit older than us (in his mid 40’s) big and black, and everyone says he’s a bit slow and kind of a mentally deficient. I don’t know if its true but he does act a bit strange and I could never understand a word he says. Having an obsession with everything BBC, It was just a matter of time before Dave brought him up late at night in our bedroom when we were playing our sexy games.

There had always been this rumor about Rick and while Dave and I were watching some new interracial porn I asked him to tell me about it again. He said that he heard Rick had got caught fondling a couple of girls while they had been sleeping or passed out at parties or someone’s house. We both thought it was so hot that the next couple of nights we would roll play the scene with me passed out in bed in tiny panties or lingerie and Dave would sneak in and molest me and take me with our collection of big black toys. It was so hot and we would cum all night. I asked Dave if he thought the rumors were true and he said we should find out for ourselves. I could tell by his tone exactly what he meant but I asked him for details anyway. “One night…we’ll have Rick over alone and we’ll do some serious partying…especially you…… you’ll act a lot more wasted than you are and I’ll make a scene…about having to put you to bed and how you’ve been like this before and you wont remember a thing in the morning…then I’ll have to leave for a half hour or so and tell him to stay till I get back…..and the trap is set. Of course you’ll be in charge of how far to take it, baby. You can stop it immediately or go on for as long as you’d like… I’ll be watching from the window anyway.. What do ya think?” I smiled and took his cock into my mouth as a show of agreement.
It took almost a month to finally get Rick at our place alone, so we put the plan into affect. I guess it helps that during the last couple weeks I tried my best to drive Rick crazy by bending for him, and dressing a little skimpier than usual. I could tell I was having an effect by the grunt sounds he would make.

So I was done with my performance of “wasted girl” and went off to bed. I stripped down to just my panties and a bra and Dave said he would be right outside the window as he gave me a kiss saying maybe nothing will happen, then he turned off the light and left. I was laying on my stomach and was so turned on with the anticipation that I couldn’t help putting a hand underneath me and I began rubbing my clit through the panties. I heard Dave’s car drive off just as an explosive climax rocked my world. I kept playing with myself till I finally heard footsteps heading downstairs toward our room. I tried to lay still but I couldn’t . I knew he was in the room. I could feel it. My ass with my white cotton panties pulled up between my cheeks in full display to this black man. I heard his familiar breath and grunts as he must’ve been taking me in. He sat beside me on the bed and called my name to which I just mumbled back and shook my entire body then lay still again. That was all he could take. I instantly felt his two rugged, huge hands on both cheeks of my ass as he squeezed hard and rubbed all over. He was attacking my sweet ass and it felt so good. I know I must have been shaking my ass to his grip as I began mumbling again in hopes he wouldn’t stop! He didn’t. My pussy was aching. His touch was coming so close, but not quite. Then I felt him pull my panties down to my knees and he started fingering me. Between grunts I heard him say how wet this slut was. He even started fingering my ass, which hurt but somehow added to the massive orgasm I had on his hands. Then he stood up and just stood there till I snuck a peek and noticed he was jerking himself off while he stared at my exposed and soaked pussy and ass. I didn’t care if he saw but I put my hand back under my pussy and rubbed myself mad. He came right there on the carpet in seconds and pulled up my panties back up high into my cheeks. Just feeling his hands slide up me sent me into another explosion. I don’t know how I didn’t just grab him right then and have him fuck me with his big black cock. I was going crazy as I heard his footsteps going back upstairs. I reached under my bed and grabbed my fattest black toy and shoved it deep in me thinking of Rick fucking me. I was so lost in lust and cumming that I didn’t even notice Dave come back in the room! He said he could barely see anything and it was over so quick. I told him it almost felt like it lasted forever! I sat him back and played with his super stiff and dripping cock as I slowly broke down every detail. I told him I had it bad over this one and I wanted to do it every night!! He said “We’ll see. If not with Rick, someone else for sure.” I smiled but deep inside, Rick hit a sexy nerve. I knew I wasn’t done with him.


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