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‘Frank had my wife’s dress up around her waist, and he was running his hands up and down her silky smooth back and legs. What could be going on in my lovely foreign wife’s mind at this outrage? Her legs were completely exposed, and her white panties were showing.’

I was pretty sure that my stepfather, Frank, was screwing me.

My mother had got us into a start-up venture together some years ago, before her death; a local Internet service provider for our town.

Frank put up most of the starting capital, and did the billing and bookkeeping while I housed the machinery at my home and did the technical work.

All of the income was reinvested in the business, and I had a “real” job to pay my bills. We had to borrow heavily at one stage to keep up with the demand for more capacity; but by the time of the story that I will now tell, there should have been profits. Lots of profits.

I did the engineering. I knew how many subscribers we had, and I knew what was being spent on equipment, more or less. But Frank wasn’t giving me access to the books. As it had started as a family venture, and no one had really expected it to go anywhere serious, I didn’t have a proper contract. Frank is a lawyer and accountant, and I was starting to feel,.. well,.. screwed.

I wouldn’t have felt so strongly about it, if it weren’t for Naomi.

Naomi… just thinking of her fills me with happiness, even after five years of marriage.

We met in Greece; we were both on our vacations. It was Naomi’s first time away from Japan, and mine from The States.

She was… she still is, very beautiful. Thick black hair to her hips, five foot three, slim. I don’t know how I managed to win her, but she was the best thing to ever happen to me. The sex was electrical, amazing. She loved my “Big American cock”, and it loved her right back!

How can I possibly describe the incredible sensation of this petite exotic beauty staring into my eyes with lust and then even love, as she cried with the power of the orgasm I provided her?

And there was more than that; I loved her spirit, her bright smile, her sharp wit.

I didn’t have a lot of experience, but I knew that Naomi was the only woman for me, in bed and out. I had to have her; I asked her to marry me within two weeks of meeting her. I had no choice, I might never see her again otherwise.

Naomi was like a bright light, illuminating my previously dark life. Before I knew the euphoria of loving her, I hadn’t even been aware of my depression.

She came from a rich patriarchal family, and her father kept good his promise to cut her off were she to marry me, a foreign wage earner. I wanted to be well off, more for her than for myself.

But Naomi wasn’t concerned with her father’s rejection; “He has never approved of me. He probably never will.” She told me.

Naomi is a very un-Japanese Japanese person. I suppose it’s part of her rejection of her father, to reject everything else about her country as well. While I would have liked to get a little bit into the Japanese spirit of things, Naomi wanted to be All-American.

She never liked Frank much, but when I told her of my suspicions, her lovely face contorted with hate.

“We should kill the motherfucker.” was her comment when it was clear that there was no legal way to get what was ours. I don’t like Frank much either, but I was still surprised at her vehemence.

“I don’t think that would be useful, my love. What we need is the records, and the bank statements.”

“Can’t you just hack into his computer and get them out?”

“He’s not that stupid; he knows my abilities. He keeps a separate machine for those things, with no outside line connected.”

“There must be a way.”

“I have to get to his machine. If I can connect to it, I can download everything.”

Her narrow eyes narrowed. “How long would you need?”

“Well, I pretty much know where everything is in his place. I guess a half hour would be plenty of time.”

“We could break in.”

“There’s a pretty good security system up there, with an automatic dialling system. I’d prefer not to muck with it.”

“We could get in on some excuse… a pretext… then you could get at his computer.”

“He’d never let me in there alone for long knowingly. If he knew I was even in the house, he’d keep track of what I was up to.”

“Then we have to get you in without him knowing.”

We kicked some ideas around for an hour or two, and here’s what we came up with; Naomi would make an appointment to see Frank, to overtly ask him to release some company funds to us for our domestic needs. She would distract him, let me in, and I would copy Frank’s hard drive and look through his papers while she kept him talking. It wasn’t much of a plan, I admit, but it was flexible enough that it might work.

“How will I keep him talking for a half hour? He could send me home within minutes.”

“Don’t get to the point to fast… flirt a little. Then he’ll be in no hurry to get rid of you.”

“Flirt? I hate him! I can’t I flirt with him.”

One of the things I’ve always loved about Naomi is how she sees through people. Nearly everyone thinks that Frank is a wonderful, charming type of guy. I grew up around him, so of course I know him better.

“He’s an American! He’ll be no match for you and your inscrutable oriental ways.” I said.

Naomi laughed, and said; “I’ve been here too long already, I don’t know if I remember how to be inscrutable!”

“Just work on it for a few days, and try to imagine that you think Frank is an O.K. guy…think of this as a role you should act. Try to think of him as attractive… then just keep smiling, laugh at his jokes. Get yourself dressed up for it, he won’t be able to resist spending a little extra time with you.”

“But I don’t want to spend time with him, Dave. He makes my skin crawl.” My love complained.

“I’m not too wild about this, either, but it’s the only way, Naomi. Otherwise, we may never know how much Frank is taking us for.”

Naomi looked amazing, as usual, as she rang Frank’s bell. She wore a simple white cotton summer dress that showed her figure off nicely. High heels gave her that bit of extra height, and her dazzling jet-black hair was down, gleaming in the fading evening sunlight. She wore just enough makeup to accentuate the striking lines of her face.

“Hi, Naomi” I heard Frank say as he opened the door. “I have to say, you’re looking absolutely stunning. Come on in, would you like some coffee?” the door closed behind them.

I crept around to the balcony and waited nervously. After about five long minutes, Naomi opened the doors and stepped outside. Frank followed, holding a tray with the coffee.

“Lets sit inside,” said Naomi, “it’s a little chilly out here.” She followed Frank back in, leaving the doors open for me.

I knew my way well; Frank had set up his office in my old bedroom. The sticky part would be getting to the office door through the living room, where Frank and Naomi would be seated. I’d been up to the old house from time to time, and had worked out how it would have to be done.

I went from the balcony into the little anteroom that opened into the living room. Naomi had sat on the end of the couch so as to block Frank’s view of the connecting door.

“Frank, do you have some milk?” Naomi asked him sweetly, right on time.

“Sure, I’ll get it.”

I slipped into the room, past Naomi, and through the open office door, my heart pounding like firecrackers while he was in the kitchen.

“So, Naomi, What did you want to talk to me about?” I heard Frank asking, as he returned with the milk.

“It’s Dave, Frank. He’s so stressed all the time. The Internet business is taking so much of his time, and he still has to work a full time job to keep things going.”

“Has he been neglecting you?”

“Well, he hardly has any time left for me after his two jobs.”

“Life can be hard for a young couple, starting out.” Said Frank.

“If we could get a little more money from the Internet business, Dave wouldn’t have to work as much.” Said Naomi, hopefully.

I put the device I’d built on the desk, and turned Frank’s computer around to connect the cable.

“And what do you think I can do about it?” asked Frank, as my elbow pushed a stapler off of the desk. It landed with a small “thud”. I saw Frank whip his head around towards the open doorway. There was still sunlight streaming through the living room windows, but the shade was drawn in the office, so he couldn’t easily see in.

My Naomi was quick. Most people would have frozen, but not Naomi. She threw her arms around his neck, pulling her slim young body to him. “Oh Frank! Say that you’ll help me!”

I crouched in silence, peeking from behind his desk, as he wrapped his heavy old arms around my woman’s narrow hips, pulling her closer, the noise he’d heard from his office suddenly becoming unimportant as he gazed into her wonderful dark eyes.

All three of us were frozen for a moment, as if we each knew that something was about to happen; and something did.

Frank kissed Naomi’s perfect mouth, his old face so in contrast with her smooth complexion. She ran her little fingers through his sparse grey hair.

“Why Naomi… I had no idea…” Said Frank.

Naomi kissed him again, and this time her mouth was open for his old tongue.

“Of course I’ll help you, Naomi.” Said Frank, “What man could refuse you?”

I got back to my work. With the price that Naomi was now having to pay for it, time was extremely precious.

“Thank you, Frank.” I heard Naomi say.

The idea was a little flirtation, show a little leg and smile. But now, because of my mistake, she was actually having to kiss him, hold him. My heart was pounding in my ears as I worked.

I thought I could hear them; the smacking of their lips, the rustling of fabrics. Or was it just my imagination?

“You’re one hot babe, Naomi.” Frank was saying, “I’ve had the hots for you ever since the first time I met you.”

I peeked out; they were in a close embrace, Naomi was nearly on Frank’s lap, and Frank’s hand was running up and down Naomi’s shapely leg; right up under her flimsy dress, until he cupped her fine ass; then sliding all the way back down to her foot. Their mouths were terribly busy, and my wife’s fine little hands were exploring Frank’s bulk.

“Really, Frank?” she asked sweetly.

“Of course; Dave’s a nice kid, but come on; a lady like you needs more.”

He held her against himself and kissed her mouth.

I tore my eyes from the gruesome scene, back to my work.

I started the download, and looked again when I could. Frank had her dress up around her waist, and he was running his hands up and down her silky smooth back and legs. What could be going on in my lovely foreign wife’s mind at this outrage? Her legs were completely exposed, and her white panties were showing. She had only kissed him, but Frank was wasting no time following through.

“A beauty like you shouldn’t be neglected, Naomi.” He was saying between kisses. My wife sat across his legs, like a child compared to him, both in size and age. Her lustrous hair fell across my stepfather’s shoulders; his hands looked huge on her tiny back.

And then another thing happened that I hadn’t anticipated; the hard drive in Frank’s computer was making a terrible racket, clicking and chirping as it began downloading its information into the one I had brought with me.

She must have been able to hear the terrible clicking of the two hard drives; she grabbed his head, and keeping her hands over his ears, started kissing him franticly. I cursed myself for not having realized what a racket it would make, even in the next room.

Of course, I hadn’t thought that we’d have to deal with an open door, but there was no way he wouldn’t have noticed if I’d closed it. With Naomi’s hands busy disrupting Frank’s hearing, there was no way she could block Frank’s hands as he enjoyed himself feeling up this beauty less than half his age. I saw one hand slip into her panties; I could see the impression of his finger through the fabric as it disappeared into her body.

“Naomi, sweetheart,” said Frank, “You need it, don’t you? Don’t worry, honey. I’ll take care of you.”

“Really, Frank?” she asked, in a sweet innocent tone, while Frank’s finger slipped in and out of her most private place.

“Oh yes. I can give you what you need…” he said, before submerging himself once more in her mouth. Naomi’s slim hips twisted and bucked in response to the onslaught of Frank’s finger inside her.

I searched through the mail on the desk. There was a new bank statement, in the company name. I checked the outer room again.

Naomi was still keeping Franks hearing under control by rubbing the back of his head with one hand. She was holding out her other arm while he threaded her dress over it, leaving her in only her panties and heels. Naomi hardly ever wore a bra; her small firm conical breasts just didn’t need one.

“Baby, you’re gorgeous.” Said Frank, as he looked my wife up and down. “This is going to be something to remember.”

I tried to read the expression on my wife’s face; despite what she had said earlier, she was looking pretty inscrutable to me. I knew how much she’d despised Frank, but he wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her expression if I couldn’t. My heart was bleeding at how far she was going to protect me; she was allowing herself to be defiled by my stepfather, her own father in law.

Frank’s big hands roamed over my wife’s little body, as he kissed and then sucked each of her nipples; My young wife arched her back, her arms around his thick neck, her head thrown back as he took his pleasure with her. She was kneeling over him now, her small bottom on his thighs and her feet hanging from the edge of the sofa.

I was feeling pretty numb by then, but when I took a look at the bottom line of the page in my hand, it was none the less quite a shock; $985,456.25. I stared at it for quite a while. That bastard was holding nearly half a million of what should have been my money, while I worked two jobs and was barely getting by. And on top of that, he was busily making love with my wife.

“Well, Honey?” I heard Frank asking, “What do you think? Is it what you need or not?”

I looked through the door again, it was time for another shock; Naomi’s panties were missing, and so were Frank’s trousers.

They both sat naked on the sofa, and Naomi was staring down at Frank’s huge stiff cock in her little hands.

“It’s so big, Frank! I didn’t know they came this big.”

“Oh, they do, honey. They do and it does!” said Frank.

Naomi offered no visible resistance as he pushed her gently onto her back; she just stared into his eyes with a strange blank expression. Her shapely little left foot, still in it’s shoe, rested on the floor, and she lifted her right gracefully over the back of the sofa. She was spread wide, and from my vantage point, I could see Frank’s big old cock in Naomi’s small hand, positioned at her entrance.

“You’re one sweet thing, Naomi.” Frank said to her, running his fingers across her fine face, “I promise you won’t regret this.”

I didn’t understand how things could have progressed so fast; it had only been a couple of heartrending minutes since he’d pulled off her dress. I couldn’t believe the bastard was so self-assured with my wife; it was as if he knew that she wouldn’t resist him. Why didn’t she though? Surely, she could have slowed him down enough so that I could have been finished before it came to this!

I was frozen; my mind seemed to just stop working. I watched in disbelief as Naomi rubbed the tip of Frank’s big hard old cock up and down against her clit.

“This feels nice, Frank.” She told him.

It was impossible that he was going to fuck her, I thought. She would do something now, make an excuse. Delay him for little while, until I could finish my work; then tell him she had to be somewhere, leaving the bastard frustrated.

“It’s going to feel even better in a moment, honey.” Frank said.

She kept running her other hand through his hair and around his head, so he wouldn’t be able to hear the soft clicking of the download.

He pushed, causing his swollen old cock to enter her stretched open body about an inch.

“Slow, Frank! Careful…” Naomi gasped.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart.” He said, “I’m good at this. You just relax and let Frank take care of you. I know what you need, baby, and I’m the one to give it to you.”

“Oh Frank! why are you doing this to me?”

“Because you want it, baby. Because you need it!”

I realized now that it was really happening. I didn’t quite understand why or how, but Naomi was letting my stepfather fuck her. Why hadn’t she stopped him from removing her dress so quickly anyway? The tongue action was bad enough, but surely it could have been kept at that level for longer.

“Oh baby, I don’t think I ever had something so sweet.” said Frank, as he pulled out and pushed his way back, slightly deeper. “That’s the way, Naomi. You just relax now, and it’s going to feel so good, you just let old Frank in there now…”

“It isn’t easy, Frank. You’re so big!” said my little Naomi; her hand still holding his prick as he slowly worked it deeper and deeper. Was it possible? Was it possible she was willing?

“Bigger than Dave?”

“Yes, Oh yes! Bigger than Dave!”

Oh, that hurt. My stomach turned, my chest burned with the pain. But I have to admit that it was true. His old dick was bigger than mine.

“It’s almost there, Naomi. How does it feel?”

“Wonderful, Frank, really good. Don’t stop now!”

“Don’t you worry, sweetheart. I’m not planning on stopping for quite a while.”

When he had sunk his bigger than mine cock in to the hilt, he stopped there for a little while, and they kissed deeply, while my wife’s little hands continued to stroke his head, neck, arms, and wide shoulders. It was eerily quiet, and I realized that Frank’s entire hard disc had now been copied.

I should have gotten back to work, disconnected the cable, put his machine back into it’s former position; but my eyes were glued to the appalling scene in the next room.

He started to fuck her, long, slow, and deep. Her hands were on the small of his back, her legs still at full open stretch.

“FUCK ME, FRANK, FUCK ME!” she cried in her baby girl voice, and he started to speed up.

I suddenly realized that he would have to come soon, and I got back to my job. When I had the cable off and my machine back in it’s bag, I looked again. Of course, I hadn’t stopped listening to Naomi’s love cries. If she wasn’t somehow, perversely, enjoying herself, then she was acting out a very convincing performance.

Big old Frank was pounding away at my slim young Naomi; Her legs were now wrapped around his, and she held him tight. Her face started to turn more and more pink, and I saw that vein in her neck start to swell, and she came, screaming; “Fuck me you bastard! You motherfucking son of a bitch! Oh god, fuck me!”

Her gorgeous long hair spilled over the couch onto the floor, she grabbed Frank’s hair and pulled his lips to her own as she tightened the grip of her young legs around his hairy old ones, in her delightful response to orgasm.

I didn’t understand. I had no doubt that her orgasm was real; I wasn’t sure now how well I knew my wife, but I knew her well enough to know when she comes.

She had despised, she hadn’t been able to mention his name without a scowl. And yet it seemed to me that she had the been a little easy about letting him get it into her; and now there she was, fucking him with enthusiasm, even though she knew I was in the next room; she probably even knew that I could see them.

He held her pretty head in his hands, his motion stopped, as they explored each other’s mouths while her orgasm subsided.

When he started fucking my true love again, I realized, with a mix of feelings, that he had not yet come himself. Relief that she was not yet soiled by his cheating old sperm, yet sickened that it was not yet over.

“Oh you bastard! You cocksucking son of a whore!” she started to mutter after a couple of minutes. She was always vocal when we made love, but I had never heard her be profane in bed.

She had kicked off her high heels, and now she put her cute little feet on his flabby old ass cheeks as that vein started to throb again, and she came once more, her arms tight around Frank’s heaving, thieving frame.

“Oh Frank! How do you do that? What are you doing to me?”

“You should have come to me sooner, baby. I can show you what loving is about!” he replied.

It suddenly sounded as though she had come to him because I was an inadequate lover, and not because of our financial difficulties.

He pulled his disgusting organ from her exquisite body, and moved around to present it to her face.

She sat up and smiled at him. A big sexy smile, a smile that should be only for me. Then she opened her mouth, and slowly took his rock hard sticky member inside of it. She didn’t appear to resent doing it. She looked happy about it, if anything. In fact, she looked eager.

She looked up at him with her big beautiful dark eyes, tickling his hairy, low hanging balls and sucking his cock.

It’s not that Naomi didn’t give me head; I loved the way she did it. But she never seemed quite as hungry for my cock as she appeared to suddenly be for Frank’s.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s the way! See if you can get it a little deeper… oh yeah! Deeper!”

When half of his big old cock was in her mouth, she gagged a little, trying to swallow on it.

“That’s it, honey! That’s the way! Keep trying!”

She pulled her mouth away, and looked at up him unhappily as she continued to work his length with her hands. “I’m so sorry, Frank. I can’t get it all the way down.”

“It’s O.K., Naomi. It takes some practice. Maybe you need to start on something smaller like…” he paused.

“Dave!” she laughed

“That’s it!” he said, and laughed uproariously.

Any disgust that my wife felt about fucking and sucking my stepfather was so well hidden that I couldn’t see it. I was being forced to wrestle with the notion that he had somehow turned her around; her play-acting had turned to reality, and she was enjoying giving herself to Frank. That she was stepping on my heart happily.

“I’m hungry, let’s eat something.” said Frank.

I saw Naomi look up at him in surprise, her hands still firmly gripping his big hard cock. “Don’t you want to come, Frank?”

“I sure do, sweetie, but first I want to pee, and then eat, and then screw you some more.”

Naomi sat back on the couch, appearing completely comfortable with her nakedness. “Wow; O.K.” she said, smiling up at him.

As Frank went into the bathroom, Naomi stuck her head into the office.

“I’ve got it,” I told her, “get your clothes on and let’s get out of here.”

“I can’t do that!” she whispered, “You get going, I’ll come soon.”

An unfortunate choice of words.

“Naomi, get dressed, make an excuse, and meet me at the car!’

“He’ll get suspicious! You go, I’ll come when I can.”

She turned and walked to the couch, retrieved her shoes, and put them on.

The toilet flushed.

Naomi turned, and I watched as her small round naked behind headed towards the kitchen to meet Frank.

Naomi was a woman who was accustomed to having her own way. I had always indulged her in small things; the layout of our house, things like that. I had never dreamed that her self-indulgence would extend this far.

But I had an overwhelming fear of confrontation. I have to admit that it was almost a phobia with me; I couldn’t face Naomi now, and I certainly wasn’t prepared to face Frank. I left my old house as I had had entered, having gained much but lost much more.

I went to our car, and stashed the bank statement and machine, the data bought at such a huge price.

I was in turmoil, but I had to know what was happening, I had to see!

My old house was surrounded by shrubbery and trees, set on a hill by itself. It was dark by that time, and I went back up to the old place confident I wouldn’t be seen.

I went to the kitchen window. I suddenly remembered how my mother had always wanted the curtains closed and Frank wanted them open.

It was a hot night, and the window was open as well. I had to stay well back to be sure not to be seen.

Frank was standing at the stove, naked, stirring something in a pot. Naomi stood behind him, wearing only her heels. She had her arms around him, her raven head against his pale shoulder. The familiarity of their casual but naked embrace was so at odds with my perception of Naomi’s hatred of Frank; it was simply surreal to me.

“How did a hot chick like you end up married to a little nerd like Dave?” Frank asked her.

I suddenly realized that she was slowly masturbating him while he cooked.

“I was on a four week vacation,” said Naomi in her funny high-pitched voice; “I knew that when I returned to Japan, my father was going to make me marry some Japanese man. Japanese men all treat their women like shit. I’m not going to live my life being told what to do. I wanted to marry an American, and be free.”

“So Dave was the best you could find?”

“Dave was nice to me. He was the first man I ever met who just talked to me as though I was an equal. I knew Dave would never try to boss me around.”

“But you don’t love him.”

Frank turned slightly, and I could now see Naomi’s two little hands caressing his swollen old penis.

“Oh, I love Dave. He is a good man. I want to spend my life with him and have his babies, here in America.” Said Naomi, one hand holding Frank’s cock steady while the other lovingly roamed around its head.

“So why did you come here?”

“We’re getting desperate Frank. We really need some money.”

She held his cock head steady, and stroked the shaft with the finger tips of her other hand.

“So why didn’t Dave just say so?”

The bastard! How many times had I come here and argued about it with him?

“I thought he had talked to you about it, Frank” she said, bending her knees a little to be able to reach around and cup his hairy old balls.

“It wasn’t really to ask for money that you came, was it?” he asked. I wondered if he was getting suspicious.

“I just came to talk, Frank, but you seduced me, I am seduced, and you are a very bad man.” She held his cock safely against his stomach while stroking his curly white chest hair.

“Aha, I see.” Said Frank.

Perhaps he did, but I definitely didn’t. I didn’t understand how my life had suddenly turned upside down. We had been struggling financially, it’s true, but we’d been happy other than that. At least I’d been, and I thought Naomi had been.

Frank tasted his concoction; “This is ready, let’s eat.”

They sat at the table. Naomi put some of the soup in her mouth, swallowed, and then bent down and put her hot mouth over Frank’s half hard cock.

“Owee! Baby, your not going to give me a break, are you? God, I want to watch you come a few more times! Why don’t you climb up and sit on me?”

My lovely wife broke into a hysterical giggle, causing ripples to pass through her glossy hair and her small firm breasts to wobble. She slipped off her shoes, and stood on frank’s chair, facing him, one delicate foot on each side of his lap. He held his big cock up with one hand, and placed the other on the small of her back to steady her as she lowered her body into a squatting position, until his cock contacted her crotch. She hesitated briefly, then lowered herself further, gyrating her hips slightly, slowly impaling herself on his organ, working it carefully into herself. When her weight was on his lap, she let her legs swing free. Her head was level with his in this position, and she wrapped her arms around his thick neck once more.

“This is nice.” She told him.

“Here, baby; open wide.” Frank said, holding his spoon to her mouth.

“You’ve already filled me, Frank.” Naomi said, “You want to fill my other end too?”

“That’s right, sweetheart. I want to take care of you all over. Open up now.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Naomi said with a laugh, opening her mouth while Frank fed her.

Frank stroked her with one hand, and fed her with the other. They spoke very quietly, and I could no longer hear what was being said, but Naomi would giggle or laugh from time to time.

Every now and then she would twist her hips from side to side, pivoting her body on his cock and brushing her hard nipples against his chest. I think she was passing some of the soup he was feeding her back into his mouth, since she was occasionally kissing him immediately after taking a mouthful.

In the hour since we’d arrived here, she had apparently come to be more amorous with Frank than she had ever been with me. I had thought Naomi and I had been having great sex; but I had never known sex like I was seeing now, between Frank and my wife.

Their passion appeared to be on another level; in the brief time they had been intimate with each other, they had somehow learned exactly how to please each other. They should have been worlds apart; she was so small and Frank so big, he was twice her age at least, not to mention the cultural thing. But it seemed that once they had started, there was no way they could keep their hands [not to mention other parts] off of each other.

She kept up the small movements of her pelvis intermittently, just to keep them both eager while they leisurely finished their strange meal.

Amidst my intense pain, I realized that in part it was due to an erection. The extreme sexual tension from the room was spilling through the open window. I removed my own organ, and despite my shame, stroked it.

Frank finished feeding them both, and he lifted his weight from the chair. He put both hands under her firm round ass, and he stood in a low squat, Naomi’s slight weight still on his thighs.

“You hardly weigh a thing, Naomi,” He told her, “you’ll have to come for dinner more often.”

He started to rock her up and down.

“Oh Frank! Frank!” she cried, “What are you doing to me now? You’re such an asshole, Frank. Why are you doing this? Oh FRANK! God, that feels great!”

I had a flash back; my mother and Frank together, when I was ten. I had crept to the window then, too. Was this whole thing some sort of weird Freudian wish of mine?

Naomi was coming again, her arms and legs holding her small body onto frank’s large one like a parasite on its host. Her little hands roamed over his head and neck, as they had done earlier, but now it was only for pleasure.

I ejaculated into the flowerbed, but I took no pleasure from it.

I described Frank’s body earlier as “flabby”. I now had to admit that this wasn’t true. He was just big. If fact he was amazingly lean and muscled, and I realized that he must have had time for a lot of exercise. I’d had to give up my sport to work all the time.

He took a step backwards and sat back down in the chair, my Naomi still heaving, clutching him.

“Tell me you love my cock.” Frank said.

“Oh, I do, Frank.” Naomi replied; “It’s the most wonderful cock in the world. I want to just keep it in me forever!”

“Let’s take this to the bedroom” said Frank

“It’s getting late, I’d better call Dave.”

My heart lifted! She would call me, get dressed, return to me! And I didn’t think Frank had come! Perhaps he couldn’t; he was old. Maybe he was no longer able!

There was a phone on the table, and Frank passed it to her. She dialed, and I felt my cell phone vibrate in my pocket. I walked quickly away, so as to be able to talk.

“Dave, you know I told you I was going to visit Meg? Well, she’s in a bad way, and I’m going to sleep here tonight.”

Crushed, crushed again. “Naomi, get out of there! Come meet me at the car!”

“You go on home, Dave, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“PLEASE Naomi, PLEASE! We did what we had to do, now come home with me!”

She didn’t know I’d been at the window; I was thinking we could sweep this under the carpet, and pretend that she had only done what she’d had to; pretend that she hadn’t had better sex with my stepfather than I had ever been able to give her.

“There’s some leftovers in the fridge, just put it in the oven and heat it up.”

“Naomi, I’m your husband, you’re my wife! You must come with me!”

“Oh, don’t worry about me, sweetie, I’ll be fine. Yes, I’ll give Meg your regards. Bye bye.”

“NO, Naomi, NO!” but she had hung up.

I didn’t understand. I thought she loved me, but she was happily turning a knife in my chest now; she was not only cheating, but rubbing my face in it.

I turned around. I could still see them, they were still on the chair. Frank’s old cock was in her still, and had been while she had talked to me, sending me away.

I believe that Frank had flipped some kind of switch in Naomi’s psyche; revulsion and attraction being two sides of the same coin, Naomi was now as attracted to Frank as she had been previously disgusted. Or perhaps she had always tried to maintain her dislike for him to cover a deeper, unwelcome, attraction for him.

Frank’s large hands were on Naomi’s hips, and her slim arms were around his thick neck, as she started to move her pelvis backwards and forwards again. She tossed her head, to flick her long hair out of the way so she could kiss him. I was no longer part of her universe; I could see that she was totally engrossed in what she was doing. She was enjoying herself, and had no intention of stopping.

Frank lifted her off of himself, and stood up. Lifting my small wife easily in his arms, he carried her into his bedroom.

Frank did finally have his orgasm, about ten or fifteen minutes later. I was watching through the bedroom window. I couldn’t see much, but I could hear them very well;

“Do you want me to come, Naomi?”

“Oh yes, Frank! Come, come in me!”

I could see his ass moving up and down as he drove onward.

“Deep? You want it deep inside?”

“Yes Frank! As deep as you can! Shit, Frank. I want to feel it now. Stop teasing and give it to me, Frank!”

He stopped suddenly, and I could hear him groan out his orgasm;

“Here it comes, Baby! You want it?”

I saw Naomi’s legs wrap around him once more.

“Yes, Frank! I want it, do it, give it to me!”

“Do you feel it, Naomi?”

“Yes Frank. It’s hot and good. You’re such a bastard, Frank.”

It was very quiet after that, and the night was getting chilly, so I went home.

Naomi returned around noon the next day, and we had a huge fight.

“Why did you have to stay all night?!” I demanded,

“I had no choice! Once I had gone that far, there was no way to turn back!”

“You never had to go that far!”

“Frank would have caught you and beaten you to a pulp if I hadn’t thrown myself on him when you started to rummage around in there like a bull in a china shop!”

She started to cry; I can never refuse her when she cries.

“I sacrificed myself for you, for your stupid paranoia! I let that ape abuse me so you could get at his worthless files!”

“Worthless? He owes us nearly half a million dollars, and I have the proof!” I told her. I decided to skip over Naomi’s having so clearly enjoyed her time with my stepfather. In hindsight, I suppose that was a mistake.

Her pretty mouth dropped open in shock. “It was true? Frank has been robbing us?”


We made up, and made love. Real love, not like that fucking that she had done with Frank.

There was one little shocker left for me that day though; when I removed her dress, she had nothing on underneath, and her pussy was now shaved.

Frank called me a couple of days later; “Hey, Dave! I’ve got some good news for you… all of our debts are paid off, and it’s time to pay a dividend! We’ll have to talk about how you want to do the accounting, but you can have up to four hundred thousand if you want.”

This was all a couple of years ago. Now I only work at our firm, and things are going very well. Naomi finally got pregnant, we have a lovely daughter, and I’m pretty sure that I’m the biological father.

I never figured out exactly why Frank had suddenly come clean about the money. Perhaps he had missed that one bank statement I took, or maybe he wanted things to be comfortable for Naomi, now that she was his lover.

Who knows, maybe he was telling the truth about it, and had intended to pay me my share the whole time.

We have a girl now to do the day-to-day secretarial work, and Naomi does the accounting once a week, up at Frank’s house.

I upgraded Frank’s computers, and bugged his entire house while I was at it. That’s how I know that Naomi and Frank are still lovers.

It was hot and heavy between them for the first couple of months; they were doing it in every position in every room of the house.

Frank fucked her perched on the kitchen table; on his desk, in the bath, pinned up against the living room wall.

They used to play some strange games; sometimes Naomi would run around naked, and Frank would chase her down. When he caught her, he’d pin her down and fuck her really hard.

Sometimes she would call him really terrible names while he fucked her; other times, she’d be all sweet, like a little girl. Sometimes I heard her calling him “Daddy”. I don’t think he liked that very much.

She dresses up sometimes in net stockings with garter belt and high heels like a porn Queen. Frank really likes that, he has her keep the stockings on while they do it. Once or twice I saw her up there in some sexy negligee that I never saw her wear at home. She has a sexy little French maid outfit, too. Frank gives her orders when she wears it, then puts her over his knee and spanks her ass before spreading her on his bed and giving it to her.

I suppose I should have confronted Naomi about it; but the fact is, I’m afraid. Afraid of losing her.

We’re still happy together, at least for six days a week. But When I watch Naomi and Frank having sex, it’s obvious that he somehow does something for Naomi than I don’t. It isn’t just that Frank has a big dick; that’s much too simplistic. He somehow presses Naomi’s buttons, the lust in her eyes as his hands roam over her body can’t be ignored. He plays games with that I would never have the confidence for, winding her up and then making her come endlessly.

Yet their relationship is weird, somehow; they bicker and argue constantly. Recently, I overheard them arguing while they were doing it;

Frank; “You’re completely wrong, Naomi. You shouldn’t talk about things you know nothing about. Spread your legs, honey, and let me lick you out.”

Naomi; “How do you know I don’t know about it? Oh, lick it Frank! I learned all about it in school.”

And after some more of that;

Naomi; “You’re full of shit Frank. You just read it all in some popular magazine. That’s enough now, give me your dick!… ahhh, you’re an asshole, Frank, but that feels good.”

Frank; “And you’re a smartass little bitch Naomi; but you’re so damn cute, I just can’t keep my hands off of you…”

Naomi; “Ow! Take it easy Frank! Oh, god…Oh Frank…”

“Baby baby baby…I never get bored of watching you come.”

I’m afraid that if I force her to choose between us, she might choose him. How would I ever be able to live with that? So I pretend to be unaware that I know what’s going on.

Naomi did actually practice deep throating on me, and as soon as she had succeeded in getting my smaller cock all the way down [which is great, by the way], worked with Frank on it until she could do him, too. Of course it hurt me, the suspicion that the only reason she was so happy to give me head was to practice on me. But when she does it, she really seems to enjoy it; I’m sure she wants to please me at least as much as she wants to please Frank.

They both really love oral. Naomi loves to suck cock; she never seems to get bored of it. She loves to keep me [as well as Frank, I’m afraid] on the edge for a long time before making me come while watching my face intently. I love to lick her out as well, but I can never seem to make her come with my tongue the way Frank can.

I would go up to watch fairly regularly at first, if the weather was ok, But since they cooled down, I mostly listen from home if I want to know what’s going on up there. Naomi doesn’t seem to be so interested in Frank any more; but if he insists, she lets him fuck her, or she blows him.

Sometimes, though, I can’t resist the urge, and I sneak up to my old house again. As always, Frank leaves the curtains open, so it’s easy to hide in the bushes and watch him make love with my wife. The pain is terrible, but if it’s going to happen, I figure I might as well get some pleasure from it.

I’m sure that Naomi will stop screwing Frank soon; it’s just a waiting game. I’m sure she loves me, and I’m sure she doesn’t love Frank, so she must soon tire of him. And when she does, she’ll be mine again.


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