The Work-Out

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As Most of you loyal CuckoldLand Story readers are aware my wife Liz and I have been married for about twenty years now and during that time I have had the pleasure of watching a lot of men fuck my beautiful bride. I know that I’m very biased but I truly believe that she is even more lovely now than on the day I met her. CuckoldLand has been kind enough to post a few of her pictures, so we will let you be the judge. One thing my wife has become very religious about is working out on a regular basis to keep herself in excellent physical condition, again you be the judge, and that physical conditioning is really how this story came about…. I really enjoy “catching” my wife “cheating” on me. About a week ago we were doing some work around the house, re-modeling and such, and so as we needed to haul different things home from the home improvement centers with us we took the back seat out of my wife’s Cherokee. The projects began to get more and more complete and as they did that back seat began to get more and more in the way sitting there in the garage. I told Liz on several occasions that I would like to put it back in the car but she kept insisting that she needed it out for awhile longer. After a few tries to get it out of my way I finally just gave up and worked around it. Well one afternoon Liz was getting ready to go to the gym and as I usually do when she is gone, I was getting ready to go for a nice long run. As I watched her getting dressed I couldn’t help but think how sexy she looked even in her workout clothes. She was wearing these tight little black leggings and what looks like a one piece swimsuit top with a very narrow bottom, you know the kind, the ones that just have a small strip of material to cover the mound and then a strip that pulls between the ass cheeks…….anyhow it was dark green and then she had on sexy little ankle socks and her cross trainers, she looked good enough to eat! We live out in the country so there are plenty of places to run. One of my favorites is up an old logging road that leads to these spectacular waterfalls. The road is seldom used anymore and I don’t think a lot of people know that it even exists. It was a very nice afternoon ( rare this time of year for us ) and as I ran along enjoying every minute I thought about what a lucky guy I’ve been. As I got closer and closer to the falls I began envisioning myself getting a nice cold drink and maybe even a quick skinny dip just to get the old heart pumping, I mean I was REALLY looking forward to the solitude of those falls. I began to pick up my pace in anticipation of what was ahead and as I rounded the last corner, straining to get that first glimpse………THERE WAS A FUCKING MOTORCYCLE!!!!! My dreams were shattered and as I got closer I could see through the trees that there was some kind of vehicle there too, I couldn’t believe it, nobody came up here in the middle of the week. I slowed my pace and as I got closer to the falls that vehicle started looking more and more familiar, it was my wifes Cherokee!! What the……. I moved closer, staying in the tree cover and as I did I noticed that the back of the rig was open. I moved around to where I could see inside and immediately I began to get hard. There was my lovely wife laying on her back, still dressed in her workout clothes and next to her was this great looking young stud. He was laying on his side rubbing her tits and kissing her as they whispered to each other and she had unbuttoned his levis and was playing with his cock. My own cock was in a bit of a bind so I quickly shed my jockstrap and moved in for a closer look. The young man had slipped the straps of her top off her shoulders and pushed it down around her waist. Her nipples were as hard as rocks and he was taking turns with them, sucking first one and then the other as his hand played with the free one. Liz was getting hot and I could see as I slipped even closer that the dark green strip of material between her legs was getting even darker as her juices began to flow. My wife and her lover were into their own little world now, nothing mattered to them except their own physical pleasure, they were kissing passionately and I could hear their kisses from 6′ away. Liz was starting to roll her hips as her lover continued to fondle and suck her tits and after a few more minutes of that my wife slipped off her lovers shirt and pulled him on top of her. He immediately began “dry humping” her and she spread wide for him as her hands tugged at his pants. He was more than eager to comply with her request that he “take his pants off and let me feel your cock” and in a few seconds his pants and shoes were laying on the ground outside of the car. My wife massaged his now bare ass and reached lower to fondle his balls as he continued to grind his cock against her nylon covered pussy. As the heat continued to build her lover tried to remove her leggings on several occasions only to be stopped by my little cock teasing wife. Finally she slipped out from underneath of him and got him on his back as she crawled between his legs. This was my first glimpse of his cock and let me tell you it was monstrous! This kid was hung like a mule and although I’ve seen a lot of cocks plowing my wifes love nest I was wondering how she was going to make this one fit. We have kind of an unwritten agreement between us that when my wife is fucking guys with extremely large cocks she does so in moderation so that her pussy can “get back to normal” so that I can enjoy her too. Well this kid was going to have to wait months for her pussy to “get back to normal” when he got through with it! She grabbed his cock with both hands and began masturbating him as she lowered her head and began licking his helmet. Her saliva ran down his cock as she lubed him up and she forced the head of his cock and a couple of inches into her mouth. He was pleading for her to go slow as he was about to cum and in the process telling her he wanted to cum in her pussy. She stopped sucking long enough to tease him again, ” ohhh she’s married baby, you don’t want to fuck another mans wife do you?”. Yessss I do he moaned as her tongue licked his balls, I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I first saw you! “Mmmmm I knew you were big baby, I’ve been watching you too, but if you put this in me my husband will know I’ve been fooling around”. Liz pushed off her leggings and dropped them next to her lovers pants on the ground, she swung around into a 69 with her lover and whispered “do you think you’ll fit?”. She saw me then and smiled a wicked smile as she whispered to her licking lover “do you want my husbands pussy baby?”, Yessss he pleaded, ” she wants you to baby, she wants you REAL bad!”. I thought I was going to get caught as my wifes lover scrambled to get between her legs but she was scrambling too and got turned around as he chased her dripping cunt. My wife spread wide and her lovers aim was true as his cock bumped her clit, slid down her slit and into her tunnel of love. “Aghhhh” she moaned as he began driving his tool into her pussy, “easy baby” she pleaded as he continued to go deeper and deeper with each stroke. She had him fired up and nothing was going to stop him now that he had his cock where he wanted it. When he had his cock about 3/4 of the way in Liz finally gave up on slowing him down and spread as wide as her car would let her. She still wore her cross trainers and ankle socks and I could see the muscles in her legs straining as her feet pushed against the car and her sweet ass began to lift to meet her lovers strokes. The two became one as their rhythm matched, the kid driving deep and my wifes hungry pussy lips straining as they gobbled up his cock, What an exciting site to behold! I was loving every thrust and carried away with watching my
wifes beautiful cunt servicing this young stud when she began to moan, she was cumming and it was going to be a big one! Her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms pulled him down on top of her. She licked his face and his mouth as she begged him to “fuck meeeee!!!”. “Fuck your married pussy?” he teased, stopping for a minute. Well that did it, she was trying to fuck him from the bottom, doing everything she could to get him deep inside again as she begged him, “yessss fuck my married pussy, fuck my married pussy, fuck my married pussy…………..” Well he fucked her alright, he began slamming into her, slap, slap, slap was all I could hear over her almost constant orgasms! “stopppp I cant take anymo…” was her last cry as her stud rose up and began pouring his hot cum into her hungry hole. She went off again as his cum began to fill her ( she LOVES cum and even though we’ve agreed that she use condoms I cant trust her to always do it ) , What a fantastic site! Cum was running down her ass crack, she was cumming, he was cumming and they stayed locked together as she began to cry and tell him what a great fuck he was ( so why are you crying?, you will never understand, it’s a girl thing.) He took her again on the tailgate after a brief rest and when I thought it was all over, as her lover was dressing and telling her he was late for work, she just had to see if she could seduce him again and bent over the tailgate with her legs spread wide and cum still dripping from her well fucked cunt as she watched him mount his bike. “You’re not going to leave me like this, are you?” she asked looking over her shoulder.. ……….while his bike idled he banged my wife again and when he was finished he picked up her leggings, wiped off his cock, tucked it back in his pants and rode off leaving her widespread and dripping again! Well I fucked her as best I could and drove her home wrapped in a blanket. I met Ken formally two days ago and that night my wife dressed in four different stocking, garter belt and ultra high heel outfits for him! As I said at the beginning of this story, I LOVE watching my wife fuck other men!


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